⸰☽ Rules ☾⸰

Guild chat is IC. We have our own channel for OOC talk, see the guild message of the day in game.

IC Rules

  • Be polite. You will be expected to treat your fellow Sentinels and your superiors with respect and courtesy.
  • Follow orders. You will be expected to follow the orders given to you by your superiors, especially in the field. If you feel that a command is objectionable, you complain -after- you have completed the command. Fail to follow this, without sufficient explanation, and you will be subject to punishment.
  • Uniforms should be worn at all times when you are on duty. This includes ceremonies, patrols, meetings, training and in combat. For formal occasions you wear our standard, formal, uniform. In combat you wear the colours of the Nightblades.
  • No wrong conduct. You are now a member of the Nightblade Sentinels and we expect you to behave as such. You are a representative of our regiment both off and on duty.
  • Relationships should be kept quiet. Public displays of affection will be frowned upon. What you do when you are off duty is up to you, but discretion is key.
  • You will have time off duty and we encourage you to get to know your fellow Sentinels better during these hours as well as relax and have fun. When you are off duty you may wear what clothing you see fit. Just remember that you are still a representative of the Nightblade Sentinels. No inappropriate outfits.
  • Druids will be expected to remain in their kaldorei form at all times, except when their animal forms are needed. An example of this could be scouting when a bird or a cat form could be used. We are a military regiment, not a zoo.
  • The use of shadow magic, fel and arcane is prohibited.
  • The use of guns and crossbows are prohibited. Neither weapon is considered traditional and is therefore banned from use in this unit. Besides, there is no skill in using a crossbow or a gun. We are an elite military unit and we have the skills and weaponry to prove it.

OOC Rules

  • Be nice! We want to keep a friendly and open enviroment and we expect all our members to behave in a decent manner towards each other.
  • Any type of harrassment, misogyny or racism will NOT be tolerated! Behave towards others as you would like them to behave towards you.
  • Sexually explicit jokes have no place in the guild chat! We do not have an age restriction to be part of the Nightblades, so keep the guild chat CLEAN and PG.
  • Please keep the guild community chat and the discord free of in depth discussions about politics and religion. Both are sensitive topics and we ask that if you want to discuss them, you do so in DMs.
  • Topics that will not be tolerated in any sort of condescending or insulting manner include, but are not limited to: gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, rape, suicide, self-harm, drug use/abuse, threats, insults or any other topics the officers deem inappropriate.
  • If someone asks you to drop a discussion or change the subject, due to the discussion having gotten heated or made someone uncomfortable, we expect you to drop the discussion/change the subject without arguing or asking questions. If you wish to continue the discussion, please do so in DMs. This is to show respect and care towards your fellow guild members, as we want this guild to be a safe space for everyone in it.
  • No drama. If you have an issue with one of the other members you should either try to solve it between the two of you PRIVATELY, or you ask an officer to help you. Keep the OOC chat clean from hateful comments and snide remarks. When in doubt, be the better person and apologize.
  • We expect all our members to adhere to standard roleplay etiquette. Godmoding without consent from all participants, harassment of others, metagaming, ERP, and spamming are all considered unacceptable behaviors and will result in a kick from the guild. Please be courteous and considerate of others.
  • No corpse camping. While we may not be on a PvP server, this rule still applies. We do not corpse camp people if we engage in RPPvP.
  • Be helpful! We encourage our members to help each other out, be it with questing, doing instances, teaching someone how to RP or whatever else you may need help with.
  • Be mindful of what you say in public channels. Please keep in mind that you are representing the guild whether you are IC or OOC and we expect you to act accordingly.
  • Have fun! Perhaps the most important rule of them all.