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On this page we have gathered a lot of useful links regarding roleplay, lore and particularly interesting bits of headcanon. We will continously update this list once we find additional links and resources to put on here.

Lore and Roleplay

Night Elf Lore – in depth article about Night Elves in World of Warcraft.

The Sentinels – in depth article about the Sentinels in World of Warcraft.

The Sisterhood of Elune – an article about the Sisterhood of Elune and one of the major ruling factions of the Night Elves.

Elune, the Moon Goddess – an article detailing the Moon Goddess Elune, her history, lore and worship.

Azshara’s Library – a site filled with lots of lore tidbits regarding the Kaldorei and the Highborne in particular. Lots of useful information about the ancient night elves and their culture.

All the World’s a Stage: So you want to be a Night Elf – a guide detailing the life of the night elves and gives some pointers in regards to how to roleplay one. Written by David Bower.

All the World’s a Stage: Plot points for Night Elf roleplayers – a guide that covers important plot points from World of Warcraft that have impacted the Night Elves in some way. Written by Anne Stickney.

Night Elf Roleplaying Guide – a comprehensive and in-depth guide for anyone who wishes to roleplay a nightelf. It details everything from the basic facts to more in-depth information about their culture, religion, biology etc. Originally written by by Melyria of Moon Guard (US), but has been updated and maintained by Feyawen of Wyrmrest Accord (US).


Five Sentinel Headcanons – bite sized headcanon pieces about the Sentinels and their way of life. Written by Priestess Nightwinter.

Five Priestess Headcanons – fun bits of headcanon about the Priestesses of Elune. Written by Priestess Nightwinter.

Night Elven Tattoos – interesting bits of headcanon in regards to the kaldorei tattoos/markings. Written by Nealani Dalmoon.

Sabers – a short guide to some of the different species of saber utilized by the Night Elves and the Sentinels. Written by Priestess Nightwinter.

Hippogryphs – a guide to many of the different hippogryph species that can be found around Azeroth. Written by Priestess Nightwinter.

Darnassian Dictionary – a comprehensive dictionary mixing canon with headcanon and speculation. Begun by the Darnassian Language Society back in 2005.