Year 7

⸰☽ Campaigns ☾⸰

July 2022 - June 2023

33. The Last of the Darkshades

As war rages in Ashenvale and the eastern front stands under harsh pressure, High Command calls for the aid of the Nightblades once more. As Ashenvale’s lost skirmisher cadre, The Darkshades, stands to be reinstated, only one piece is missing – the cadre’s lost Captain Siemin Nightspring, that seemingly has vanished off the face of the world itself. It falls to the Nightblades to find the elusive Captain gone Watcher. Dead or alive? Captured – or defected?

Written and DMed by Ialluen

34. Ashenvale Autumn

Preparations for the festival of Illuridei are underway and the Nightblades collaborate with local Ashenvale forces and residents to make sure that the time leading up to the festival is both safe and enjoyable for all. Adventures and casual fun!

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar, Ialluen, Kathene, Aariam and various members of the wider community.

35. The Ring Around those Red as Roses

When one looks close enough, lies and treachery shows even around those who speak of neutrality. It is time to uproot the secrets of those who serve the wilds and the horde alike – and for the Cenarion Circle to show their true colours.

Written and DMed by Ialluen

36. Tears of the Forest

With elemental unrest spreading throughout the world, the storm inevitably descends upon the Kalimdor. Once again, the Sentinels must stand in defense against a foe that threatens to tear the forest apart…

Written and DMed by Kathene and Aariam



37. Still Waters

With the elements thrown into chaos, Dragons and mortals alike being called to far away lands, it falls to those left behind to deal with any new or lingering threats. It is not long before one such threat presents itself. Despite local efforts to maintain calm, panicked rumours from Val’sharah begin to spread. A troubling condition has begun afflicting both kin and allies alike, one with disturbing similarities to an ailment some of the Nightblades have seen before. Is the cause something new or did something else awaken alongside the elements?

Written and DMed by Telariel

38. Through Mists of Sorrow

The Nightblades have been tasked with taking the Reliquary of Tears to the Emerald Gardens on the Dragon Isles. They are to offer the reliquary to the green dragons as a gift to confirm the bond between the kaldorei and the green dragonflight. What could possibly go wrong?

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar and Kathene

39. Nightblade No More
A minor request turns into a most unwanted adventure as The Nightblades are faced with charges of murdering a priestess and her daughters in cold blood, yet none of those in the unit pleads guilty or confesses of any crimes comitted. What is truth and what is mere lies? Allies, memories of past missions, and even themselves – all shall be put under scrutiny. There is only one thing they know for sure – that presently, they are Nightblade no more…
Written and DMed by Telariel and Ialluen