Year 5

⸰☽ Campaigns ☾⸰

July 2020 - June 2021

22. A Chilling Cadence

Something stirs where it seems it shouldn’t, rumours of something that should not be spreading. As the grip of the void has loosened, in a time where calamity should have given way for peace, a call for aid from Ashenvale reaches Feathermoon. The Nightblades are not slow to answer.

Written and DMed by Ialluen

23. From the Ashes

In the wake of Teldrassil’s destruction, the kaldorei took refuge within Stormwind City. Despite having lost everything, they have done the best they can with the new piece of land they have been given. But unrest stirs within the city. Someone clearly wants the kaldorei gone in order to claim the land they hold as their own…

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar, Kathene and Aariam

24. Death Rising

With the Helm of Domination broken, the scourge are running rampant across the world. A call is sent out to the Nightblades from Nijel’s Point in Desolace. They are being besieged by the undead and in dire need of rescue. But things are even worse than they seem at first glance and the Nightblades race against time to save everyone.

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar, Kathene and Aariam

25. Mists of the Banished

A call for aid reaches Feathermoon Stronghold, as the coastlines Val’sharah and Azsuna are suddenly wrapped in dense mists – mists that seems to harbour nothing less than kvaldir forces raiding the local settlements. The Nigbtlades’s course leads them east from Kalimdor, crossing the seas to usher the undead corsairs back to the dead.

Written and DMed by Ialluen and Telariel

26. Sentinels and Swindlers

A letter reaches the Nightblades, which much to their grand surprise leads them straight into the heart of allied territory. A mission that must not be known to neither the public, nor the authorities at the designated destination – Kul-Tiras. As shipments to the Stormwind refugee camps seem to have gone astray, the cadre sets out aside the SI:7, where the maritime city of Boralus proves to offer more struggle than the Nightblades bargained for…

Written and DMed by Ialluen and Telariel

27. A Nightmare of Death

The Nightblades are called to Mount Hyjal to meet with their High Command contact, Grand Priestess Stormglaive. A routine inspection, or so it is presented. On the way to Mount Hyjal, however, the Nightblades are caught in a terrible storm and are forced to land somewhere in Ashenvale. The storm keeps them grounded and prevents them from leaving and continuing their journey. Is this storm natural, or is there something else behind it?

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar, Kathene and Aariam