Year 6

⸰☽ Campaigns ☾⸰

July 2021 - June 2022

28. Vengeful Embers

With Darkshore’s war finally at an end, the efforts to reclaim the forest had begun. But the scars upon the land and its people ran deep, and the Nightblades would be called on a hunt under the dark moonlight that would test what lay within each of them.

Written and DMed by Kathene

29. Sentinel September

As the nights grow darker anew, Ashenvale calls for long term reinforcement in tandem with aiding the kaldorei to resettle their home woods. The Nightblades are deployed to Astranaar, seeking to establish a foothold and routine with the population there, as well as train, scout and go on mission – side by side with the locals of Ashenvale.

Written and DMed by Ialluen, Kathene, Aariam, Tinwëtar and Telderan

30. Loyal to the End

The war has passed, yet there is no rest to be had for Kalimdor and the Kaldorei. Past strife, war, and conflict, there must eventually be a renewal. Regrowth. But when trouble stirs in places that are yet to blossom anew, a clarion call to action rises from the northenmost regions of Kalimdor – once more, regrowth will have to stand aside in favour of ruin. A call to the Kaldorei to gather and rise in face of their adversary anew. The time has come to bring ruin to those loyal to the end.

Written and DMed by Ialluen and Telariel. Co-DMed by Tinwëtar and Kathene

31. Reclaiming Stars

With forces in the east on the rise, the time has come for the Sentinel Army to return home to reinforce and strengthen the Kaldorei heartlands anew. But as one cadre goes missing, one cadre has to undertake a difficult mission to find their lost sisters. In lands far away, way past enemy lines, The Nightblades are sent to find and rescue The Starfall Sentinels. Time is short. And should they fail – it will be not only a difficult mission, but also their last…

Written and DMed by Ialluen and Telariel

32. Mountain Eater

Reports of a supposed Horde warband moving into Stonetalon have reached the Sentinels. High Command sends the Nightblades in to investigate, and once the Sentinels arrive in Stonetalon they find themselves in the middle of a siege.

Written and DMed by Aariam and Uodrieth