⸰☽ Leadership ☾⸰

Tinwëtar Ravenmist

Rank: Commander
Age: 10 248
Titles: Priestess of Elune, Lathar’Mush’a
Originally from Suramar, she lived through the Sundering and joined the Sentinels very soon after their creation. She has served as both battle healer and Captain previously, before donning the mantle of Commander. She harbors no love for the Alliance and will put the wellbeing of the Kaldorei people above all else. Due to her unwavering faith in the Goddess and her fierce loyalty to her friends and people she is a force to be reckoned with.

Kathene Wildstar

Rank: Officer
Age: ~1000
Titles: Sentinel Captain, Quartermaster, Disciple of Elune, Shalloril’serrar
Kathene is a lifelong sentinel from the snowy mountains of Winterspring, trained for combat and mentored in leadership from a young age. She quickly rose through the Nightblades to the rank of Captain, and acts as Tinwëtar’s right hand in the cadre. Disciplined and devoted, she holds herself and her sisters to a high standard in all areas and strives to bring out the best in them all. Taking a balanced mindset and approach to most things in life, she is just as able to show compassion as ferocity, and never hesitates to do what she believes is right.

Aariam Nightborne

Rank: Officer
Age: 307
Titles: Huntress, Training Master, Senior Sentinel, Shalla’ethella
On one hand, Aariam likes joking and playing around. Some would call her lighthearted and optimistic, always ready to crack a pun. It is not rare for her to keep close to her sisters and she enjoys hugs. On the other hand, she is incredibly disciplined, and when push comes to shove, Aariam would not move a muscle until ordered to. This duality in character is not necessarily two opposites, but it can make Aariam slightly unpredictable at times. She is also ready to do whatever it takes to finish a mission and gladly does so at the expense of her own health.

⸰☽ Nightblades ☾⸰

Ialluen Moonglow

Rank: Shal’serrar
Age: 302
Titles: Priestess of Elune, Head of the Infirmary, Shan’melu
For the most part, Ialluen is shy, naïve and rather quiet. Despite that, her endless curiosity and sense of wonder for the world around her makes her quite the conversationalist. A pacifist in nature, she prefers to wield words rather than blades, both in and out of the field of combat. Aside from that, she is a pious soul, holding her faith and Elune in high regard. Her naïvite sometimes puts up obstacles for her, as Ialluen seemingly refuses to accept that not everyone in the world comes with good intentions. She sees the good in everything – sometimes in vain.

Thylendra Rosesky

Rank: Shal’serrar
Age: 2558
Titles: Senior Sentinel
A rather withdrawn woman who generally does not initiate conversation, but knows how to keep one. She is very loyal to her people and her duties, and loves to show off. She tends to stick to the shadows when it’s possible, but will not hesitate to take to the frontline if her duty demands it. During her free time, she enjoys playing the flute, reading, writing bad poetry and training.

Telariel Moonseeker

Rank: Sentinel
Age: 322
Titles: Acolyte of the Moon, Healer, Alchemist
Telariel is a young acolyte whose curiosity of the world is not always tempered by caution. At times, she can be far too stubborn for her own good and even a touch prideful, leading to her sometimes making questionable decisions, but everything she does is done with the best intentions. Typically reserved and quiet, she is a rather bookish individual, clearly more at home in the infirmary or the alchemy lab more so than the sparring ring or battlefield. That does not mean, however, that she shies away from conflict. Should her people or her kin in colours need defending, she will be there, either right in the thick of it all wielding a spear, or in the backlines raining arrows down upon their foes.

Ilyande Winterstar

Rank: Sentinel
Age: 295
Titles: Acolyte of the Moon, Healer
Being amongst the youngest members of the Nightblades, Ilyande can often be seen as as a shy and timid elf who prefers to spend her time hiding somewhere with a good book, though those who know her well have seen her more extroverted side. Her ever present good mood seems almost infectious and it is rare not to find her smiling. Her years of service with the Nightblades have transformed her into a capable healer, employing both Elune’s moonlight and more traditional methods to ensure that her Sentinel sisters stay alive.

Alylia Oathkeeper

Rank: Outrunner
Age: ~1200
Titles: Priestess of the Moon, Healer
Graceful, beautiful but solemn, silent and somewhat distant: these are the perceptions of those that see Alylia. Though hidden away deep in her heart, by passed events in her life, there is still that spark of joy, merriment and happiness which she shows only to a few. And always wherever she goes she is in services of the Mother Moon. With faith being the one unshakable pillar that provides her with the wisdom and strength to carry on her duties towards her people. Therefore, the light of Elune shines bright in her hands, and with the war she still looks with hope towards the Alliance.

Aesa Seagazer

Rank: Outrunner
Age: 428
Titles: Sentinel, Archer

Ydraen Emberchild

Rank: Outrunner
Age: 440
Titles: Sentinel, Aspiring Huntress
Once a Shadowleaf, Ydraen served as a darnassian city guard in the War of Thorns. Just as the aspiring huntress was about to prove herself as an officer, she got rejected by her mentor for unknown reasons. Yet still, the moon priestess recommended her with great emphasis to the Nightblade sentinel cadre. Ydraen sees herself as a blade forged in the embers of Teldrassil. But behind the appearance of a passionate avenger lies a proud elven woman with a love of dark poetry and an absolute passion for the art of swordplay.


Rank: Outrunner
Age: ~ 530
Titles: Sentinel
A warrior with many years of experience, both as a sister and an officer. Born in the fishing village of Auberdine, she nevertheless preferred the land and forest. There, she hunted her first prey, she learned to fight, and decided, eventually, to become a sentinel. She does not speak much of her past beyond this, but makes her present self plain. She is devoted to the Goddess and the Sisterhood, and to the necessities of her profession, rarely skipping training even a single day. To the world, she is stoic, practical, and callous when needed. To her friends, she sometimes shows a creative, unbounded mind that enjoys the silly and absurd. Even after many years of service, she is still rarely seen without heavy armor, a shield, and a weapon. She enjoys juice, and mystery novels.

Arandell Moonsong

Rank: Outrunner
Age: ~1000
Titles: Outrunner, Alchemist
Born into a quiet life and growing up to be a fisherman while hearing the tales of war. He was sent to learn from druids due to his amber eyes, wich he promptly failed at and returned to the life of fishing. Looking up to her elder sister who took upon herself to teach him to wield a sword after failing his druidic studies. In the wake of third war Arandell’s life of quiet fishing turned into adventures of success and failuers alike. Either being stoicly quiet or running his mouth for nothing, he tends to keep up somewhat of an appearance of dutiful and respectable man, but every now and then slipping. He is perhaps best known by now for his love of tea.

Dalathria Silverleaf

Rank: Outrunner
Age: ~500
Distant and reserved, maybe even cold, all ways one could describe Dalathria. Born and raised in a small remote village, she is slow to trust and perfectly content to observe from the sidelines instead of rushing head first into an argument. While one to keep her distance with strangers, she is fiercely loyal to those she considers close to her. Wholly uninterested in boasting and showing off, she prefers to let her actions do the talking. To her modesty and integrity are values to live by. From which especially the latter has potential to lead to conflicts of interest. Social reservations aside, she has made her peace with the risks of a life in colors, standing ready to give her life in battle for what she believes to be right.

Thelasien Moonshadow

Rank: Outrunner
Age: ~ 450
Titles: Outrunner, Huntress
Thelasien Moonshadow, a reserved and devoted guardian of the forest, has found her calling within the Nightblade cadre. Her hunts are a sacred ritual, meticulously timed with the phases of the moon to honor the Goddess. By her side,always, are her steadfast companions: Veridia, her vigilant white hawk, and Sableclaw, her fierce and loyal Saber. Recently, her companion circle grew with the addition of Ashwyn, a wolf rescue. Thelasien’s quiet demeanor belies her exceptional prowess and unwavering dedication to her faith and her craft, as she traverses the night-shrouded forests.


Rank: Auxiliary
Age: 8000+
Titles: Druid, Vinemason, Shaper
Only having begun her training as a druid in recent years, she is still seen carrying the tools of her old trade, a pouch filled with herbs and seeds dangling from her belt. While some mature with age, Telrenya is living proof that others simply get older, never quite having managed to leave behind her fondness for jests and teasing, though she at least seem to use herself as a target for such almost as often as others. Usually talking on end, she does at times grow quiet and distant, seemingly lost in her own little world.

Meladriss Moonclaw

Rank: Auxiliary
Age: 3000+
Titles: Druid of the Claw
The son of a Respect Druid and a Priestess of Elune, Meladriss has felt the pressure of living up to his father’s name for most of his youth, but ultimately forged his own path in the spirit of the great Ursoc and Ursol. Introverted yet outspoken, strict yet gentle, the Druid of the Claw does his best to overcome his social awkwardness and come out of his shell to grow into a confident teacher and protector of his kin, especially those he cares about.

Daeliya Dawnwind

Rank: Cadet
Age: 461
Titles: Disciple of Elune, Aspiring Healer, Little Moon, Runaway
Secluded from the world and raised by an upbringing that demanded so much yet offered nothing in return, Daeliya was an outcast from the start of her life. Never fitting in with the nobles she was surrounded with, the young elf found solace in the precious little texts on the Sisterhood of Elune which she made a life goal of hers to become. Socially stunted, extremely naive and shy, her thirst for knowledge is only overshadowed by her desires to ascend the Sisterhood.