⸰☽ Frequently Asked Questions ☾⸰

Do you allow male Sentinels?

– We do not actively advertise their allowance into the guild, but male night elves looking to enlist are welcome to apply and, if they meet our criteria, have a chance to be invited in-game. Keep in mind we are very strict about this – we are, after all, a traditional Sentinel guild. (Male druids are obviously exempt from such standards)

Do you accept [class] or [race]?

– As explained in our How to apply topic, we accept only female Night Elves, with the exception of Druids. There is, however, a chance that an exception may be made for you, given the right experience and circumstances, but these will be considered to be only rare occasions.

For any non-Night Elves, no exceptions will be made. We strive to pursue the traditional Night Elven Sentinel experience, which means Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Draenei and Worgen will not be welcomed.

When are people usually online?

– The majority of our memberbase is usually on during the evenings, from 20:00 until late.

How experienced do I need to be in elven lore/roleplay in order to join the guild?

– Some base knowledge of the night elven lore is definitely encouraged before you apply to the guild, but you certainly don’t have to possess a wealth of knowledge in order to be accepted. Topics like the Night Elf Roleplay Guide can certainly get you a long way already, so be sure to give it a look if you would like to learn more!

The same goes for any experience in roleplay. While some experience is always a plus, our members are certainly willing to help newcomers become accustomed to the roleplaying aspect of World of Warcraft. So don’t let inexperience discourage you!

Do you have any level restrictions?

– You are welcome to join us on any particular level. However, we do occasionally campaign in current-content zones and then being max level is advised.

Do we have to wear our uniforms all the time?

-Of course not! Our uniforms are only for official gatherings, or when your character is on-duty with us. You’re more than welcome to use and show off that fantastic transmog of yours at any other time, and we highly encourage you to do so.

What kind of rules will my character have to uphold?

– Any IC rules your character will be expected to abide by can be found in the Regiment Rules topic. Suffice to say, the Nightblade Sentinels are a military-oriented guild. As such, your character will be expected to carry out orders by the letter when given, and act accordingly to the standard set by her superiors.

Do you claim to speak and act on behalf of any official Darnassian authority?

– The Nightblade Sentinels are strictly militaristic in their intentions, and as such will not endeavour to speak on behalf of any official political bodies. Our highest rank is that of Commander, who still takes her orders from superiors. We have no intentions of acting as a police force or gaining any influence beyond the authority that we maintain within our very own ranks.

What is the guild’s stance on PvP events?

– While we certainly don’t shun PvP, the guild is first and foremost an RP guild. As such, our events will primarily be focused on the social and adventure aspect of the game. We may consider participating in PvP events when the circumstances justify an IC intervention, however.

Are there any PvE activities that the guild participates in?

– As mentioned above, the Sentinels are first and foremost an RP guild, so unless a particular RP activity involves running a dungeon, we will not be actively running any end-game content. We do encourage our players to group up and run dungeons together whenever possible, of course.

Is IC fraternizing within the guild acceptable?

– In the general sense, yes. So long as your character’s personal relationships with other sentinels do not interfere with the guild’s mission to protect the kaldorei people and their lands, it is considered okay. But please note that any liaisons should be kept discreet and private. Public displays of affection when on duty is frowned upon.

I want our guilds to be allies. How can this be done?

– It is agreeable that the Nightblade cadre shares similar goals with many third party groups. Speaking to an officer or the GM can help set the potential alliance in motion, depending on how well each guild’s respective themes and objectives mesh.

I would like to plan a storyline together involving your guild and my [group]. How can this be done?

– Please message any of our officers in-game via mail about your ideas. A meeting will be arranged to discuss whether or not they are viable.

Are there any plans for the guild for Amirdrassil?

– The Nightblade Sentinels assisted in the defense of Amirdrassil and are now considered part of the Army of the New Moon. We will not be moving our base to Bel’ameth permanently as things stand right now, but we will likely go to the area surrounding Bel’ameth for future campaigns and events.