Year 4

⸰☽ Campaigns ☾⸰

July 2019 - June 2020

16. Vale of Shadows

Over the past six months people have been disappearing all over Val’Sharah without a trace. Until recently the disappearances were few and far between and were blamed on the victims running afoul of Horde scouting parties, mischievous forest spirits or wild animals. The Nightblades are asked to help investigate the matter and uncover the source of the disappearances.

Written and DMed by Telariel and Maracyn

17. Dance of the Drowned

After an aeon submerged beneath the lightless ocean, the ancient Kaldorei capital of Zin-Azshari was once more exposed to the light of the moon. Guided by a Highborne mage, the Nightblades were sent to recover an ancient relic within a sealed temple in the depths of the ruins, while a rare meeting of the two moons loomed in the sky above. On this mission, nothing and nobody were as they seemed…

Written and DMed by Kathene and Aariam

18. Upon Tainted Ground

A recent attempt to establish a proper foothold within Gilneas has taken a turn for the worse. Forsaken still loyal to the Banshee Queen have unleashed a new plague upon Alliance forces stationed in the ruined land and the death toll is climbing. The Nightblades have been requested to investigate and lend aid in whatever way they can and if possible, stop whoever, or whatever, is responsible for creating this new malady.

Written and DMed by Telariel and Telderan

19. Call of the Black Moon

The Nightblades go to Mount Hyjal to answer the call of the Army of the Black Moon. They receive a report that the followers of the Banshee Queen are planning to disrupt the Lunar Festival in Moonglade and the Sentinels are tasked with rooting out the infiltrators and stop their plan. The mission will lead the Sentinels on a “merry” chase all across Kalimdor…

Written and DMed by Tinwëtar, Ialluen and Aariam

20. The Reach of N’zoth

A dark presence looms over Winterspring, a terrifying embrace of the forgotten ones that mercilessly taints the denizens of the north indiscriminately. As the wintery woods are devoured by the void at a terrifying pace, The Nightblades stands to protect the last bastion of light in a land where it is failing, and cull the very reach of the void – before it is too late.

Written and DMed by Kathene and Telderan

21. Raise What Lies Beneath

An old foe reveals themselves once again, and the lives of two Nightblades are on the line as the cult of the void creature known as Nyx’Xeraas abduct Maracyn and Telariel. The Nightblades are in a race against time to rescue the two acolytes before the cultists can go through with their nefarious schemes, whatever they may be. And if that was not bad enough, the curse that has been afflicting the pair seeks to claim them ultimately. Will the Nightblades be able to save them in both body and soul? Or will the servants of the void claim two more souls for their dark masters?

Written and DMed by Telariel and Maracyn