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Recruits are recently enlisted junior member of the Nightblade Sentinels, yet to undergo the initiation ceremony. This serves as the primary rank for any individual who joins the cadre outside the cadet initiative, and is where the journey begins for anyone picking up the colours of the Nightblades – regardless of past experience. A recruit is expected to follow the chain of command, follows orders and regulations in regards to rules and uniform, and seeks to do their best in regards to their service with the cadre. A recruit is heavily encouraged to heed the words of more senior cadre members, but also suggested to train with them, socialise with them and connect with their kin in colours across the ranks. All for the sake of learning to know those within the cadre, as well as to settle in and to feel at home with their recent enlisting.

Anyone joining the ranks of the Nightblades starts out as a recruit, despite the amount of experience one might have from future struggles and wars. As the Nightblades consists of a tightly knit group of sentinels, trust and personal relationships to one’s kin in colours is no small matter meant to be overlooked, but a bond that should be forged strong enough to withstand the test of time and the trials of the field of battle. To learn to know one’s fellow sisters in the field is one of the main tasks of a recruit that sets them apart from the more senior ranks within the cadre. This however does not mean that past experience and knowledge of a trained sentinel is to be misplaced. Any unit of the Sentinel Army should strive to embrace the experience and skills of any sentinel, regardless of age. The Nightblades are no different.


Outrunner / Auxiliary


Outrunners are initiated junior member of the Nightblade Sentinels. Druids or exceptional Kaldorei individuals of both genders who wish to fight alongside the Nightblade Sentinels but are not Sentinels themselves are called Auxiliaries.

  • Has been in the guild for a minimum of 1 month.
  • Has obtained a formal uniform and a combat uniform that has been approved.
  • Has obtained a Moonstone and have had it bonded to them.
  • Reasonably active and participates in guild events and casual RP when able.
  • Has gone through the Induction Ceremony.

The ideal Outrunner does everything a Recruit does, with the caveat of being a more veteran Sentinel. They should be prepared in the face of crisis, and be an example of a veteran to whom the Trainees and Cadets can look up to. They should look to lead by training their Sisters and enforcing standards among their peers and on the Recruits, Cadets and Trainees. As well, an Outrunner is to look to their sisters’ morale by talking to them about their lives, getting to know their Sisters, and helping them through their troubles. An Outrunner can and should issue orders both when superiors are present or not in order to make sure their own superiors’ orders are carried out.

An Auxiliary, while not directly part of the Nightblade Sentinels, must still adhere to the same code of conduct and discipline as the regular members. They will train alongside the Sentinels, wear the same formal uniform as the Sentinels and obey the same commands as the Sentinels.

An Auxiliary carries the same responsibilities as an Outrunner, but on the field of battle an Outrunner will outrank the Auxiliary.


Sentinel /


Priestess / Sr Auxiliary

Sr Auxiliary

Senior members of the guild. This rank is obtained by going through the Trial of the Night Warrior

Everything listed under Outrunner/Auxiliary, in addition to:

  • Active member (logs on frequently throughout the month) and consistently joins in guild events/roleplay.
  • Shows initiative, willing to start their own roleplay, and/or host events and campaigns.
  • Offers to mentor the lower ranks ICly to help them become better Sentinels.

Sentinels/Priestesses/Senior Auxiliary are enlisted senior non-commissioned officers. They are leaders. The ideal Sentinel/Priestess/Senior Auxiliary is cool in the face of crisis, motivated, and prepared to lead their Sisters and Brothers and issue orders on the field when need be. Oftentimes, this means issuing orders to make sure an officer’s orders are carried out. Off the field, Sentinels/Priestesses/Senior Auxiliaries should enforce discipline and regulations, look to the morale of their fellow Nightblades by speaking to them about, and helping them through, their troubles, and respond to and resolve crises if an officer is not able. A Sentinel/Priestess/Senior Auxiliary is, and should act like, an example for their fellow cadre members.



Veteran members of the Nightblade Sentinels or Officers who step down or retire from their position are awarded this rank for their time of service.

Everything listed under Sentinel/Priestess/Auxiliary, in addition to:

  • Willing to occasionally assist with officer duties when able. (Including recruitment, orientations, and interviews)
  • Positive and supportive attitude towards the guild and its members.
  • Responsible, trustworthy, and able to monitor the guild/take charge when the GM or officers are not present.

A Shal’serrar is a senior non-commissioned officer. A Shal’serrar is an experienced Sentinel or Auxiliary who has leadership skills. The ideal Shal’serrar is decisive, cool in the face of crisis, and able to make quick decisions in the field with the information given. In addition to that, the ideal Shal’serrar takes initiative: they bring their Sisters together. The ideal Shal’serrar commences on their own missions, start patrols, and handle the day-to-day issues that come up in the unit. A Shal’serrar must put the wellbeing of her Sisters before herself always. This means a Shal’serrar should be tough enough to maintain discipline in the unit, but at the same time, be kind and open enough to take care of the needs of her Sisters, whatever they may be. Remember: each and every Sentinel has their own ways of thinking, their own convictions, and their own mood. As a Shal’serrar one must have to be close and receptive to each Sentinel in order to help them with their troubles and guide them to grow.



Officers of the Nightblades. The aides of the Commander, helping her with the running of the guild. The officers may carry individual titles like Captain or Huntress depending on their role.

Everything listed under Shal’serrar, in addition to:

  • Willing to help with recruitment (including conducting interviews and evaluating guild applications).
  • Knowledgeable about the guild and able to answer any questions from prospective members.
  • Capable of handling any problems/negative situations that may arise in the guild.
  • Able to lead the guild when the GM is absent.
  • Consistently organize and follow through with roleplay events and storylines.

These are senior commissioned officers – meaning they are in important positions of command. Everything that applies to the Shal’serrar rank applies to them, with one important caveat: an officer must be able to take charge in the same respect as the Commander when the Commander is not present. This means as an officer, one must be able to take important decisions on their own, and carry them out.



The guild master. Currently Tinwëtar Ravenmist.

The Commander is responsible for all that takes place in the Cadre. She looks to her Sisters’ morale, health and well-being, and to the fighting effectiveness of the unit.

Non-Combat Positions


The quartermaster is responsible for handling the logistics when travelling and for distributing supplies and provisions to the troops. The Quartermaster is also in charge of the regiment blacksmith and the Head of the infirmary.

Currently held by: Kathene Wildstar

Assignment Officer

The Assignment Officer is in charge of the Sentinel Assignment Board. They will handle any incoming requests and contracts, keep track of who is undertaking what mission and liaise with the contacts to make sure that each mission has been fulfilled to satisfaction.

Currently held by: Aariam Nightborne

Regiment blacksmith

The blacksmith is responsible for repairing equipment, and sometimes even making new weapons and armour.

Currently held by:

Head of the Infirmary

This Priestess, or druid, will be in charge of the field infirmary.

Currently held by: Ialluen Moonglow

Training Master

The person in charge of the Sentinels’ training.

Currently held by:

Regiment Chef

In charge of overseeing the Sentinels’ meals and food supplies.

Currently held by:

Animal Handler

While each Sentinel should take care of her own saber or hippogryph, that might not always be the case. The regiment’s animal handler will make sure that all animal companions are looked after properly, that they have enough food, that tack and gear is repaired etc. They are also in charge of arranging sabers or hippogryphs for the Sentinels that lack them.

Currently held by: