⸰☽ The Nightblade Paths FAQ ☾⸰


The idea with the path system is to give the players within The Nightblades a possibility to develop their character through a progressive tree of actions. Built around the idea of creating role play, the path system offers additional role play opportunities for the player – opportunities that will eventually yield de facto impact on guild events and similar through an extra, earned trait. The paths are fluid and can be progressed at your own leisure. It should also be noted that the path achievement never reflects the member rank, but more so the engagement the character has undertaken with a path of their choice.

Naturally, every system needs a few questions and answers, all of which you find below!

I have looked at all the trees and found a system that I like. What do I do now?

Wonderful! Now that you have found a path that speaks to you, you can contact the player responsible for the path in question, and they will help you get started. You will be kitted out with information, and we will add your choice to the guild notes.

Can anyone undertake a path?

First and foremost, make sure you have at least the rank of Outrunner (if you are a regular Sentinel) or the rank of Cadet (for trainees) since you need to be fully initiated into the cadre to get going. Should you be a recruit or trainee still, then fret not! You have your own little path tree to follow.

Is choosing a path mandatory?

Whilst we will happily encourage any Nightblade to engage to the fullest role play capacity with the guild, path progression is not mandatory. The paths are there to give you an opportunity to progress and as a tool for creating role play.

I have found more than one path that fits with my character. What do I do?

You can absolutely engage with more than one path at the time. However, you can only have one path specific trait active at the time, and only one path will be considered your primary. Choose wisely!

So… how do I get started with the path of my choice?

Each path contains a tree displaying a set of branches. There are four branches for each tree, and each branch has three tasks, complete with a description of what needs to be done to complete it and receive credit for it. When all the branches have been completed, one can undertake the final task of the tree – the Ritual.

Some tasks say “spontaneous RP” as a requirement for completing it. What does this mean?

This means that this task can be completed through spontaneous occurrences in game. There is no need to book events on the calendar or make a grand plan for the task you have in mind, nor do you need to bring the entire guild along. It is a bit more casual and easy going. Keep in mind however that you might still end up the storyteller of the event – it is your task after all.

What does the “IC-report” requirement mean?

For you to pass a task that has this requirement, you need to write up a short report of what you undertook IC and post it to the designated place on our discord. Do note that we are not looking for essay work – just a brief in character report on what happened. Tasks that have this requirement usually requires a bit more research into a subject, and the reports are a nice way to reflect what your character learned. Do take note however – it is not enough to simply report in conversation to an officer IC to fill this criteria. Get writing, friends!

I have a task I need to undertake, but I have no idea of where to start or what to do with it? Help?

Discord is your friend! There you have your guildies and the best possibilities ever to brainstorm about what your task could involve. Be creative, and remember that the task descriptions are rather loosely written just for this very reason, so you do have some leeway in regards to fit the task to the description of it. If you hit a complete creative wall, reach out to your path leader – they are happy to help!

Everyone is so far ahead, and I have not even gotten started…

Understandably so – at first glance perhaps, the path system looks tremendously intimidating. There is nothing to fear however. The paths are a tool for you and your character, and not mandatory or a project with a deadline. Path progression is very much an individual matter, and nothing that ties into your skill as a role player, or your rank or progression in the guild. First and foremost, it is there to promote role play and to give you as a player a possibility to develop your character and their skills. There is definitely space for you to be creative around the paths. Do it at your pace. Engage in your paths, or the progression of another guildie. All in the spirit of role play!