⸰☽ The Nightblade Uniform ☾⸰

Formal Uniform

The formal uniform of the Nightblades is a simple cloth set that is to be worn during special ceremonies (such as inductions, debriefings and promotions) and certain training exercises. It can also be worn as a casual set around camp, when one does not want to wear full armor. The formal uniform is the same for everyone, regardless of rank, except for officers who also wear shoulder pads and a cloak to distinguish them from the rest.

Combat Uniforms

While the Nightblades do not enforce a strict combat uniform, we do expect our Sentinels to wear armor in the Nightblade colours. The Nightblade colours are:
Black – for the night sky
White/Silver – for the moon and the stars
Blue/Dark Teal – the colour of the Nightblade regiment

Below are some examples to take inspiration from when creating your combat uniforms. We wish to have a somewhat cohesive look, whilst still allowing our Sentinels to retain some sense of individuality as well.

Cloth Uniforms

Cloth Uniforms 3.0