Nightblade Headcanon

⸰☽ Nightblade Headcanon ☾⸰

Throughout the years the Nightblades have created and adapted several bits of headcanon that we utilize within our RP. Our headcanon is based on existing lore and is as lore compliant as it can be under the circumstances. It is used to expand upon the known and existing lore of World of Warcraft and add flavour to our RP.  We do not expect anyone else to adhere to this headcanon, but if you feel that it fits with your own RP we welcome you to incorporate it (with proper credits). Below is a directory of the different headcanons that we use. Enjoy!

Sentinel Headcanon

Headcanon specific to the Sentinel Army and the Nightblade cadre can be found here.

The Sentinel Army – a guide to the structure of the Sentinel army, Sentinel training and paths etc.

Nightblade Affiliates – A list of various contacts and affiliates for the Nightblade cadre.

Priestess Headcanon

Headcanon specific to the Sisterhood of Elune and Priestesses can be found here.

Path of the Priestess – an in-depth guide to what the training to become a Priestess of Elune entails and how it is structured.

Kaldorei Culture Headcanon

Headcanon touching upon general Kaldorei culture can be found here.

The Elunian Calendar – a modified version of the calendar first created by the guild <Silvereye> on Argent Dawn EU. Partly rewritten and edited by members of the Nightblades.

Kaldorei Markings – a guide to the different markings a kaldorei can choose to receive upon her transition into adulthood.

Area Headcanon

Headcanon relating to different areas within Kaldorei lands can be found here.

Astranaar – a map and an area guide to the town of Astranaar within the forests of Ashenvale.