Induction Ceremony

“Vigilance, selflessness, devotion, bravery and discipline. Those words are our creed, Nightblades. Each one of you have been chosen to answer a calling – the highest calling. There is no greater purpose than to serve our Goddess, our Mother, Elune, and be the glaive that is wielded in protection of our people.”

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The Induction Ceremony serves as a recruit’s formal entry into the Nightblade cadre. The ceremony is the time where the recruit will make their formal commitment to serve the Goddess and Her people through the Nightblades. As a sign of their commitment and sacrifice, the recruit will be asked to present a small token of some kind, a symbol of the life they have chosen to leave behind in favour of serving with the Nightblades. The recruit will then place this token into a ritual bowl and if the sacrifice is acceptable to the Goddess, Her blessing will be bestowed upon the recruit. At the completion of the ceremony the recruit will be given their official recruit feather; an owl feather coloured a soft blueish teal.

Past Offerings

(Current Nightblades only)

Tinwëtar: A kinship bracer she got from Agam’adil
Kathene: A book of poems, written by Jondalar Greenfury
Aariam: A sable scarf with a mimicry of the starry sky. Aariam’s name is monogrammed on it.
Ialluen: A silver necklace with a star charm on it
Thylendra: A butterfly hair pin
Ilyande: The orcish dagger that was used in the murder of her mother
Alylia: A dagger with the Alliance lion edged into the pommel
Telrenya: A leaf from her hair
Telariel: A crescent moon necklace
Daeliya: A ring given to her by someone from her past
Silverleaf: A piece of the tabard from her old Sentinel grove
Ydraen: A badge bearing the crest of the Darnassian city guard
Meladriss: A beautiful, fresh green leaf hanging on a silver string
Arandell: A medallion with a lion with a sword in its paws on each side
Dalathria: A knife with a wooden handle.
Thelasien: An intricately carved wooden charm in the shape of a crescent moon, adorned with delicate etchings.