Path of the Recruit

About the Path

Welcome to the Nightblade Sentinels! You made it through your initial Trial Period and are now considered a Recruit. All new members of the cadre carry this rank, regardless of previous experience. Recruits are the junior enlisted rank of the Sentinels and they are expected to fulfill certain tasks and criteria before they can rise to the rank of Outrunner or Auxiliary.

Below are several tasks that each recruit need to complete in order to be considered for a promotion. The tasks can be done in any order, except for the Induction Ceremony which should be done after all the other tasks have been completed, as it marks the recruit’s final and official initiation into the cadre.

The tasks below are meant to serve as an introduction into the Nightblade Sentinels and as RP hooks for casual RP sessions or spontaneous events. All of the tasks need to be completed through RP in game on the recruit’s own initiative, with the exception of some reports that should be written up and posted on our discord server or sent as a google doc to the officers. The reports need not be long, but it is our hope that they will add some additional flavour and depth to the RP.

Path Tree

The Armaments

The Nightblades have a specific colour scheme, to make us recognizeable in combat and elsewhere. Black stands for the starless sky and the Goddess-given gift of shadowmelding. Silver stands for the light of the Moon and the Goddess. Teal or dark blue is the cadre’s specific colour that marks us who we are and make us stand out from the rest.

Task: Gather materials for a new set of armour in the Nightblade colours. Once you have all the materials required either make the armour yourself or have a skilled armorsmith make it for you. Present your new armour along with a report to the Quartermaster.

(OOC-hint: This is more a prompt for casual RP and similar than it is you having to gather the very correct materials. Bring the crafting in character, and use this as a hook to talk to your new guildies. Who knows, maybe one of them might end up helping you along the way?)

Casual RP + IC report

The Moonstone

Each member of the Nightblade Sentinels wears an enchanted moonstone. These stones have been blessed by the Goddess and they serve as a means of identification, since each is bonded individually to the Sentinel it belongs to.

Task: Approach one of the cadre’s Priestesses, or Priestesses in training to receive your moonstone. The Priestess in question will take you through a short ritual in order to get the moonstone attuned and properly bonded to you.

It is important that you keep the stone on you at all times, since it does serve as a means of identification in the field and when interacting with others. Possessing one marks you as part of the Nightblades.

Spontaneous RP + IC report

Walking the Path

Before you can become an Outrunner, you have to serve as a recruit in the field.

Task: Accompany the Nightblades on a minimum of 5 organized events, one of which must be a combat heavy event, and 3 casual evenings. Report your progress to one of the Officers.

Organized and Casual RP + IC report

The Induction

Every recruit goes through the Induction Ceremony in order to confirm their commitment to the Nightblades.

Task: Once you have completed your first two tasks and Walking the Path, inform the Commander and an induction ceremony will be planned for you. During the ceremony you will be asked to give up a small token that symbolizes the life you have chosen to leave behind in order to dedicate your life to the service of the Kaldorei people through the Nightblades. Have the token prepared for the ceremony.

Organized RP event