⸰☽ Credits ☾⸰

The Nightblade Sentinels is not only a long running guild, but also a gathering of amazing creators that together enhance our role play experience in game. As a guild, we are spoiled to have many a talented artist amongst our ranks, with skills that range from everything between writing and DM:ing to digital art and music making. We highly encourage our members to share their art or creative ventures, and celebrate the place it has within our community. The following of our members have through their creativity contributed to the guild, be it through creating and tuning systems and rules through art creation.

Campaign and Story Development

  • Tinwëtar
  • Kathene
  • Aariam
  • Melaniel
  • Ialluen
  • Telariel
  • Telderan
  • Thylendra
  • Uodrieth
  • Meladriss
  • Aesa

Roll System Development

  • Tinwëtar & Melaniel – First System: “Myrmidon”
  • Ialluen, Kathene & Telariel – Second System: “Extension”
  • Ialluen – Third System: “Elegance”

Website Development

  • Tinwëtar – Design, graphical assets, copywriting, minor coding
  • Annaeya – Coding
  • Ialluen – Ideas, copywriting

Path Authors

  • Tinwëtar – Ancient of Wind
  • Ialluen – Ancient of Serenity
  • Kathene – Ancient of War
  • Aariam – Ancient of Shadow



  • <Silver Circle>Original Path Concept
  • ArkonnKaldorei Markings
  • <Silvereye> – Elunian Calendar
  • Kozgugore – Guild Trailer
  • <The Myrmidon> – First System – “Myrmidon”

Our creative community makes the experience we share together all the more immersive, and all the more engaging. Thank you for making the community a bright and creative space!