Campaign Report – A Nightmare of Death

The Nightblades are called to Mount Hyjal to meet with their High Command contact, Grand Priestess Stormglaive. A routine inspection, or so it is presented. On the way to Mount Hyjal, however, the Nightblades are caught in a terrible storm and are forced to land somewhere in Ashenvale. The storm keeps them grounded and prevents […]

Campaign Report – Mists of the Banished

Part 1: A call for the castaways Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Telderan, Telrenya, Talasandra, Uodrieth, Shallidri, Falyra Mission Report 1 – Island off the coast of Val’sharahDate: 19:th of Xallvar, 2021 Summary: The first night aboard the Dreamer’s wing had passed without issue – the grand Kul Tiran ship crossing […]