This path system is inspired by, and adapted from (with permission), the system used by the guild <Silver Circle> on Wyrmrest Accord, US.

The Path System is currently undergoing a rework! The site will be updated once it is finished. Meanwhile, the below information can be applied to the Path of the Recruit.


In the Sentinel Army there are four main paths. Each is a path which a Sentinel can specialize in, should she so choose. The Nightblade cadre is no different and it offers four main paths its members can choose from. These paths are taught by specific Ancients, just like it was in times of old. The officers, or Shal’serrar, of the cadre are responsible for supervising those undertaking the training and help the Ancients guide the Nightblades along their chosen paths.

A Nightblade Sentinel may embark on her chosen path at any time after she has obtained the rank of Outrunner. Recruits have their own set of tasks and challenges to overcome, and thus are not able to start their specialized training until they have been initiated into the cadre fully.

Completing Tasks

Progressing along a path is entirely personalized for the individual character and a member can start progressing along a path at any time. To get started, please notify an officer of your chosen path so that they can mark you on the path tracker.

When you’re ready to start completing tasks listed on your path tree, simply reach out to the leader of that specific path to let them know you’re planning on completing a task. The leader of the path does not need to be present for the role-play for you to complete your task, but they do need to be alerted by you in order for you to receive credit.

Progressing the Tree

Each path consists of a path tree that has four distinct branches. Each branch has three tasks that need to be completed in order for the Sentinel to have earned mastery of that branch. The branches themselves can be done in any order, but the tasks belonging to each branch should be done as they are listed since they usually build upon each other.

Completing branches in your path tree will earn you a higher rank within your chosen path, as well as a special ability that you can use once per event. The ability in question will get stronger/offer a higher bonus as you continue to progress.

When a member completes the final stage in their Path Tree they earn an in-character title during a special ceremony and become veterans of that path. It is acceptable for a new path to be chosen after the final stage of a path is complete.

Path Actions

Progression within your chosen path grants your character access to a new kind of ability in events, Path Actions. These abilities reflect your specialized training. As you progress further, the abilities become more powerful.

You may only use Path Actions once per event. Even if you have progressed more than one of the paths, you can only use one Path Action, though you can choose which one to use from all that you have available to you.


Please note that all tasks have to be undertaken at the player’s own initiative. The player will have to take responsibility for their own character progression and the planning/execution of the available tasks. The officers/path leaders are happy to help if asked, but their primary function is to track your progress. No one will chase after you to get your tasks done.