Campaign Report – Mists of the Banished

Part 1: A call for the castaways

Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Telderan, Telrenya, Talasandra, Uodrieth, Shallidri, Falyra

Mission Report 1 – Island off the coast of Val’sharah
Date: 19:th of Xallvar, 2021

Summary: The first night aboard the Dreamer’s wing had passed without issue – the grand Kul Tiran ship crossing the seas with little to no struggle. As Val’sharah was looming ever closer, little did the Nightblades know that the calm state was about to change…

Suddely, mists denser than normal encroached upon the vessel and it’s passengers. A moment of silence lingered before a torrential downpour and tall, violent waves struck the ship, sending it in turmoil. From nowhere, Kvaldir ships navigating the mists drew closer, and much too soon, the Dreamer’s wing was boarded by the forces of the mists and the drowned. As battle broke out, the Nightblades stood their ground. Yet their efforts were futile, as the tide threw the Dreamer’s wing towards the cliffs, shattering the ship into little but driftwood and splinters, the voyage of a cadre cut short in a brutal way.

Fortunately, mosts of the passengers of the ship washed ashore an island – the Nightblades no exception. A rainy and misty rock off the Val’sharah coastline, and seemingly ridden with Kvaldir. Unnoticed so far, the cadre watched as scores of Kvaldir cheered in victory, as one of their leaders – The Mistcaller – surfaced from a tomb with something of value. Not long after, having retrieved what they came for, the small army of Kvaldir left. Leaving the Nightblades to figure out what they found, and most importantly – how to get off this cursed island within the mists.

Part 2: Corsairs of the mists

Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Telrenya, Telderan, Uodrieth, Annaeya, Falyra, Shallidri

Mission Report 2 – Bradensbrook, Val’sharah
Date: 21:st of Xallvar, 2021

Summary: Having been lost to sea for two nights, the situation at the little island was grim. Misc scouting had yielded some information about the kvaldir, but less so in regards to how to safely leave the island. With no end in sight to the grim situation, the Nightblades took to discussing to how to put an end to their demise – a discussion cut short by the tolling of bells in the distance, and by the arrival of dense mists. There was no doubt of what was about to accompany them.

Instead of rushing in, the cadre lay in wait at their camp as the mists and the kvaldir that brought it with them closed in. Clearly a scouting party of the louder kind, their foe made it all the way into camp before battle broke out. With the mists both at their advantage and less so, the Nightblades made business short with the scouting party. Victory was cut as short, as a large gathering of kvaldir dashed towards camp, one that would leave the Nightblades severely outnumbered.

Before battle broke out anew, a rain of arrows from above struck their foe, leaving the kvaldir to do little else but return. One of the Val’sharah cadres – the Dreamguard – had found their lost kin at sea. And with them came the passengers of the Lunartide. A celebrated reunion between kaldorei and companions was held briefly, prior returning to the coast of Val’sharah, and Bradensbrook, which was meant to be the final destination. Well there, Priestess Nightwhisper rode to greet them, sharing all what had been happening in the Nightblades absence. For now, the cadre remains at rest in Bradensbrook. Question is only for how long…

Part 3: A tower of bones

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Ialluen (DM), Thylendra, Uodrieth, Telarie (DM)l, Telderan, Talasandra, Telrenya, Daeliya, Falyra, Shallidri

Mission Report 3 – Bradensbrook, Val’sharah
Date: 23:rd of Xallvar, 2021

Summary: It was a calm night in Bradensbrook – as calm as a night can be whilst still wrapped up in dense, unnatural mists. Peace did not last for long, as a bloodied Dreamguard scout approached the Nightblades. The Kvaldir had made landfall, and the Dreamguard was fighting a losing battle.

As the Nightblades took to the field, it was a hard fought battle that got it’s beginning. The struggle was seen as much in the field and along the coastline as up in the settlement where the healers slowly started to drown in injured sisters. A more palpable drowning took place in the field, as the Kvaldir made brief landfalls just to tug whoever they could down into the waves with them. The Nightblades were relentless however, and slowly but surely aided the Dreamguard in pushing their foe back.

The battle now having turned to the favour of the Nightblades, the cadre set off in pursuit of what seemed to be the leader of the assault – a large kvaldir shrouded in the mists known as the Mistcaller. Eventually happening upon what looked to be a ritual site on a seaside cliff. Cutting down the last kvaldir in their way, the Nightblades ascended the cliffside, only to happen upon their true quarry – a kvaldir revealing themselves to be The Bonespeaker. Shrouded by a barrier of sorts – a barrier that surely could not pose any obstacle to Thylendra. Sadly, as much proved to be a lie, as the sentinel found herself captured and tortured upon entry. After Telrenya saved both Thylendra and Telderan, who was approaching the same grim fate, the Bonespeaker was vanquished. Hopefully at a not too high a price…

Part 4: Silence of the spirits

Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Thylendra, Telrenya, Uodrieth, Telderan, Annaeya, Falyra

Mission Report 4 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 26:th Xallvar, 2021

Summary: As the situation had eased down in the north-western parts of Val’sharah, the Nightblades were sent to retrieve lost Dreamguard scouts. Having been dispatched by Priestess Nightwhisper one night prior, it was a mystery where they might have gone in their pursuit of following the mists along. As the Nightblades came upon the river dividing Val’sharah from Azsuna, the ever so familiar mists were back to shroud the landscape, concealing any clues to what might have happened to the lost scouts. The Nightblades however, was not so easily fooled, and shortly after arriving at the scene, a trail of blood was found, leading them further into the mists.

The trail ended in a grim fashion, where the cadre found the first of the scouts dead, with a dreary looking wound to her back. The sentinel seemed to have met a horrifying end. She seemed almost as if drowned. Furthermore, any trace of her ever having carried a spirit was gone.

As the Nightblades silently stalked further inwards the ruins upon the cliffside of westernmost Azsuna, a sudden realisation came over the cadre. The ruins were familiar to those of the Nightblades, as a place where forlorn spirits restlessly lingered in their undeath. Now – every spirit was gone, all but a few tormented souls replaced by mists, runic circles and the corpses of the lost scouts.

The outing was not entirely fruitless, however – one scout was saved, and the cadre managed to find a few strange notes. Yet the mist lingers, and the souls still seems gone…

Part 5: Passing Whispers

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Ialluen (DM) Telariel (DM), Uodrieth, Falyra, Telrenya

Mission Report 5 – Nar’thalas, Azsuna
Date: 28:th Xallvar, 2021

Summary: After the terrifying finds in the gardens up north, more and more signs seems to point towards Nar’thalas, and the academy that was once a proud part of the forlorn empire. As a small group of Nightblades set out however, no one seemed sure what to expect, nor what to find upon reaching their destination.

The answer came in the shape of a group of Nightwatchers, fighting to hold off a small score of undead heading towards the ruined city. As the Nightblades aided their spectral sisters, one of them pointed them towards the academy, offering to guide them there. In search for both information, but also a certain person – the Librarian, spoken about in the notes from the gardens in the north. She seemed to have quite the reputation. The reason for why became obvious upon the cadre meeting her. The spirit known as the Librarian turned out to be loud, obnoxious and confused through her death, but nevertheless equipped with all kinds of opinions on the topic of her books. After a fair amount of yelling, some of the Nightblades were allowed down to the fabled archives, where the forbidden knowledge of the academy still remained intact after so many years in ruin. Huntress Nightborne however, was put on detention after her failed negotiation attempts, and found herself having to sort through books.

A calm night for once, which led to plenty of information to be found. Perhaps now, the Nightblades were one step closer to understanding their quarry? The decision was however made to stay close to Nar’thalas for now, and a new camp was set up.

Part 6: Culling the Forlorn

Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Telderan, Thylendra, Telrenya, Uodrieth, Telderan, Annaeya, Daeliya

Mission Report 6 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 30:th Xallvar, 2021

Summary: The calm evening was interrupted abruptly by what could only be mists closing in from the bay beyond the academy. The Nightwatchers made quick work of finding the Nightblades in their temporary camp. The Kvaldir were approaching – and in large numbers. The cadre sprung to action, immediately seeking to aid the Nightwatchers as well as they could.

Battle broke out quickly, and this time, it was no mere scouting party that showed up around Nar’thalas. As the cadre made business short with the first wave of attackers, others quickly came to take their place. The most troublesome of foes were made manifest in the shape of a sea skrog, demanding for some more heavy artillery to be used. With Telderan having found a harpoon launcher, the cadre had the means to deal with the skrog.

As the mists grew ever denser, the sound of an all too familiar voice echoed between the ruins. The Mistcaller spoke, betraying their intention of the assault – to harvest any soul and mortal they could come across, and to raise their fallen ally anew; The Bonespeaker. As the Kvaldir advanced, the terrifying realisation hit the Nightblades. The Nightwatchers which they sought to aid were not the defenders, but the prey of the kvaldir. And one by one, their tormentes shrieks could be heard as kvaldir ritualists tore the brave souls asunder, their remnants adding to the ever denser mists.

With little left to hold, the Nightblades fell back with one last word from Shalira of the Nightwatchers to guide them. “Find the Curator”. The compass now set towards Nor’danil, a small party of Nightblades made their way west to potentially speak to this elusive, lost soul. And within little time spent, it became painfully obvious that some people are best kept lost.

It was a broken cadre that returned to Lightsong in Val’sharah. Knowing that Nar’thalas had fallen, that the Nightwatchers were hunted like beasts by the undead – and their own cadre only left with the worst of choices to make…

Part 7: Into the Deep End

Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Aariam, Telderan, Thylendra, Uodrieth, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Falyra, Telrenya

Mission Report 7 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 2:nd Astrahe, 2021

Summary: With little else to go on than the suggestions of the curator, possibilities seemed slim for the Nightblades rather than accepting the cursed deal of a bitter spirit. In a last attempt of finding any solution other than that, the cadre took to scouting – an outing that revealed that the temple of a thousand lights turning into the next possible battleground of the drowned forces.

Beating the Kvaldir to the location, the Nightblades came in contact with a spirit at the temple – the one of a long deceased priestess, still loyal to the Goddess. She explained how the other spirits at the temple were lost, still believing they were alive. Realising they would make for an all too easy target, the cadre made sure to (with enough theatrics to go around) usher the still to Azshara loyal spirits to safety. And as much was clever. It did not take long until the mists swept in towards the temple.

Two unknown voices cut through the mists, taunting the Nightblades, whom responded by taking the fight to the assailants themselves. From above, two swirling masses of mists were discerned, and despite lacking the means to cut through them with light or vision, the Nightblades took to the skies prior descending upon their foes, brute force. It turned out to be a very efficient strategy, as the cadre culled two minor mistcallers. After as much, the remaining kvaldir forces were quick to turn around and flee.

Descending into the temple, the cadre found the spectral priestess anew, wounded from the Kvaldir attack. After explaining the situation to her, the spectre set her gaze onto the from the bonespeaker pilfered lantern – now cleansed by the light of Elune. In a grim turn of events, the priestess, now known as Kalira Starson, offered her soul to light the lantern, so to give the Nightblades the means to part the mists. After saying her farewells, her spirit entered the lantern, never to leave.

For her sacrifice, the lantern was named Kalira’s courage. With a way to part the mists, The Nightblades now held an unexpected advantage towards the Kvaldir forces – but at what cost?

Part 8: As the Mists Part

Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Telrenya, Uodrieth, Telderan, Annaeya, Falyra

Mission Report 8 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 4:th Astrahe, 2021

Summary: With Kalira’s courage now able to part the mists, the Nightblades set out to take the fight to the Kvaldir themselves. After some aerial scouting, it became clear that the Kvaldir had pillaged yet another harbour of souls – Nor’danil wellspring had fallen, and quite likely the curator with it. Whatever spirits still sought to flee was heading towards the academy. The Kvaldir however, seemed to be going in a different direction, their forces heading towards the coves to the south. Clearly, something was going on.

After flying above the mists, it became clear that the Kvaldir seemed to withdraw their armies, bringing back the accursed horn with them. All overseen by The Mistcaller, and a select group of Kvaldir raiders. After the horn was transported down further into the coves, an eerie calm settled in. Nothing could offer a better opportunity to strike.

Battle was furious on boths sides, and it was with no small effort that the Nightblades took on one of the leaders of the corsairs of the mists. Outrunner Rosedancer and her chimaera playing a noticeable part in the enemies demise, as eventually, the Mistcaller stood alone. It was a slim ordeal to finish him off, something Huntress Nightborne did in style.

There was no opportunity to celebrate the win, as scores of Kvaldir rushed up from the coves to claim revenge. Making a narrow escape, the Nightblades emerged victorious, one of the leaders of the Kvaldir raiders floored. It looks like the tide might be turning anew…

Part 9: Darkened Wings

Participants: Tinwëtar, Kathene, Aariam, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Talasandra, Thylendra, Uodrieth, Telderan, Telrenya, Annaeya, Falyra, Daeliya

Mission Report 9 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 6:th Astrahe, 2021

Summary: With the fall of the Mistcaller, it did truly look like the tide had turned to favour The Nightblades. The mists having receeded a fair bit the last few days. What was perhaps less expected was that the remaining leader of the Kvaldir, The Bonespeaker, had unfinished business with the cadre – and was not intent on waiting around to see it done.

A call of a horn echoed in the distance, as well as a call designated for the Nightblades. The Bonespeaker crudely requested they would face her in combat alone. Having stepped out of the mists, out in the open, she waited. Little did the Nightblades know it was a trap waiting to be sprung, and before any advances could be properly made to fight her, the cadre had been pulled deep into the mists. Deep into what could only be described as Helheim itself. A dead, drowned realm, lost to the world. And above the field, the horn lingered, with wisps of tormented souls fuelling it. It stood clear that the time had come for the Kvaldir to put the empowered relic to use. Time was running out.

Now on her home turf, it was made clear that The Bonespeaker had no intentions of letting the cadre of sentinels leave that place alive. With Kalira’s Courage parting the mists, the Nightblades found their foe anew. A brief exchange of mocking words followed, cut short by the summoning of towering runed constructs of bones. Seemingly letting the Nightblades fight her creations for her own amusement, it did not take long after their defeat before the final leader of the Kvaldir forces took to the field herself – and that she did in a gruesome fashion. Twisting her dark magic to bind and shackle the cadre, Shal’serrar Rosesky, in particular before torturing the sentinel anew. It was a gruesome fight, ending with the demise of the Bonespeaker, delivered by the blades of the very same sentinel – and self-styled arch nemesis.

With the cadre severely injured, the issue of the horn still lingered. Captain Wildstar, together with Falyra Moonleaf flew to see the relic destroyed. Surprisingly so, a dark winged creature, armoured and with twin blades sought to oppose them. Proving to be a more than capable foe, the creature disappeared with the horn – but not before mortally wounding Captain Wildstar in the process.

As the horn disappeared, the realm laid silent once more. The Bonespeaker slain – but at what cost? The horn was gone, and it’s whereabouts now unknown. With nothing opposing the Nightblades in the cursed realm any more, the light of Kalira’s Courage shone brighter, dispelling the mists – and returned the cadre to the shallows of Northen Azsuna once more. The battle was won, at a great cost. Only the future will tell where the next adversary will show up, and if the horn will remain a threat…

This marks the end of the “Mists of the Banished” campaign.

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