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July 2023 - June 2024

40. Beneath and Beyond – Part.I

Awyna Nightshade, the Priestess from Val’sharah that oversaw the ritual to exorcise the dark spirit from Thylendra’s body, has returned to Ashenvale with a curious request. One that involves diving deep into the fallen temple of Blackfathom, to perform a communion. To what end, one might wonder? And why there? Regardless, it’s bodyguard duty for the Nightblades. But the question is… what other forgotten secrets lie beneath the temple lost to time?

Written and DMed by Thylendra and Telariel

41. Beneath and Beyond – Part.II

With a new void monstrosity unleashed upon the world, partly in thanks to the Nightblades and Co, it is time to find a way to put the proverbial void genie back in the bottle. The question is, how?

Written and DMed by Thylendra and Telariel

42. Ashenvale Autumn

Once more, Ashenvale Autumn has returned with three weeks of ceremonies, social gatherings, meetings and adventure in and around Astranaar and Ashenvale. And as every year – the end of Ashenvale Autumn is spent by celebrating Illuridei together.

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar, Ialluen, Kathene, Meladriss, Silverleaf and various members of the wider community.


43. Plagued and Tormented

The Nightblades are tasked with a simple mission to take over escorting nine priestesses positioned in Feralas. A quite simple, yet important task, as these nine sisters need to reach Ashenvale safely. A rather big squadron of Sentinels will lead them towards the edge of Desolace and Stonetalon, where the Nightblades will be asked to take over. Sounds easy enough?

Written and DMed by Meladriss


44. Dream’s Kindling

With the emergence of a new threat against Amirdrassil, the Crown of Harmony, in the very dream itself, the Nightblades are rallied to defend the hope of a future for the Kaldorei under the banner of the Sentinel Army. A final stand for a dying kind – or the beginning of a new chapter?

Written and DMed by Ialluen, Kathene, Telariel


45. A Trial of Two Moons

A group of kaldorei researchers have gone missing in the Azure Span. The Nightblades are tasked with finding the missing expedition, but soon find themselves hunting for more than just answers in the frigid northlands. Gnolls, rot, and a strange idol are at the centre of this mission. Will the Nightblades survive it, or will they succumb to the terrible disease that’s ravaging the land?

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar and Kathene