Year 2

⸰☽ Campaigns ☾⸰

July 2017 - June 2018

3. Hunt of the Nightblade

The Nightblades head to Azsuna to help the Wardens clean up the remnants of the Legion’s invasion. However, it turns out that the Sentinels have another enemy and instead of being the hunters, they become the hunted.

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar and Melaniel

4. Close to Home

The legion has invaded Darkshore! A call to arms has gone out to various organizations within the Grand Alliance in the hopes that some of them will come to the aid of Lor’danel and Darkshore.

Server Campaign, hosted by Kaliyra

5. The Shadow of Elune

Someone has been using shadow magic and mind control to make the ogres, gnolls, harpies and yetis of Feralas believe that they are Night Elves and followers of Elune. Why? That is the question the Nightblades ask themselves as they set out to solve this mystery.

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar and Melaniel

6. The Lost Squadron

The Nightblades join forces with the Myrmidon and other groups from the Grand Alliance to track down a rogue Kul Tiran ship and her crew after they have stolen a dangerous artifact.

Server campaign, hosted by Caledora

7. The Last Nightmare

The Temple of the Moon in Darnassus and the Dreamgrove have both lost contact with the Temple of Elune in Val’sharah. Together with the Myrmidon the Nightblades head to the Broken Isles to investigate the cause for this strange disruption.

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar and Melaniel

8. Eclipse Over Suramar

The Nightborne of Suramar have returned to the forests of Feralas and have been seen skulking about the ancient ruins. The Sisterhood have asked the Nightblades to investigate. The mission will lead the Nightblades to Suramar and a much deeper darkness than first anticipated.

Written and DMed by Kathene and Melaniel