⸰☽ Membership ☾⸰

As a kaldorei and casually military-themed heavy role-play guild, we try to maintain a healthy blend of gritty realistic and more lighthearted role-playing styles in our events and general roleplay. The Nightblades also have a very strong religious theme and we do try to incorporate the cadre’s fervent belief in the Goddess into our general RP in numerous ways and events. We like new applicants to be enthusiastic and show a willingness to role-play within the guild’s theme.

We Are Looking For...

  • Active participants who engage with the guild stories and help generate RP in general.
  • Night elves ONLY. No other races are permitted to join the regiment.
  • Warriors, Hunters, Priests, Rogues, Druids and, on a case by case basis, Monks.
  • Female Sentinels/Priestesses. Druids and auxiliaries can be of either gender. Male, non-druid auxiliaries who wish to join have to go through a fairly lengthy trial period first.
  • Elves that are culturally considered adults (around 300 years and above) for regular Sentinel membership. Elves that are between 18 and 300 years for Trainee positions.
  • Mature roleplayers that are well read on the lore, especially that of the kaldorei.
  • Well mannered, helpful, friendly and patient players.
  • Willingness to work through OOC issues in a mature manner.

We Do Not Accept...

  • Inactive players.
  • Alts that are inactive or only played sporadically once in a blue moon.
  • Evil, chaotic or corrupted characters (such as Demon Hunters or Death Knights).
  • Mages.
  • Unprofessional hairstyles (pigtails and cupcake buns).