Campaign Report – Hunt of the Nightblade

Part 1: Isle of the Watchers

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Míria, Tiola, Maeldris

Mission Report 1 – Isle of the Watchers, Azsuna
Date: 26th of Mennare, 2017

Summary: The trip to the Broken Isles had been long and for the most part uneventful. The ship had gotten caught in a storm right as the Sentinels passed the Maelstrom, but aside from that nothing terribly exciting had happened.

Upon arrival the Sentinels had been assigned tents at the Warden basecamp and were told they would receive further orders in the next evening. The first night and day on the Isle had been plagued by rain, as well as the sounds of howling, shrieking, screaming and roaring…mostly from the demons assaulting the place.

The next evening the Sentinels received their orders: to aid the Wardens in retaking one of the Warden towers that were currently under demon control. The plan was simple; the Wardens would charge up the hill and engage the demons head on, thus creating a distraction, whilst the Nightblades snuck along the coastline to a hidden Warden camp from which they would launch their own assault upon the tower.

The Nightblades’ skills in stealth were put to the test as they made their way along the coastline and twice they had to deal with small groups of demons that blocked their path. But they made it to the warden camp safe and sound.

At the Warden camp they were given hippogryphs so that they could fly up and launch a surprise attack from the air at the wyrmtongue cannoneers stationed at the top of the tower. Once the cannoneers were dealt with it was a simple matter of landing and pushing the fel cannons atop the tower over the edge to be crushed against the rocks below.

The Nightblades executed that part of the plan without any mishaps, but as they were getting ready to leave they were set upon by a felsworn illidari and his minions. After a long battle the demons were finally slain and the Nightblades saw to their wounded and returned back to the Warden camp for a debriefing.

Part 2: Something Smells Fishy...

Participants: Tinwëtar, Valla, Tiola, Elysar, Maeldris

Mission Report 2 – Isle of the Watchers, Azsuna
Date: 30th of Mennare, 2017

Summary: The Wardens had noticed a group of naga sneaking around on the shores very close to the Warden basecamp. The Nightblades were tasked with investigating the intruders. As part of her Sentinel trial Valla Ravenwing was ordered to lead the Sentinels on this mission.

They arrived at the beach and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary at first, but after some investigation the Sentinels found shimmery naga scales and odd tracks that looked like something had been dragged across the sand.
Outrunner Starborne also reported seeing something in the water, too big to be an ordinary fish. But it was too far out to see clearly or to pursue.

The Sentinels followed the tracks inland until they came to a cave atop a hill. The naga were holed up in there and were engaged in a lively debate as the Sentinels snuck closer. From what the Nightblades could glean the naga had been sent to the island to spy on them and to determine if the Sentinels had something that belonged to their Mistress.

Somehow the naga managed to detect the Sentinels’ presence and attacked. After a fight the Sentinels managed to capture one of the naga, but it was swiftly struck down by an errant bolt of lightning that came seemingly out of nowhere.

The Sentinels returned back to camp with new information, but also with many more questions. For her part in the mission Valla Ravenwing passed her Sentinel Trial and was awarded with the rank of Sentinel.

Part 3: The Inquisitorial Squad

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Tiola, Maeldris, Thelfaenya (Naga)

Mission Report 3 – Shackle’s Den, Azsuna
Date: 31st of Mennare, 2017

Summary: The Sentinels and the Wardens headed to the Temple of a Thousand Lights to deal with the demonic infestation there. The Legion had sent a contingent of Inquisitor and Jailor demons to enslave the resident spirits of the Temple to their will. While the Wardens took care of the demons outside the Temple itself, the Nightblades were sent inside to deal with the head Inquisitor.

After a short battle to secure the Temple Antechamber the Sentinels delved into the basement of the Temple where they found the demon leader. The Inquisitor was prepared for their arrival however and the ensuing battle was a difficult one. The Inquisitor was extremely powerful and when it looked like he was, indeed, going to win the Sentinels were brought salvation by a very unlikely saviour…a Naga siren. She slew the Inquisitor, pierced him right through with her trident, before approaching the Sentinels.

It soon became clear that they had just traded one evil for another. The siren demanded that the Nightblades hand over a sword that belonged to her. The Sentinels, having no idea what she was talking about, refused. Believing them to be lying, the siren got angrier and angrier and in the end she decided that she would take the blade from their stiff corpses if she had to.

The Naga released a mighty whirlwind in the Temple basement in an effort to capture the Sentinels or kill them, but the wind was too strong and it destroyed some of the foundation pillars of the Temple. With the Temple crumbling around them, and with the naga calling for their blood, the Sentinels were forced to flee.

They fought their way to the surface, battling both naga and demons as they went. Eventually the naga were trapped behind some falling debris and the Sentinels could make it safely to the surface. There they met up with the Warden Captain who directed them to a safe campsite nearby where they could rest and see to their wounds.

Part 4: Camping is Serious Business

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Míria, Valla, Tiola, Maeldris, Thelfaenya (Naga)

Mission Report 4 – Garden of Elune, Azsuna
Date: 2nd of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: An evening of rest in camp turned into a nightmare when the Naga attacked the Nightblade camp. It began with light rain fall and escalated into a lightning storm. The Naga siren had survived the crumbling temple and was once again demanding that the Nightblades hand over her heirloom. She still refused to believe them when they said that they did not know what she was talking about.

The Naga had her sea witches surround the camp and contain the Nightblades within with the storm. When the blade was not handed over, she decided to call up a giant wave from the depths to drown the elves and take the blade from their corpses. Luckily, the Nightblades managed to cut down a few of the sea witches and thus breaking their hold on the lightning storm and allowing the Nightblades to escape.

The Sentinels fled inland, where the naga could not follow, and happened upon the ruins of the Garden of Elune. They decided to make camp there for the night, and after scouting the ruins they found a scroll with the sigil of the Sentinels, pointing them towards the Sentinel archives. Perhaps the Nightblades could find some information in the archives, either regarding the blade the naga was after, or about something else that would allow them to fight either the naga hunting them or the Legion.

Part 5: Among Books and Scrolls

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Míria, Valla, Tiola, Maeldris, Talena

Mission Report 5 – Sentinel Archives, Azsuna
Date: 5th of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: The scroll the Sentinels found at the Garden of Elune bore the seal of the Sentinel Archives of old. The Archives were known to contain vast knowledge about the lands before the Sundering, as well as hold information about the lineages of the army commanders of old as well as records of their heirlooms. The Nightblades decided that a small detour to the archives might be worth it, in case they contained information that might help them deal with the Legion or the Naga hunting them.

From what Tinwëtar remembered the archives were located in a city nearby – today a crumbling ruin. However, upon arrival it was impossible to tell which building housed the archives at first glance. The Sentinels divided into groups and began their search. They found old traps that were no longer operational, as well as a number that still were. Eventually they found a riddle within a hidden compartment at the base of a shrine to Elune, the riddle pointing them in the right direction.

Once they found the building that contained the archives they were faced with yet another puzzle to solve. There were a vast number of shelves and some of the symbols labelling them had long since shattered or crumbled. With the help of an old index carved into a stone tablet the Sentinels managed to solve the mystery of which shelf was said to contain knowledge about the Nightblades and there they found a scroll detailing the escapades of the first Nightblade Commander, Vesaria.

She was a Highborne noble who was full of herself and her position. Power hungry like most highborne and with a constant need to show off that power she comissioned a blade to be made, a blade fit for her station as Commander. The ceremonial blade was said to be very beautiful and costly, but apart from that it had no special properties. After the sundering and the exile of the Highborne the Sentinels left the blade safely stowed away in their old vaults below Falanaar, having no need for it since their Commander had disappeared along with the rest of the Highborne.

Part 6: On the Road Again

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Maeldris, Mythalaes (guest), Thelfaenya (Naga)

Mission Report 6 – The Greenway, Azsuna
Date: 7th of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: Due to the Naga’s relentless pursuit the Sentinels decided to split up while heading for Felblaze Ingress. The Commander and the Captain would take a small group and act as a decoy to draw the attention of the naga, while the rest of the Sentinels headed to their rendevouz point in the Greenway by the means of stealth.

The plan worked flawlessly in the sense that the naga did indeed ambush the Commander and her group on the road. A large group of myrmidons as well as a naga brute blocked them in and the Sentinels had to fight for their lives to get free. Mythalaes Starblade, a warrior that happened to pass by just as the Sentinels were ambushed, decided to lend his aid and help the Sentinels escape the naga.

Once they finally managed to fell the gigantic brute several more appeared, with another host of naga in tow, as well as Lady Vesaria herself. Faced with overwhelming odds once again the Sentinels decided that a tactical retreat was in order. Together with Mythalaes the Sentinels retreated inland to where the naga could not follow and eventually made it to the camp the rest of the Nightblades had prepared.

Both the Commander and the Captain were severely wounded in the fight and the Sentinels had to act quickly to save them both. In the end, both the Commander and the Captain were patched up, but will need a few days of rest to regain their strength and health.

Part 7: Felblaze Ingress

Participants: Tinwëtar, Míria, Valla, Tiola, Maeldris, Mythalaes (guest), Tahlayra (guest)

Mission Report 7 – Roadside Camp, Suramar
Date: 9th of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: Aroki Windsweeper and Tahlayra Valestalker had managed to capture a naga without alerting Lady Vesaria. The Sentinels questioned it at length, learning that the siren was lying in wait for them at Felblaze Ingress. They also learned that the Lady would hire mercenaries if the Sentinels moved further inland and continued to evade her grasp. The naga prisoner also revealed that Lady Vesaria’s magical shield, that protected her against any attack, was being maintained by three of Lady Vesaria’s handmaidens. To deal with Lady Vesaria, the Sentinels would have to take care of the handmaidens first.

After disposing of the prisoner, the Nightblades and their allies devised a plan to hopefully take care of the handmaidens. They would lure Lady Vesaria to Felblaze Ingress, using the moonstone to talk about how the blade she sought was buried there. With a bit of luck, the naga would be so preoccupied with fighting the naga that they would not keep a too close eye on Lady Vesaria’s handmaidens.

After a few initial misstakes the Sentinels managed to kill one of the handmaidens and wound the other two. Lady Vesaria then retreated, promising the Sentinels that their fight was nowhere near over…

With the naga having taken care of the demons at Felblaze, the Nightblades’ official mission was now at an end. It was decided that they would go to Falanaar in Suramar, to seek out the Nightblade and deal with Lady Vesaria once and for all.

Part 8: Small Explosions

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Tiola, Elysar, Maeldris, Aroki (guest), Tahlayra (guest), Thelfaenya (Tinyblast)

Mission Report 8 – Irongrove Retreat, Suramar
Date: 12th of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: As the Nightblades and their allies made their way towards Falanaar they encountered a very badly set up ambush. The mastermind behind it was the goblin they met back in Stonetalon many moons ago, Fizzle Tinyblast! Tinyblast had been hired by Lady Vesaria to take out the Sentinels, a job he had readily accepted…since the goblin hungered for revenge! Tinyblast had also brought several hired goons and cronies with him to help him with his dirty work.

The Sentinels dealt swiftly with Tinyblast’s goons, leaving only Tinyblast himself and his mecha suit. The mecha suit seemed almost impenetrable at first, but after the Sentinels figured out that they could lure Tinyblast’s boombots to explode close to the mecha suit to damage it, the fight became a breeze.

However, at the last minute Tinyblast ejected himself from the suit, soaring high above the tree tops with the help of his trusty jetpak. The GREAT Fizzle Tinyblast escaped once again…

Part 9: Induction Ceremony

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Tiola, Maeldris, Sellande

Mission Report 9 – Irongrove Retreat, Suramar
Date: 14th of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: Having arrived at Irongrove Retreat, just outside the ruins of Falanaar, the Sentinels had a few days of rest and relative peace. They took the opportunity to welcome a new recruit into their midst; Sellande, a druid who had been sent by the Circle and who was also hunting Lady Vesaria.

They also took an evening to properly induct Maeldris Starchaser into the Nightblade unit, following the ceremony with a small celebration and good food.

Part 10: Into the Catacombs

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Tiola, Maeldris, Sellande, Aroki (guest), Tahlayra (guest), Mythalaes (guest)

Mission Report 10 – Temple of Fal’adora, Suramar
Date: 15th of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: The time had finally come to begin the search for the Sentinel vaults beneath Falanaar. The ruined city was a vast place, and wicked spider creatures and other evils had taken up residence within the tunnels, so the Sentinels had to conduct their search carefully. After a small discussion it was decided that the most logical place to begin the search would be in the Temple of Fal’adora, since the Sentinels have always been a part of the Sisterhood of Elune after all.

The Temple was one of the few structures left intact after the Sundering, but active worship had ceased many millennia past. The floor was covered in dust and there were spiderwebs in every nook and cranny. There was almost something…sad…about the abandoned Temple.

The Sentinels and their allies began their search, soon enough finding a corridor with two massive stone doors blocking either end. After some careful searching they found a moontraced symbol of the Nightblades and the Sentinels on the eastern door. Tinwëtar used her divine powers to reveal a set of runes on the door that spelled out a riddle: “Only a Nightblade favoured by Elune will speak the phrase reveal the path” Tiola eventually came up with the answer: to speak ‘reveal the path’ over the runestone, and the door to the vault was opened.

In the vault the Sentinels were faced with yet another riddle. The middle of the room held four pedestals, each with a figurine on top: a bear, a saber, an owl and a serpent. In the outer ring of the room they found two sentinel statues and at the foot of each statue were three offerings. The western statue had a highborne telescope, a healing salve and a bow. The eastern statue had a shield, a glaive and a crescent moon. They also found another moonlight rune that revealed a clue to the riddle: “The figurines are the lock, the tokens are the keys. The nightblade belongs to the sentinels who know Elune’s wisdom”

The Sentinels had to match the correct token to the right statue, (shield = bear, glaive = saber, telescope = owl and healing salve = serpent) and that opened another chamber that held the Nightblade, Lady Vesaria’s sword.

But at that moment the western wall exploded and revealed the surviving goons of Fizzle Tinyblast. They were after the blade as well. After a relatively short fight the Sentinels dispatched of the goblins and could finally claim the blade.

Upon arriving back at camp, however, the Sentinels discovered that Lady Vesaria had been there. She had flooded the campsite and taken the civilians hostage.

Part 11: The Nightblade

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Míria, Valla, Tiola, Maeldris, Sellande, Thelfaenya (Lady Vesaria)

Mission Report 11 – Lorlathil, Val’sharah
Date: 16th of Kaldore, 2017

Summary: With the civilians taken hostage the Nightblades had to act quickly. Melaniel reported that the naga had the civilians in cages down by the beach, waiting for the tide to come in and drown them. It was decided that the Sentinels would contact Lady Vesaria over the Elunestone and ask her to trade the civilians for the Nightblade. Tinwëtar would take one group of Sentinels to meet with Lady Vesaria, to negotiate with her as a distraction, while Melaniel would take a second group to free the prisoners while the naga were occupied with the Commander.

The first step of the plan worked flawlessly. Lady Vesaria’s greed for the blade played right into their hands and she agreed to the trade. Once the Sentinels arrived on the beach it became clear, however, that the naga would not hand over any prisoners until the blade was in her hands. Likewise, the Sentinels would not hand over the blade until the hostages were delivered to them. Eventually Lady Vesaria grew frustrated enough to call up a whirlwind that ripped the blade out of Tinwëtar’s hands.

While Tinwëtar’s group engaged into a fight with Vesaria, Melaniel’s group snuck around and freed the prisoners from their cages. They also managed to execute the remaining two handmaidens without too much trouble, and in doing so rendering Lady Vesaria vulnerable…finally!

But even if her shield was gone, the naga siren was still dangerous. As a powerful sorceress in her own right, she had storms and tsunamis at her beck and call, and she used them to her advantage. The Nightblade, however, had not been created to withstand such mighty magic, and eventually shattered under the constant strain. Lady Vesaria became absolutely livid, claiming that the Sentinels had brought her a fake blade. She called up a gigantic lightning storm all around the beach; tossing anyone caught in it up in the air, only to bring them crashing down to their deaths seconds after.

The fight with the siren was long, and the naga threw everything she had at the Sentinels, but eventually, under the combined might of all the Nightblades, Lady Vesaria was finally slain. The Sentinels retrieved the rogue Elunestone, as well as what was left of the Nightblade: the hilt, the moonstones set into it cracked and chipped.

As the storm died down, the Nightblades could see that druids from the circle of Val’sharah had arrived to take both them, and the hostages, to safety. The threat of Lady Vesaria and her naga was finally over.

This marks the end of the “Hunt of the Nightblade” campaign.

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