Campaign Report – Sentinels and Swindlers

A letter reaches the Nightblades, which much to their grand surprise leads them straight into the heart of allied territory. A mission that must not be known to neither the public, nor the authorities at the designated destination – Kul-Tiras. As shipments to the Stormwind refugee camps seem to have gone astray, the cadre sets out aside the SI:7, where the maritime city of Boralus proves to offer more struggle than the Nightblades bargained for…

Part 1: Welcome to Boralus

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM, Zigzag), Telrenya, Uodrieth, Falyra, Annaeya, Daeliya

Mission Report 1 – Boralus, Kul Tiras
Date: 7th of Eludore, 2021

Summary: Past receiving a letter requesting the Nightblades presence for a strange mission, the cadre had gathered up to discuss the details in a more secluded area of Feathermoon. Had one as a bystander not known, the primary guess of the nature of those present would probably not have been “Sentinels”, as the cadre looked rather… colourful in comparison to normal. With no identifications, insignias or anything alluding to their Sentinel allegiances or anything marking them as Nightblades, the cadre set off to their destination with the help of an SI:7 mage. Everything pointed to this being a mission of utmost secrecy.

Upon arrival, the designated contact greeted the cadre. A gnome known only as Zigzag introduced herself as such, prior speaking of the mission. A cartel run by what was said to be someone known as “The Silver Crow” had been making dodgy trades across Boralus, and missing shipments of supplies to the camps in Stormwind were suspected to have been part of the Cartel’s business. It falls to the Nightblades to investigate this in all secrecy possible.

As night fell, the cadre split up, so to not suggest a band of random elves had just arrived to make life hell for the shady cartels. Spread across the city inns disguised as everything from party goers and alchemists to brawlers and mercenaries, the Nightblades settled in for the first night in foreign lands. Welcome to Boralus.

Part 2: Trade and Treachery

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Telrenya, Uodrieth, Falyra, Annaeya, Daeliya

Mission Report 2 – Boralus, Kul Tiras
Date: 8th of Eludore, 2021

Summary: The first night in Boralus came with much to look into. Having been suggested a myriad of places that might host shady activities by Zigzag, the cadre set out in two different directions. Ashvane docks, and the market at Hook Point. Each group carefully selected so as to not go to a place where they were most likely to blow their cover.

Hook Point market was busy, and the cadre had plenty of things to investigate. Stands with all kinds of goods, all kinds of traders and a market auction house that hosted several different wares of interest. However – upon closer inspection, some of those goods seemed more familiar than others might have. As the cadre made its way through the market, it became increasingly clear that the stalls were stocked with goods of clear kaldorei origin. Both foods and trade goods best belonging in Kalimdor decorated the stands of the traders present. Most however, did not seem to know precisely what they were selling, or from where it was sourced. Not even the auction house that stocked more precious goods was free of what could only be stolen kaldorei goods. Without blowing their cover, the Nightblades at Hook Point were given plenty to look into, and plenty of clues suggesting that there was more to the trades and the flow of wares than what perhaps seemed obvious from a first glance.

As for the other group, the cover was a lot more fragile past their actions at the Ashvane docks. Initially infiltrating through some questionable flirting, the group managed to find traces of the eluded kaldorei goods. The Ashvane docks were a recipient of such, and the dockmaster and crew being responsible for rebranding it. The shady looking part of the Nightblades did a fair effort to lay low, all until a captive saber arrived with one ship. With caution all out the window, the saber was subsequently released upon the docks and hills, and chaos ensued. It was within a slim frame of time that the Nightblades managed to escape the scene – but not without the guard patrols in the area increasing around the docks. One crucial point of information had however been retrieved – there was talk about something referred to as “The Trade”, a deal of seemingly utmost importance for The Silver Crow cartel. However – words were now also spreading about an incursion into the docks. Could this be detrimental to the mission?

Part 3: The First Rule of Cartel Club...

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM), Telariel (DM), Telrenya, Uodrieth, Annaeya

Mission Report 3 – Boralus, Kul Tiras
Date: 10th of Eludore, 2021

Summary: After Uodrieth having done some idle investigations after arriving in Boralus, rumours had spread amongst the shady looking people around Hook Point. Word on the street had it known that there would be some kind of bigger fight night happening in the rundown quarters of the area past the more pleasantly looking market streets. The Nightblades were not late to investigate.

Approaching the fighting pits was not all too difficult, but the difficulty came with the surprisingly large crowd. Passing the bouncer with some minor effort put the Nightblades in the midst of what could only be described as half a drinking fest, half a fighting pit. Brawlers and bookmakers, patrons and traders mixed in equal parts, it seemed like all the shady people of Boralus had gathered in one point alone. As the group’s attention was instantly divided between a black market auction and the actual fights themselves, the Nightblades swiftly intermingled with the crowd, in order to go undetected.

Whilst some investigated the black market auction house, Thylendra “The Raven” and Uodrieth “Dancer” were surprisingly quick to stir fights – all which they won. Perhaps unsurprisingly so, should be said. Followed by Aariam “Four-Blades”, they quickly made their way into the innards of the fighting pit – The Cartel Club, where the real fights took place. Signing up with a bookmaker, Raven and Dancer were soon in to take place in proper brawls. Meanwhile outside, Kathene, Telariel, Telrenya and Annaeya had ventured to look deeper into the black market auctioning that took place. Much to the trios horror, a gathering of saber cubs were being auctioned off, nothing that a sentinel could stand for! Through some clever machinations, the trio acquired the saber cubs, all to get them to safety.

Uodrieth, also known as Dancer, did however have a rather different night. So did Thylendra – The Raven. After some very uneven fights where both of them ended up beating up their respective assigned enemies – all whilst cartel recruiters watching them. Eventually, Uodrieth ended up getting recruited. Whether she knew about this or not is anyone’s guess…

Leaving the pits behind, the cadre had learned some important information. Between fights and conversations between patrons, whispers about a Thatcher Crowley, the Silver Crow had been heard. And that they had a very big part in what was still known as The Trade, seemingly a big trade deal to be made in just a few nights…

Part 4: A Place of Interest

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Ialluen (DM, Thatcher Crowley), Telariel (DM, Lady Crowley), Thylendra, Uodrieth, Falyra, Annaeya

Mission Report 4 – Boralus, Kul Tiras
Date: 13th of Eludore, 2021

Summary: After having picked up on the rumour that a Gala held by a Lady Crowley would take place, the Nightblades decided to investigate as much – especially since Captain Wildstar’s alter ego had been personally invited. As the cadre kitted themselves out in fancy attire, upstate hairdos and new personas, few knew precisely how much of a night was about to be had.

It was a lavish estate that greeted the cadre as they arrived – but not only that. The host couple themselves, the Crowleys in person, were there to greet their guests. With many a guest arriving, there was little time to take a closer look at the host couple, before the cadre were ushered inwards.With both drinks and food on offer, the gathered crowd were sure to be treated to a most exquisite night, one starting with a speech from none other than Lady Crowley herself. Just as the gathering was about to commence proper, Uodrieth however, was very discreetly ushered away by the guards – with a blade to her back and a suggestion to stay very very quiet.

It turned out that her performance in the pits had not gone anyone by, least of all the Silver Crow himself. Thatcher Crowley, leader of the Cartel, greeted Uodrieth with a thousand questions. Who she was, if she was a spy, what her business was, and more. Expertly navigating the conversation, Uodrieth managed to turn the considerable disadvantage to the opposite, as she was recruited by the Silver Crow to be part of his guard in The Trade negotiations that were to take place two nights later. After promising to be present, Uodrieth was ushered back to the party – all whilst being kept under the guardsmen’s watchful eye for the rest of the night.

In the meantime the night had continued, all in which the various Nightblades made certain progress in talking to both guests and the hostess herself. Things took a turn for the darker when Aariam made a gruesome discovery, as a kaldorei servant walked up to her. In a conversation kept brief so to go unnoticed, the servant revealed that the Crowleys took Kaldorei indentured servants from refugees who sought passage back to Kalimdor from Stormwind, but failed to pay the needlessly large sums that the Crowleys came to demand as pay for their services. With this new, horrifying information, the focus of the cadre rapidly shifted.

After exhausting many options, the last hope stood to Kathene, who in disguise managed to convince Lady Crowley to loan her the five Kaldorei servants indentured at her estate. As the Lady agreed, the Nightblades made short business of leaving, returning back to the safehouse with five of kin in tow. Having learned the horrid truth of not only the true nature of Lady Crowley ,the identity of the Silver Crow, but also of the trade operations of the Cartel, the ultimate goal was now more clear than ever. The Nightblades had to infiltrate and disrupt the trade agreement meant to happen in two nights. Goddess knows what consequences could follow for those of kin otherwise…

Part 5: Assassination Affairs

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM, Thatcher Crowley), Telariel (DM, Zigzag), Uodrieth, Telrenya, Falyra

Mission Report 5 – Boralus, Kul Tiras
Date: 15th of Eludore, 2021

Summary: The night of the Trade had arrived, and the Nightblades had but one plan – to disrupt the Silver Crow Cartel’s plans, and to make sure to get enough evidence of the Silver Crow’s business. Thatcher Crowley and Lady Elethea Crowley had in utmost secrecy built a trade empire around their Cartel. A trade empire built on stolen goods and dishonest business – much of it pilfered from the Kaldorei.

Together with the SI:7 operative assigned to their mission, Zigzag, the cadre made their way through the back of the Proudmoore Admirality academy where The Trade was to take place. All following the guidance of Uodrieth, who had on the request of the Crow himself joined the gathering as his security detail. Little did he know that the kin of the security of his was on their way through to disrupt The Trade. So to make sure to have enough evidence before the inevitable standoff, the Nightblades, now disguised as misc corsairs and pirates, decided to raid a nearby library for ledgers and information on the Cartel’s business. Now, only witnessing the Trade remained!

Sneaking in proved to be no chore for the sentinels, but listening in to the trade did. Progress was at least being made. This changed rapidly, as they heard The Silver Crow speak to another pirate captain present where he offered no one other than Uodrieth herself as part of a deal – all in an attempt to sweeten it for his business partner! In a daring move by Aariam, the Huntress rushed into the middle of the discussions, claiming to be Four-blades, a captain of a ship with it’s own crew, willing to partake in the trade – all to disrupt the agreement, and potentially save a sister from a fate as trade goods. As tensions were already high, a fight broke out. It was short-lived, lasting only until suddenly, the Nightblades’ ally – Zigzag, stepped in. In a horrifying turn of events, the assumed SI:7 agent turned around, betraying the Nightblades, as she outed them as spies, seeking to disrupt the trade. In a poor position to do anything else, the cadre surrendered, and were subsequently bound and taken prisoner by the crew of the Cartel. Only Telrenya, who cleverly had remained in her flight form, managed to escape the scene. All whilst the corsairs responsible for their kin’s capture vowed to complete The Trade two days later.

Stripped of every sharp object and everything of any value, the seven captured Nightblades found themselves behind bars, and in the hands of the Silver Crow Cartel. With no hope on the horizon, things looked impressively bleak. The night could however still, somehow, get worse. Lady Crowley passing by only to inform them on how the Nightblades were now on the list of trade goods certainly did not make things any better…

Part 6: Breaking Bars and Brigadiers

Participants: Kathene, Aariam, Thylendra, Ialluen (DM, Thatcher Crowley), Telariel (DM, Zigzag, Lady Crowley), Telrenya, Uodrieth, Annaeya, Falyra

Mission Report 6 – Boralus, Kul Tiras
Date: 17th of Eludore, 2021

Summary: Time behind bars passed slow, and for the seven captured Nightblades perhaps even more so. Little of value had been learned during their stay, nor had the situation turned to one of a more hopeful nature. As the night of The Trade arrived, nothing had changed – bar Ialluen and Telariel having been dragged out of their cell and roughed up, and the latter tossed into solitary. As things seemed at it’s very darkest, a sudden commotion broke out in the lower levels. Guards dispersed and scattered, and suddenly, a very familiar SI:7 gnome agent arrived – and that in the company of Annaeya and Telrenya, two of the still free deployed Nightblades. As the rest of the cadre was released, they rapidly sought to arm themselves – and this time, to bring the fight to the Cartel directly. No more disguises. No more subterfuge. And most important of all – no mercy shown.

After retrieving a roughed up and very angry Telariel, the cadre began their ascent upwards the prison, aided by Zigzag and her squad of SI:7 agents. All in an attempt to reach the Crowley’s before The Trade deal was struck. On their way upwards, many a corsair was slaughtered in more or less brutal fashion. As many other prisoners were released. The Nightblades’ crusade of murder and mercy continued upwards along the battlements in the pouring rain, blood staining the woodworks red as the liberated sentinels advanced alongside the SI:7. Soon, little remained but the Silver Crow and his Lady.

The sight that met the Nightblades at the top of the prison was a surprising one – The Crowley’s having slaughtered their supposed trade partners rather than striking a deal with them. Then it was all clear – their objective had never been anything else but a total dominion over the sea and it’s trade routes. Be it in agreement, or in eliminating their enemies. The mercy of the kaldorei sentinels was none that should be spared pirates – and thus, a final battle began.

Having shed their feigned identities, it was a cadre armed with fury and blades that took on the Crowleys. With a well aimed slash of a poison laced dagger, Thylendra brought down the Silver Crow himself, whilst Telrenya made the process short of Lady Crowley. The couple were rendered unconscious, kept alive rather than slaughtered off – they had crimes to answer for. Striking a deal with the SI:7, it was decided that The Silver Crow himself should be put in front of Kul-Tiran justice, whilst Lady Crowley in her infinite crimes towards the Kaldorei kind themselves, should face the justice of the latter. Following the couple’s capture, the Silver Crow Cartel was no more, their members either slain or brought to justice. The Nightblades were finally free to return home.

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