⸰☽ The Nightblade Sentinels ☾⸰

Argent Dawn EU

The Nightblade Sentinels is a cadre of female only Sentinels that adhere to traditional kaldorei values and practices. They live to serve the Goddess and her people, primarily as protectors and as an instrument of vengeance against the foes of the Kaldorei. They are a small and mobile unit, made up of female, elite Sentinels, scouts and Priestesses. They also allow druids of both genders to join the cadre as an auxiliary force, provided that they are comfortable with abiding by the military structuring. Exceptional, non-sentinel, kaldorei individuals of both genders might be allowed to join as auxiliaries as well after a trial period.

Silverwing Outpost in Ashenvale serves as the current home base of the Nightblades, but this does not mean that they are bound to just one territory. The cadre will deal with threats both domestic and abroad and will have to be ready to travel anywhere at a moment’s notice. But no matter where they go, it is always in service of the Goddess and in protection of her people.

After having assisted and fought during the defense of the newly emerged world tree Amirdrassil, the Nightblades are now considered to be a part of the Army of the New Moon.

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