The Guild

⸰☽ History ☾⸰

In ancient times bloodlines and status decided what your path in society would be. This was also true for the kaldorei military. Almost all of the high-ranking officers were nobles and possessed only the most basic knowledge of tactics and warfare, mostly due to having lived in peace for so long. Joining the army had once been a selfless choice to defend the kaldorei people, now it had been reduced to a status symbol.

The army’s deterioration became painfully clear during the War of the Ancients and after victory had been achieved the newly apointed High Priestess, Tyrande Whisperwind, made decrees that would sweep change all across kaldorei society. One of the few organizations to come out of the war largely intact was the Sisterhood of Elune and being a member of that group had never been about bloodlines…it had always been about the calling and the need to serve Elune and protect her people. The Priestesses trained exstansively in all manner of combat, tactics and healing, but they had grown distant from the rest of kaldorei society over time and the High Priestess decreed that it needed to change.

Because of that decree the Sisterhood ended up taking charge of the Sentinels. Never again would the Sisters of Elune fail to guide and protect their people.

During the Long Vigil the Sentinels grew in strength and numbers and in time smaller regiments were formed within the army. One of the most well known ones were the Shadowleaves and they were led by Shandris Feathermoon, the Lieutenant-General, herself. But there were of course others as well, such as the Starseekers, the Moonhunters and the Nightblades.

Common for all the regiments were the fact that they were smaller and mobile elite units that could be sent to wherever they were needed the most. They were all fiercely dedicated to protecting the kaldorei homelands and nothing could stand in the way of their duty.

All the regiments fought in the War of the Shifting Sands and it was during that war that the Commander of the Nightblades noticed a certain battle healer within her ranks. After the disasterous effort in Silithius against the Qiraji Tinwëtar Ravenmist was elevated to the rank of Sentinel Captain for her efforts during the war and she remained in that position when the Third War eventually came to Kalimdor.

The invasion of the orcs, as well as that of the burning legion, would prove fateful for all the kaldorei people and the Sentinels in particular. The Nightblade regiment fought alongside Cenarius himself and they were the first regiment to capture one of the horde bases. The Shadowleaves siezed control of the captured base and launched devastating attacks on the Warsong clan from there.

But the tide of battle changed when Grom Hellscream found the chaos well and the power he and his followers recieved by drinking from it not only led to the demise of Cenarius, but all of the regiments who fought beside him were almost wiped out of existance as well.

Of the Nightblades only a few survided and because of the trauma most of them left active Sentinel duty for the years to come. Sentinel Captain Ravenmist decided to dedicate her time to the Temple in Darnassus until the day came when she recieved word that the Nightblades were about to be rebuilt and that she had been chosen to lead them.