Imbel Celebration

Imbel is a kaldorei holiday that celebrates the birth of a new year and the beginning of winter’s loosening grip on the world. Imbel is also celebration of knowledge and achievement, something that goes well together with the recent defeat of the Legion!

This night the Nightblade and Bladecrest Sentinels invite members of the Grand Alliance to Feathermoon Stronghold to parttake in the Rites of Spring, games of combat and the Imbel market. Hopefully everyone will find something to their tastes this evening!

Date: 21 April 2018
Time: 19:30
Location: Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas
Faction: Alliance

The Legion has finally been vanquished; a threat that has loomed over the Kaldorei nation and all of Azeroth for ten thousand years is gone. This is cause for great celebration! Imbel is a Kaldorei holiday where great achievements, feats of strength and new life is celebrated, themes which go hand in hand with the defeat of the Legion.

We gather at Feathermoon Stronghold for an evening of thanksgiving and contests! The evening will start with a welcome speech and a Ritual of Spring. Following that there will be contests where the participants can show of their prowess in battle.

Pankration and Saber Race

There will be a contest of Pankration; an ancient Kaldorei custom that requires the contestants to wear light armour and only use a glaive or a dagger to beat their opponent. There will also be a saber race, where your skills in handling these magnificent beasts will really come to the fore. No magic of ANY kind will be allowed in either of these contests!


We also welcome merchants of all kinds to peddle their wares at the Merchant’s quarter within the Stronghold. We also encourage the visitors at this sacred celebration to engage in storytelling circles, where they can share their feats of strength and wisdom they have gained in the past year.

This is a time for the night elves and their allies to take a break from the conflicts of the world and gather their strength before resuming the noble struggle for a brighter tomorrow.

As this is a celebration of Life, we kindly ask that that corruptive and destructive magics, such as void and fel, NOT be wielded at any time during the event.

OOC details: 

This is a public roleplaying event with a strong kaldorei theme. It is open for all Alliance races to attend, but please respect the theme and setting of the event. A rough timetable is as follows:

19:30 – Time for everyone to gather and exchange pleasantries
20:00 – Speech of Welcome by the Moonwell
20:15 – Saber Race (See details below!)
21:00 – Pankration (See details below!)
22:00 – Closing prayer
22:15 & onwards – Campfire chatting, storytelling

What is pankration?

Based on the sporting event of the same name, Thornroot has made a kaldorei adaptation of it. Details of what it entails as well as rules can be found on the following page.

Want to participate in any of the competitions or contribute to the market? Fantastic! See contact details below:

Saber race: Saleysea
Merchant stall: Tinwëtar
Pankration: Syreail

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