Campaign Report – The Last Nightmare

Part 1: Arrival in Val'sharah

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Tiola, Kathene, Aariam, Sinrall, Ilaei, Solavel, Talasandra, Rory (The Myrmidon), Markus (The Myrmidon), Ernya (The Myrmidon), Ercia (The Myrmidon), Amanya (Priestess NPC)

Mission report 1 – Temple of Elune, Val’sharah
Date: 6th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: The Nightblades and the Myrmidon arrived on the shores of Val’sharah, but despite having been promised a welcoming party from the Dreamgrove, there was no one there to greet them. The Sentinels and the sailors were a bit disturbed and worried about this, but their mission was clear: reach the Temple as soon as possible and find out what had happened to it.

They passed Black Rook Hold on their way to the Temple and could hear drums of war and ferocious shrieks and howls coming from within the fortress. A worrying sign, indeed.

Further up the road they saw a contingent of ghosts, Rooksguard, headed in the direction towards the Temple. They were all armed to the teeth and seemed intent on attacking the Priestesses guarding the Temple. The Sentinels and the sailors decided a flanking attack would be the best course of action, and charged straight at the column of ghosts. They dealt with the first group quickly, but more ghosts were coming up the road from Black Rook Hold.

While Sinrall Whiteleaf, Ercia Bluewing, Aariam Nightborne and Ilaei Wildblade held the second group of ghosts at bay and protecting the rear, the rest of the group dealt with the ghosts attacking the temple.

Once the line was broken they were met by one of the Priestesses in charge, Amanya. She explained that ghosts and harpies had attacked out of nowhere four days ago, and had kept attacking since then. The Temple’s supplies were dwindling, and they had many wounded.

The Nightblades and the crew of the Myrmidon immediately got to work rebuilding the torn barricades and repairing one of the broken down glaive throwers. As they were working harpies attacked and harassed them from above, and the ghosts continued to advance from the road.

Eventually they broke the rooksguard’s lines and sent them retreating back to Black Rook Hold. And once the Sentinels got the glaive thrower working the harpies were forced to retreat as well, but not without snatching a few of the wounded priestesses with them as hostages.

The Nightblades and the Myrmidon crew regrouped at the Temple and treated their wounded, worried and angry about the conflict they had just been tossed into. The group now had two choices in front of them: follow the harpies south, to Lorlathil and deal with what was happening there, or go to Bradensbrook and Black Rook Hold, to find out what was happening there.

Part 2: Nature's Call

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Kathene, Aariam, Sinrall, Ilaei, Solavel, Ialluen, Rory (The Myrmidon), Markus (The Myrmidon), Ernya (The Myrmidon), Talfven (The Myrmidon), Narin (the Myrmidon)

Mission report 2 – Temple of Elune, Val’sharah
Date: 8th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: For the past few days the Nightblades and the Myrmidon had been observing some strange behavior in the local wildlife. All manner of small critters were making their way towards the ruined and corrupted part of the Temple. The groups decided that this merited an investigation.

As they approached the ruined sanctum, they could see that small fawns, squirrels, rabbits, ants and other small creatures were not actually going to the ruined Temple, but to a place beneath it. A place that was dark and murky and rife with corruption. But if there was something hostile in there, it would need to be dealt with for the safety of the Temple, so the group persisted and followed the forest critters below.

Down in the gloom below the group was faced with a horrifying sight; an Ancient, stumpy and gnarled with age, and half corrupted by the Nightmare, stood before them. It was quite clear that the Ancient was slowly losing its mind, since it mostly spoke in riddles and about its past. It seemed to lose track of time and fall asleep every now and then too, but it also had a few rare moments of lucidity.

The Nightblades and the Myrmidon learned that it was the Ancient’s children, his branches or saplings, that were wreaking havoc across Val’sharah and it begged the group to save them. The Ancient also revealed the directions of its three strongest children; “south where the child of Ursoc lies”, “west amidst the shadow of the raven” and “north, where Aviana’s winds are fierce”.

Having been able to halt the corruption within the Ancient for the moment, the Nightblades and the Myrmidon then headed back to the Temple to decide where to go next.

Part 3: Ghost Town

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Tiola, Elysar, Lantara, Kathene, Aariam, Sinrall, Solavel, Ialluen, Markus (The Myrmidon), Vasserath (the Myrmidon), Caelir (guest), Rowess (Bradensbrook representative)

Mission report 3 – Bradensbrook, Val’sharah
Date: 10th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: After much debate it was decided that the next course of action was to go to Bradensbrook, to deal with whatever evil had taken root within Black Rook Hold. Once they arrived in the village they were greeted by suspicion and fear. A woman named Eva Mercer revealed that all their elders and leaders had fallen sick, the disease forcing them into some sort of unnatural sleep that they could not be woken from. The victims could not eat or drink while in this state, so they were all slowly wasting away. On top of everything the village suffered from regular attacks from the ghosts and spirits of Black Rook Hold. The wards around the village had broken as well, so they had no protection against the menace festering inside the Hold.

As the group were brought up to speed on the situation in the village and within the Hold, an unnatural darkness fell over the village. A darkness not even elven sight could pierce. The Darkness brought with it a host of invisible attackers, ghosts, spirits or risen…it was hard to tell. During the encounter war drums echoed from within the Hold’s walls and the spirits raised their voices in an unholy choir of shrieks, howls and keens that were extremely painful…all to discourage the Sentinels and the sailors from investigating further.

Eventually the group managed to drive off their unseen attackers and could get to work by tending to the wounded and the Sleepers, as well as restoring the wards around the village. Investigating the evil inside the Hold would have to wait for another day.

Part 4: Secrets of the Hold

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Tiola, Kathene, Aariam, Ashandri, Sinrall (Brayus), Ilaei, Solavel, Talasandra, Narin (The Myrmidon), Orendil (Markus)

Mission report 4 – Bradensbrook, Val’sharah
Date: 13th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: The day had come to investigate the evil infesting Black Rook Hold. Every clue pointed towards the evil being situated in the main tower of the keep, so that is where the group decided to start their investigation.

To get into said tower they had to go through the crypts, and on their way downstairs a trap door opened beneath their feet, dumping Captain Glaivestar and about half of the group into a cavern deep below the keep itself. The rest of the group, led by the Commander, had no option but to continue to follow the original plan to infiltrate the tower itself.

Down in the cavern, Captain Glaivestar and her group found themselves surrounded by strange Nightmareish plants and shallow bodies of water. It seemed very likely that someone had tried to use the small amount of water here to empower the nightmare branch they were seeking. As they were looking around they were set upon by Nightmare crocolisks. They managed to fight them off and made their way out of the cave.

As they re-entered the courtyard they found the place swarming with spirits, and they could see a robed figure disappearing down into one of the mausoleums. The group fought their way through the spirits and made it down into the mausoleum, only to come face to face with a druid, Orendil Riverbough, who seemed to be wielding the Nightmare branch.

He gleefully revealed that he had flooded the dungeons of the keep and would use them to finally empower the branch for real, and while the Nightblades and the Myrmidon tried to stop him he eventually managed to escape through a hidden door.

The group were forced to admit defeat and make their way back to Bradensbrook, only to find that every trap in the whole of Blackrook hold had somehow been activated, so they had to bypass those safely first…

Meanwhile the Commander’s group made their way through the crypts beneath the Hold, fighting off angry spirits and Nightmare apparitions as they went. They made it to the library, where a spirit wielding a weapon that looked very much like Outrunner Wildstar’s broken glaive appeared to them. The spirit was shocked to see Wildstar using his glaive and disappeared again soon after. Confused, the group continued their climb upwards through the tower until they reached the throne room.

The evil was very strong there, and the group fully expected to be facing whatever monster was corrupting the spirits, but instead they walked right into a trap. An army of spirits descended upon them and forced the group to flee higher up the tower. Feralscar created a barrier to help hold the spirits at bay for a little while, to give the small group a headstart.

The Commander and her Sentinels climber higher and higher, narrowly dodging giant boulders that were rolled down the staircases in an attempt to crush them, and fighting off even more spirits. Eventually they happened upon a small study, strewn will all manner of druidic paraphernalia and books. The Nightmare presence was strong in this room as well, and the group wondered if they may have found one of the places where their enemy had been staying.

They cautiously entered the room, and as they did the door slammed shut behind them and a metal grill came down over it, effectively trapping them all inside. They were then visited by a vision of the druid Orendil Riverbough who seemed delighted to have the ‘Nightmare infested’ Nightblades trapped in his study. He told them that he would keep them there until he was done ‘cleansing’ the Hold from the Nightmare and that he would take care of them afterwards.

After the vision faded the group investigated the room and found one of the druid’s journals, filled with ramblings about the Nightmare and how he hoped to empower his staff in the water below the hold. They also found a strange button on a table. Seeing no other mechanics to open the door, or any other way out, the group decided to press the button. It -did- open the door and free them from their imprisonment, but it -also- activated every trap within all of Blackrook Hold. Oops.

Wasting no time, the group fled higher up until they reached a balcony large enough for their hippogryphs to land on. Just as they were leaving the army of ghosts caught up with them and assaulted them. A few were wounded in the fight, but everyone made it out of the tower alive and the group reconvened with the Captain and her group in Bradensbrook.

Part 5: The Dark Below

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Tiola, Kathene, Aariam, Sinrall (Brayus), Ashandri, Ilaei, Solavel, Talasandra, Narin (The Myrmidon), Ernya (The Myrmidon), Orendil (Markus), Rowess(Bradensbrook NPC)

Mission report 5 – Bradensbrook, Val’sharah
Date: 15th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: Having learned that Orendil Riverbough had flooded the dungeons beneath Black Rook Hold, the mission was clear: stop the druid from empowering the Nightmare branch in the water!

The Nightblades, the Myrmidon and Eva Mercer of Bradensbrook headed into Black Rook Hold once again to face the darkness below. The courtyard was strangely empty. No ghosts patrolling, no more hellish screaming or furious war drumming. Strange.

They made it across the courtyard without incident, but found the ramparts well guarded by spirit warriors, archers and hippogryphs. They fought through them and managed to reach the entrance to the dungeons. Wary of traps the group were a bit cautious in entering, but some did cross the threshold and found a glowing circle of runes on the floor. The runes emitted a feeling of safety, and a few followed the feeling and stepped inside. Good thing that they did, because seconds later the room erupted into brilliant silver fire, damaging everything not inside the circle. Ilai Wildblade was wounded in the blast, but with some healing she was able to continue.

The Sentinels and their allies pressed on and reached the stairs leading down into the dungeons. They found the staircase riddled with traps of different kinds and it seemed almost impossible to bypass them all. Brayus Moonsun flew down to the bottom and found a pool of water inhabited by a Nightmare crocolisk. He managed to put it to sleep temporarily, and the group could jump down safely and thus bypassing most of the traps.

They made it further into the dungeons and found the place flooded up to their knees with water, just like the Nightmare druid had claimed. Further inside they found the druid himself, trying to access the large reservoir beneath the dungeons. The druid tried to enthrall the druids in the group, though thankfully most of them resisted the call of the Nightmare branch.

A fight with Riverbough ensued and it took a long time to finally beat him. In the end the fight was won when the Nightmare branch gave up its protection over Riverbough, and the Sentinels and their allies could finally defeat him. Riverbough med his end when Ernya Stillcrest beheaded him.

Commander Ravenmist gathered up the Nightmare branch and rolled it up in mooncloth and divine shields to keep its influence contained until the druids of the Dreamgrove could deal with it and cleanse it properly.

Then the group gathered up their wounded (Outrunner Wildstar had been hit by the branch directly and was in a critical condition) and returned to Bradensbrook to give them the good news that the town and the keep were free of the evil that had plagued them.

Part 6: To Lorlathil

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Tiola, Kathene, Aariam, Ialluen, Nymi, Narin (The Myrmidon), Narilaes (The Myrmidon), Wellington (Druid NPC), Rowess (Furbolg NPC)

Mission report 6 – Lorlathil, Val’sharah
Date: 18th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: With Bradensbrook and Black Rook Hold freed from the Nightmare the Nightblades and their allies headed to Lorlathil in pursuit of the harpies.

Upon arrival in Lorlathil they were greeted by a worgen druid named Ramsey Remington and an elderly furbolg by the name of Soft-Tooth. Lorlathil had just managed to fight off another harpy attack and several druids have been taken captive. Soft-Tooth also explained that she, and several others of her tribe, had been exiled due to being perceived as weak by the new Furbolg Chieftain. They had sought refuge in Lorlathil, straining the already wavering druid settlement’s resources further.

Ramsey Remington and Soft-Tooth both went on to plead their various cases to the group, in the hopes that they would pursue -their- cause first. Remington also mentioned that the sprites in the area had been growing bolder and had been harassing the settlement for quite some time now. As if on cue a group of sprites appeared to cause mischief, but were quickly dealt with by the Nightblades.

A little while later a furbolg warrior appeared at the gates, looking for his son. The Nightblades and their allies confronted him, wishing to know more about what was going on within the Smolderhide tribe, and they were shocked to discover that he was wearing an illusion charm to keep them from detecting that he was corrupted by the Nightmare. The Sentinels dealt with him before he could cause any damage to the rest of the furbolg refugees in Lorlathil.

Part 7: Petrified by Fear

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Tiola, Kathene, Solavel, Ercia (The Myrmidon), Wellington (DM), Artionna (guest)

Mission report 7 – Lorlathil, Val’sharah
Date: 22nd of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: The last sightings of the harpies had been at their nesting grounds at Thas’talah, so that is where the Nightblades and their allies decided to start their search.

As they made their way through the grove the group realized that they were being watched. Aware of the danger, the Sentinels were prepared when the ambush came. They dispatched the harpies and pressed on.

The next obstacle was in the form of an arch, littered with crude fetishes. The fetishes contained some sort of shadow magic that formed a barrier that the Sentinels could not pass through. When the fetishes were destroyed they exploded and sent vicious shadow shards towards anyone standing too close.

But eventually the fetishes were disposed of and the group could pass through the arch and enter the harpy nesting grounds. Upon entering they saw two petrified druids encased in Nightmare thorns and vines, as well as one druid that had not yet suffered such a gruesome fate.

The Sentinels decided to try to save the druid who had not yet been turned to stone, but upon approaching him the harpies attacked in force with their Witch Mother leading the assault.

In the end they managed to beat back the harpies long enough to get the wounded druid and themselves to safety. As they were leaving they saw the harpies fleeing further into Nightmare infested territory, and it seemed likely that that’s where they kept the rest of the captives.

Part 8: The Harpy Queen

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Tiola, Kathene, Sinrall, Ialluen, Solavel, Talasandra, Nymi, Ernya (The Myrmidon), Ercia (The Myrmidon), Artionna (guest), Wellington (DM)

Mission report 8 – Lorlathil, Val’sharah
Date: 24th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: The Nightblades and their allies decided to brave the darkness and pursue the harpies deeper into Nightmare territory. They found the real nesting grounds in the ruins of Shadowfen Village, but once again their entrance was blocked by strange, shadow powered, fetishes and effigies. This time everyone kept their distance, as those with ranged weapons made short work of the effigies to allow the group to pass.

Once inside the ruins they found themselves beset by harpies and had to fight hard to dispose of the attackers. Further in they found another petrified druid, wrapped in Nightmare vines, as well as a thick, red fog that seemed almost impenetrable. Sentinel Wildsong tossed all caution to the wind and leapt headfirst into the mist, despite warnings from her companions, and found herself trapped within slithering Nightmare vines.

Auxiliary Whiteleaf and Outrunner Wildstar came to Wildsong’s aid, trying to free her from the poisonous vines, while the rest of the group attempted to push the mist back.

The group also found tiny effigies scattered across the ground. Recruit Bladestar stepped on one, and it made the mist recede a little bit. Eventually the Sentinels managed to free Wildsong and bring her to safety, as well as disperse the mist, only to come face to face with three harpy witches. A fight broke out and the harpy witches met their end, but at this point the group of Sentinels had been reduced to almost half its former size due to injuries and exhaustion. Those remaining decided to go after the Witch Mother regardless, to finally see an end to this harpy threat.

They found the Witch Mother at the old moonwell, now deeply corrupted. She was wielding the second Nightmare branch and gleefully taunted the Sentinels with her might and power. The Sentinels fought for their lives against this formiddable foe, but managed to defeat her in the end by cutting off the arm that held on to the branch…but not before the Witch Mother cruelly cut down the worgen druid Ramsey Remington who had come to the Sentinel’s aid.

With the Witch Mother dead the Sentinels gathered up the Nightmare branch and shielded it in mooncloth and divine light, ready to transport back to Lorlathil and the waiting druids from the Dreamgrove. With her last strength Commander Ravenmist called upon the Goddess to free the petrified prisoners, but sadly only a small number had survived their time encased in stone.

Victorious, but saddened and stricken with grief over the death of so many of their kin, the Nightblades and their allies made it back to Lorlathil to rest and recuperate.

Part 9: Chieftain of the Smolderhide

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Kathene, Aariam, Sinrall, Talasandra

Mission report 9 – Steelclaw Vale, Val’sharah
Date: 27th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: Sentinel Nightborne reported that the corruption within the Smolderhide tribe seemed fairly widespread. Most of the tribe’s warriors were wearing tokens of Ursoc that indicated that they were corrupted. Chieftain Greymaw was keeping to himself for the most part and wore no visible token of corruption, and it seemed as if most of the tribe answered directly to the Elder Shaman instead of their Chieftain.

Worried by these news the Sentinels headed out towards Steelclaw Vale and Smolderhide thicket with the intention to find out just how deeply the corruption had taken root and attempt to save as many of the uncorrupted furbolgs as they could.

At the entrance to the furbolg settlement they ran into the first obstacle. The guards were under orders to not let anyone pass, since their Chieftain was preparing to undergo their sacred ‘Trial of the Warrior’ to become the true Chieftain at last. The Sentinels tried to impart on the guards that it was imperative that they speak to the Chieftain, but the furbolgs were not that easily swayed. In the end the Sentinels were allowed passage if they left all their weapons behind. The Sentinels agreed and were allowed to enter the furbolg village.

They found Chieftain Greymaw praying near the bonfire in the central square. They approached him and related the tale of the corrupted furbolg who had attacked them in Lorlathil. The Chieftain was not happy that the Sentinels had killed one of his warriors, but was at the very least listening to their concerns…until the Elder Shaman entered the square.

The Elder Shaman was furious and ordered the furbolg guards to surround the Sentinels. A heated argument broke out where the Sentinels tried to make the Chieftain understand that the Shaman and his warriors were all under the influence of the Nightmare.

Furious, and deeply offended, the Chieftain ordered the Sentinels to leave. When they refused, the furbolgs attacked. During the fight the Sentinels destroyed the Shaman’s talisman of Ursoc, revealing his true nature to the Chieftain and finally making him see the truth. Greymaw was furious and turned on the Shaman while the Sentinels dealt with the corrupted guards.

In the end the Elder Shaman was slain and Chieftain Greymaw promised the Sentinels that they would gain access to the sacred Barrow Dens to search for the source of the corruption. With that promise the Sentinels returned to the druid outpost at Steelclaw Vale to rest and recuperate until the time came to enter the barrows.

Part 10: Trial of the Warrior

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Kathene, Aariam, Sinrall, Ialluen, Talasandra, Markus (The Myrmidon), Ernya (The Myrmidon), Ercia (The Myrmidon), Seagazer (guest)

Mission report 10 – Steelclaw Vale, Val’sharah
Date: 29th of Yseralla, 2018

Summary: The time had come to deal with the Nightmare branch that was most likely the cause of the corruption within the Smolderhide tribe. Together with Chieftain Greymaw the Sentinels and the crew of the Myrmidon made their way into the sacred Barrow Dens to undergo ‘The Trial of the Warrior’. Only by completing the trial would the Sentinels be allowed to reach the branch.

The barrows were completely taken over by Nightmare. Roots, vines and deadly flora sprouted everywhere. The group fought their way through until they reached a large chamber. The end of the chamber was blocked off by a large wall of thorns. Not Nightmare thorns, but regular ones.

The spirit of the Elder Shaman appeared before them and questioned their loyalty to the Smolderhide. Only those who were willing to shed blood in defense of the tribe would be able to pass through the thorns. The Nightblades were hesitant at first and suspected a trap, considering the Elder Shaman had been deeply corrupted, but eventually they all decided to push through the thorns. Many received bleeding cuts and stings, but they all made it through.

Further inside the barrow they encountered a font of misty water. At the bottom of the font lay a symbol of Ursoc, the same symbol the corrupted furbolgs had worn to hide their state from everyone else. The group, once again, argued in case this was some kind of trap, but in the end they decided to pluck the amulet from the font and press on.

In the next room they met the spirit of the Elder Shaman again and he presented them with a riddle. All around the room there were several small pools, filled with glowing water. The Nightblades and their allies would have to place the symbol of Ursoc into the correct pool to be allowed to proceed. There was a small catch, however. Each member of the group was only allowed to inspect -one- pool and the spirits of the place would tell them if it was the right or wrong one. However, three members of the group would be fed the wrong information, and thus present a lie to the others.

This proved to be a very difficult task, since riddles were not the group’s strongest suit. In the end they chose a pool that turned out to be the wrong one and were assaulted by constricting vines and thorns. They had to fight their way through those to make their way further into the barrow.

At this point the group had entered the deepest part of the barrow and once they entered the final chamber they found two furbolgs dead on the floor. One was the old chieftain, Whitepaw, and the Nightmare branch was growing out of his body! The Sentinels were quick to wrap the branch in mooncloth and shield it as they removed it from the dead chieftain’s body. But, as they did so they got a better look at the second body…and it was Chieftain Greymaw! The same Chieftain that they had followed into this place!

The trap was sprung and the ‘Chieftain’ revealed himself to be a satyr. He used the Nightmare to reanimate the body of Chieftain Whitepaw and forced the Sentinels to battle against the satyr’s illusions, as well as protect their rear from the Nightmare furbolg, as they attempted to get out of the barrow.

The battle was long and a real struggle. Many of the Sentinels and the Myrmidon were wounded, but in the end they beat the satyr back and managed, with the help of the Elder Shaman’s Spirit, open a portal to the Emerald Dream into which they tossed the Nightmare branch so that it could be cleansed. Thus ending the Nightmare corruption of the Smolderhide tribe.

After the group had escaped the barrow they took their wounded back to Steelclaw Vale to be seen to, before moving back to the Temple of Elune.

Part 11: United Against the Nightmare

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Kathene, Aariam, Talasandra, Nymi, Aesa, Markus (The Myrmidon), Ernya (The Myrmidon), Ercia(The Myrmidon), Rowess (NPC)

Mission report 11 – Temple of Elune, Val’sharah
Date: 3rd of Eludore, 2018

Summary: The harpies and other agents of the Nightmare had resumed their attacks on the Temple once again, and the Nightblades and the Myrmidon were asked to help with readying the Temple’s defenses.

The most pressing matter were to get the two glaive throwers working, and push them up the stairs to a better vantage point in case of attack. The Nightblades and the Myrmidon were assigned into two groups and sent to work.

One of them seemed to be in an alright working condition, and just needed to be pushed up the stairs, whereas the other were lacking a few parts and needed a bit more work to function. The groups worked tirelessly and managed to get the glaive throwers working and into position before the first attack came.

Harpies swooped down from the sky above and tried their very best to sabotage the newly repaired glaive throwers, but the Sentinels and the Myrmidon, together with the druids from Lorlathil and the contingent of Gilnean sharpshooters from Bradensbrook, proved to be staunch defenders of the Temple. They beat the harpies back, as well as the enormous Nightmare lashes that kept assaulting them, only to hear a telepathic call for help from Twigfoot!

It seemed that the Ancient was under attack from other agents of the Nightmare and would not be able to hold on, unless someone was sent to save him. The Nightblades and the Myrmidon rallied and rushed across the battlefield, with Ercia Bluewing covering their charge with a massive blizzard, to go to the Ancient’s aid.

Once they reached the hollow beneath the old Garden of Elune they found Twigfoot under attack from three satyrs. The Nightblades and the Myrmidon made quick work of them before escorting Twigfoot to a slightly safer place in the old gazebo up top. Still in Nightmare lands though, since the half corrupted Ancient refused to go any closer to the Temple in case he accidentally spread the corruption further.

The Ancient also told the group about his Eldest, and most troublesome, child…another Nightmare branch, that could be found near the roots of Shaladrassil.

Part 12: The Darkblade Sentinels

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Kathene, Aariam, Ialluen, Talasandra, Aesa, Markus (The Myrmidon), Ernya (The Myrmidon), Ercia (The Myrmidon)

Mission report 12 – Temple of Elune, Val’sharah
Date: 5th of Eludore, 2018

Summary: The Nightblades and the Myrmidon met with Twigfoot and he lent them a wisp to guide them to his Eldest Child’s location.

The wisp led the group northward and, at first, seemed inclined to head straight into the most heavily corrupted part of Nightmare territory. But eventually the wisp changed its mind and took the group around the outskirts of the Nightmare grounds instead.

As they walked along the road they were suddenly ambushed by an unseen enemy. The enemy used arrows, moonfire and arcane magics to harass the elves, something the group thought was very strange.

Eventually they arrived at a small settlement, and a building that had once been a gazebo. In the middle of the gazebo was the branch, floating in the air. But as the Sentinels approached it, it vanished and the wisp turned a bright, Nightmareish red! A trap!

All around the group figures appeared, twisted Nightmare reflections of each member of the Nightblades and the Myrmidon. The mirror images taunted their counterparts with their darkest fears and worst failings before attacking. It was a hard battle, and the more the Sentinels and the Myrmidon fought against their -own- counterpart, the stronger their mirror images became.

The evil counterparts revealed that it was Twigfoot who had set this trap, to lure the Sentinels and the Myrmidon away from the Temple so that he, and the other agents of Nightmare, could take over and spread the corruption across all of Val’sharah. The mirror images intended to kill the Sentinels and the Myrmidon and take their place.

Eventually Outrunner Moonglow and Sentinel Nightborne figured out that perhaps the mirrors could be beaten if the Sentinels did not fight their own counterpart, but someone else’s. That solution swiftly turned the tide of battle, but not before some in the group had sustained grievous injuries. As the evil reflections died, their illusions shattered and revealed their enemies to be satyrs.

After all the satyrs had been killed, the group gathered up their wounded and headed back to the Temple. Upon arrival they found that Twigfoot’s gazebo, and the Nightmare area around it, was covered in a thick, red mist, veiling it from their sights. The Priestesses at the Temple were keeping it at bay for now, but it was clear that the Nightblades and the Myrmidon would have to deal with this threat eventually and end Twigfoot’s corruption once and for all.

Part 13: The Last Nightmare

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Kathene, Aariam, Talasandra, Nymirra, Sinrall, Ercia (the Myrmidon), Ernya (the Myrmidon), Markus (the Myrmidon)

Mission report 13 – Temple of Elune, Val’sharah
Date: 7th of Eludore, 2018

Summary: After having been sent to their doom by Twigfoot, the Sentinels and the crew of the Myrmidon were furious and saddened at his betrayal. It was time to confront the Ancient and end this Nightmare threat for good.

The group headed to the ruined part of the Temple of Elune and found Twigfoot waiting for them in the middle of the ancient gazebo. It quickly became clear that the Ancient had been almost completely overtaken by the Nightmare and the Sentinels and their allies decided to put him out of his misery once and for all.

Taking out the Nightmare corrupted Ancient proved no easy task, however, and Twigfoot called forth amalgamations of Nightmare to aid in his defense. He called forth a Nightmare empowered version of Riverbough; the druid the Sentinels and the Myrmidon had fought in the bowels of Blackrook Hold.

Twigfoot also called a monsterous version of Greymaw to aid him; the furbolg was absolutely massive and towered several feet over the Sentinels. He was truly fearsome to behold, and very, very deadly. Alongside the furbolg, a nightmare version of the harpy Witch Mother was also called to rain down destruction upon the Sentinels and their allies.

The battle was long and raged furiously back and forth, with neither side gaining the upper hand…that is, until Ercia decided to stab Twigfoot in the back with a shard of ice, freezing him and making him wither and die from the inside. Before he passed on though, he plucked the last uncorrupted leaf from his head and gave it to Ercia for safekeeping; telling her to plant it and care for it, so that his legacy could live on.

With Twigfoot’s death, the Nightmare was finally cleansed from the Temple and the Ancient’s withered body was taken to a Dream Portal that the Lorlathil druids had opened. Twigfoot’s body was seen back into the dream, where it would be cleansed and properly laid to rest.

The mission finally complete, the Nightblades and the crew of the Myrmidon returned to the Temple to rest before heading back to Kalimdor and Feralas.

This marks the end of “The Last Nightmare” campaign.

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