Campaign Report – Reclaiming Stars


With forces in the east on the rise, the time has come for the Sentinel Army to return home to reinforce and strengthen the Kaldorei heartlands anew. But as one cadre goes missing, one cadre has to undertake a difficult mission to find their lost sisters. In lands far away, way past enemy lines, The Nightblades are sent to find and rescue The Starfall Sentinels. Time is short. And should they fail – it will be not only a difficult mission, but also their last…

Part 1: An Unexpected Arrival

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker (DM), Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telderan Swiftlance, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Telrenya, Aesa Seagazer (Guest), Thyreena Silverstrike (Guest)

Mission Report 1 – Silverwing Outpost, Ashenvale
Date: 12th of Xallvar, 2022

Summary: The peace and quiet in Ashenvale was disturbed by the arrival of Ash’ana Duskstar – a watcher passing through with the added responsibility of handing a mission to the Nightblades – a mission of dire importance and utmost urgency.

Ash’ana explained that upon cadres to the Sentinel army having been recalled to the homelands of Kalimdor, a ship from Val’sharah carrying one of them, the Starfall Sentinels, had gone missing in a storm. The nature of the news grew all the more troubling, as it turned out as the ship had later been found shipwrecked upon the desolate coasts of Vol’dun – an arid desert on Zandalar. The mission statement was simple as such. It fell to the Nightblades to find and retrieve the Starfall sentinels alive. But this mission was of no normal nature as such. Skirmishes into the lands of the enemy was no small undertaking. Thus, Ash’ana explained, were the Nightblades go missing in the wilds of Zandalar – none would come for them.

Later on in the night, a mage arrives at the outpost, sent by Ash’ana to teleport the cadre to their destination the following night. She brings with her several maps of Zandalar, along with the manifest for the ship the Starfall Sentinels were on as well as information on the cadre itself. The most recent maps show all Alliance outposts on Zuldazar have been abandoned in accordance with the peace treaty with the Horde.

The Lunatide was a transport ship, and the ship’s crew, the Starfall Sentinels and their saber companions were the only “cargo”. The shipping manifest mentions there being enough supplies aboard for the occupants to survive for roughly a month at sea, but how much of that would have survived being shipwrecked is anyone’s guess.

The Starfall Sentinels are a small nightsaber orientated cadre focusing on shock tactics and skirmishing. When the High Priestess gave the order to the Sentinel Army to disperse and search for the Banshee Queen the Starfall were sent along with their sister cadre the Moonfall Sentinels to the Broken Isles. Since the “end” of the war they have been scouting every inch of the Broken Isles for traces of the Banshee or any lingering Horde forces loyal to her before being recalled. They are led by Captain Relrynn Mistblade, a veteran of the Shifting Sands, with Liana Silverbrook as her second in command, also a veteran of the Shifting Sands. The rest of the 15 strong cadre, and their saber companions, are made up of younger Sentinels.

The full list of Sentinels is as follows:
Captain Relrynn Mistblade
Huntress Liana Silverbrook
Huntress Cidri Bladeweaver
Priestess Amala Raindancer
Sentinel Nylea Stormheart
Sentinel Eleya Duskvale
Sentinel Nikara Duskwing
Sentinel Liharis Willowshade
Sentinel Velwyn Nightwalker
Sentinel Lanaya Mistmoon
Sentinel Mathari Ashthorn
Sentinel Kahris Ravengloam
Outrunner Naimira Starfen
Outrunner Enra Blackwing
Outrunner Rilanna Lunagrove

Part 2: Scorching Sands

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker (DM), Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telderan Swiftlance, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Telrenya, Aesa Seagazer (Guest), Thyreena Silverstrike (Guest)

Mission Report 2 – Cave, Vol’dun
Date: 13th of Xallvar, 2022

Summary: A well prepared cadre of sentinels gathered in Silverwing outpost, brushing over the last details before being teleported to an old Alliance outpost in Vol’dun. A ruin gone stronghold gone ruin anew as treaties expelled the foreign presence from the continent. A leyline anchor remained however, facilitating the arrival of the black and teal clad sentinels. To return the same way however, would not happen.

As the sentinels arrived, they rapidly sought to scour the desolate coastline, following it south in search of the wreck of the Lunatide, and hopefully any signs or traces of the Starfall sentinels. In their place were only a band of Sethraki scavangers, and the Commander and a few more Nightblades set out to try to break any kind of diplomatic conversation betwixt the parts. As the rest of the cadre remained hidden, watching over the conversation, the small party sought to converse and discuss with the scavengers – conversations that rapidly broke down into an exchange of the more armed variety. As spears was wielded in the defence of the wreck and treasure on one hand, bowstrings and glaives were drawn in response, and the imminent defeat of the scavengers were near instant. Two were held briefly captive and crudely interrogated by the sentinels through their dying breaths, but little information surfaced there of. The Starfall sentinels seemed to have departed the wreck long before the scavengers had arrived.

Despite little of worth came from the interactions, all the more came from the investigations of a seasoned sailor amidst the Nightblades. Aesa Seagazer’s keen eyes upon the wreck found a carved symbol, a crude depiction of a sentinel’s insignia hastily cut into some of the woodworks of the former ship. With a brief two-worded description to follow, the cadre left the wreck behind to find a small creek, leading inwards the land and away from the coast. As it turned out, the Starfall sentinels were no strangers to harsh situations – they left a trail to follow. A trail of crude-cut insignias upon wood, pillar and rocks alike. One that the Nightblades were not late to follow.

The brief sliver of hope upon finding the trail rapidly dissipated, as the cadre came across a rapidly cast grave, marking the final resting place of the crew of the Lunartide, and Captain Relaryn Mistblade herself. As the Nightblades found a campsite before the rise of the scorching sun was to arrive, it was with the knowledge that only fourteen of the fifteen missing sentinels were still alive. And the time, nor the location, was not in their favour.

Intermission - Trailing the Riverbed

The hunt was none that should be prolonged for any extended time, and a small cluster of Nightblades set out to push ahead in search of more trails left behind by the Starfall sentinels. As the tiny group sought to pick up the trail from last night by the riverbed, it was done in a most careful way, as the bridges above it saw a lot more traffic than the night prior. Weaving between the shadows cast by the cliffs and bridges alike, Sheradel Shadowclaw and Talasandra Starsinger conducted minor miracles in tracking, as they picked up several more signs of the path of the Starfall Sentinels. A path that led them all along the riverbed past it dried up, and up into dramatic and barren cliffs towards the south.

After a brief moment of imminent discovery by the locals being eluded, the group was joined by Aesa Seagazer, whom added her own tracking skills and reasoning to follow the trail further into the sharp and jagged cliffs. And soon enough, the thought of the Starfall sentinels became apparent – a sight of the end of the cliffs and crevices, the unforgiving nature around them framing the view by shaping it’s own little valley. And ahead of the scouting group – mountains. Verdant, green mountains reaching towards the skies. Rain clouds framed the distant peaks, trees littering the steep sides. A distant promise of survival, perhaps.

The crude cliff sides thinned out as they gave way to more open scenery. And with them gone, so was the protection from the wind from the sea, from prying eyes, and from unwanted company. The mountains remained in the distance – and between the Nightblades and them, between the sentinels and where a sliver of hope for the Starfall sentinels could be found – dunes and ruins. Populated ruins.

Not wishing to push onwards from such at that, the tiny group settled upon a shady cliff away from anything resembling a path, awaiting the arrival of the rest of the cadre.

Part 3: Path of the Exiled

Participants: Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker (DM), Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telderan Swiftlance, Alylia Oathkeeper, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Telrenya, Aesa Seagazer (Guest), Thyreena Silverstrike (Guest)

Mission Report 3 – Sentinel Campsite, Vol’dun
Date: 15th of Xallvar, 2022

Summary: With the bulk of the craggy regions behind them, the Nightblades turned their gaze towards the verdant mountains ahead – and even more so, the dunes, sands and ruins in between them. For all that one could guess, it most surely looked like the Starfall Sentinels had tracked through the ruins ahead. The Nightblades were not late to follow in their assumed track.

As soon as the cadre set out in the soft dunes, a rather visible gathering of buzzards were seen further ahead and above. As the resident druid Telrenya were sent to scout, it quickly became apparent that they were there for a reason. Carrion birds for carrion feeding. With the birds more than eager to protect their prey, the cadre was forced to intervene for the owl form druid of theirs to not become food for the predatory birds. Past the avian slaughter, it became apparent to why they were there, as a score of slain trolls were found. Sadly – together with a deceased sentinel and her saber companion. Enra Darkwing, Outrunner of the Starfall sentinels, met her end in the ever-changing sands of Vol’dun. To what, the Nightblades could only guess. After a rudimentary burial, the sentinels were forced to push onwards.

Sneaking past a vulpera caravan proved an easy task when heading towards the mountains, but in the last stretch of the road undertaken, Sheradel Shadowclaw and Thyreena Silverstrike were seized by exiled Zandalari raiders, the latter after having separated herself from the cadre, and the former out of sheer misfortune. After some distracting negotiation on behalf of the Huntress Nightborne herself, both the resident outrunner and the wishful trialist were freed from their potential demise as the cadre executed a rapidly strung together plan to save them. The troll captors met a bloody end on behalf of Thylendra Rosesky’s daggers and Aesa Seagazer’s arrow – as so many before them. As battle broke out between the remaining exiled and the Nightblades, the latter made a short process out of the former before rapidly escaping up into the craggy hills past the dunes, leaving the trolls to stain the sands beneath them with blood spilled.

Luckily for the Nightblades, the trail had not run cold, and post battle, they found themselves settled in nothing but the former campsite of the cadre they were giving chase – with trails of the Starfall Sentinels increasingly fresh, it seemed like the Nightblades were making good time. Question was only for how long they could keep up the pace…

Intermission - Fight or Flight

With an impressive view of the valley beneath where the Exile’s enclave lay nestled between the dunes of Vol’dun, it was not without a certain unease that the Nightblades contemplated their current and the Starfall Sentinels’ former campsite. Their concerns about the location were sooner rather than later confirmed, as the sound of rapidly approaching exiled Zandalari were heard in the distance. The Nightblades were left with little choice but to uproot their camp and whatever they brought and run.

The paths through the easternmost parts of Vol’dun made for a maze of pathways, criss-crossing through the jagged and craggy slopes. Crossing a natural bridge at a pace proved to be an ordeal not bereft of strife, as a javelin flew right past Alylia Oathkeeper. Down below were another party of Zandalari exiled, seemingly unkeen to find the intruding Kaldorei and to make the encounter a bloody one. Perhaps an effort to avenge their own fallen? The interaction spurred Uodrieth Rosedancer to drop some of their supplies in favour of mobility and an arrow shot in response, before the cadre upped their pace through the cliffs.

After a few sharp turns, the Nightblades found themselves at a dead end, and with no hope of having outrun the exiled, the cadre took to hiding. Breaths held as those in teal and black shadowmelded amidst the narrow crevaces, all whilst the Zandalari trolls scouted the small area. The shadows favoured those nocturnal, and after a few moments, the score of trolls set off back amidst the pathways and hills. Slipping from the shadows to catch their breath, the Nightblades figured that staying was not an option, and pushed onwards.

Trailing along the mountain side, the cadre eventually found themselves stood in front of a narrow pass cutting through the mountain. After Aesa Seagazer and Falyra Moonleaf had found some brief signs of still being on the Starfall Sentinel’s trail, traversing into the the pass was an easy option. Before them, a jungle spread out, a verdant overgrowth that heralded different challenges to come past the nights spent in the arid desert. Short business was made out of finding a settling point for a temporary camp amidst the bushes, all in a hollowed out tree overseeing both the pathways and bridges ahead as well as a source of freshwater. For now, the Nightblades were safe, only awaiting the rest to catch up.

Still in Vol’dun however, the score of Exiled Zandalari looked towards, and through the pass as their Kaldorei foes left them behind. Visibly choosing to not pursue, as they lingered in the arid area. What kept them there was perhaps past the knowledge of those chased by the trolls in question. With a bitter gaze and grips tensed around their rudimentary blades, the exiled returned on to the path back to the enclave. Giving chase was not an option.

Intermission - On All Too Verdant Trails

With the resettled camp in the jungles, there was no reason to wait for the trail to grow cold. After leaving the rudimentary camp behind, a small score of Nightblades set out to yet anew stalk the Starfall Sentinels – a task that in less arid climate proved to be somewhat harder than first anticipated.

First aiming for the lowlands, a small excursion was made into Nazmir, and the fringes of the shallow marshlands bordering the verdant mountainsides. Sadly, little seemed to prove that the Starfall Sentinels had passed that way. After some afterthought, the team headed back to square one, trying to pick a new trail. It was after a lucky find of scratch marks from a saber and yet another carved emblem that the Nightblades finally caught the right trail anew – one leading south, following a small river.

As the scouting group followed the mountain side, they happened upon a carcass of a raptor. With some investigation, it was deemed that it had been felled by a sentinel arrow, fletching now snapped off leaving only the arrowhead and half the shaft behind. Upon some more searching, a slain troll was found in the nearby foliage, felled by more kaldorei arrows. Kathene Wildstar was knowledgeable enough to deem it not just any troll, but a Zandalari scout – thus making it known that the Starfall Sentinels might have run into something with more force than mere exiles.

As Uodrieth Rosedancer and Aesa Seagazer tracked the escape from the scene by their quarry, they happened upon a recent camp settled by their fleeing kin in colours. After studying it briefly, deeming that the Nightblades could not be further behind than one or two nights, the cadre settled in, awaiting to continue the chase the following night.

Part 4: Blood Tinted Waters

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telariel Moonseeker (DM), Telderan Swiftlance, Telrenya, Alylia Oathkeeper, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Falyra Moonleaf, Aesa Seagazer (guest), Thyreena Silverstrike (guest)

Mission Report 4 – Sentinel Campsite, Zuldazar
Date: 18th of Xallvar, 2022

Summary: So far, tracking the Starfall Sentinels had gone quite well. It soon became clear that it was about to take a turn for the worse, when all the trails pointed towards the cadre having headed further south – into the main domain of the Zandalari empire itself. Zuldazar.

After sneakily crossing a bridge and slaying two guards, The Nightblades understood that they were unlikely to be able to take to the main roads uncontested. Instead favouring trails that lead them beneath bridges and onto overgrown paths, it was a good hour before they eventually made decent progress into Zuldazar itself. The place was a sheer maze of pathways, and riddled with patrols. After some more sneaking, the cadre happened upon a surprising sight – a fellow kaldorei. In fact, nothing short of a Starfall sentinel, by her slain companion saber and three slain trolls having pursued her. Naimira Starfen, an Outrunner of the Starfalls, told the Nightblades where the last known campsite of her cadre was. There was no time like the present, and the cadre set off onto what was hopefully a final trail.

As the Nightblades descended upon the camp of the Starfall Sentinels, they did so after more unwelcome company. A score of Zandalari warriors had gotten there first, and upon arrival, busied themself with ransacking the camp and slaying whatever denizens still remained. There was no big surprise that this was faced with armed resistance from the arriving Kaldorei.

The battle did not last long – The Nightblades, as so many times before, made their foes meet a swift end. Sadly, this also came at the cost of one nightsaber found in the camp – and two more Starfall sentinels, found slain in their tents. It was not without a sense of hopelessness that the cadre settled in a nearby tree for the night. The trail had come to an end, and in a gruesome fashion. All whilst the question still stood – what became of the remaining Starfall Sentinels?

Intermission - A Missing Star

With no trail left to follow the missing sentinels by, a small group set out to find anything that could point towards where the Starfall had scattered to. Something, anything would be enough, yet with the increased patrols from the Zandalari, the task proved to be a daunting one. Progress would only come if enough care was taken. Luckily enough, the Nightblades were ever stealthy.

It did not take all too long before Falyra Moonleaf managed to pick up even the faintest trail. Together with Thylendra Rosesky, they both deemed the trail to be that of a Kaldorei – and the trail was stained by blood. Some rapid tracking ensued, and after a brief and careful pathing through the woods, the Nightblades happened upon a lone, mortally wounded Starfall sentinel. Pierced by three Zandalari arrows – this was nothing that could be saved. That everyone knew.

The sentinel seemingly decided to make her final moments count, as she retold the story of what had happened to her remaining sisters. Stating in stuttering words, recounting how the Zandalari had found what remained of the Starfall Sentinels as prisoners of war, before marching them down the south bound roads towards the harbours. All so to ship the captive cadre to Orgrimmar. The lone sentinel had slipped away as a hopeful diversion to cause some chaos in an attempt to free herself and her sisters. Sadly, an effort rewarded with naught but her own demise.

And so, upon asked her name, she told them. Her eyes glossed over, and with a sorrowful smile Nylea Stormheart told them who she was. A sentinel of the Starfall cadre.

“For a little longer, at least.”

Little else did she say as blood rapidly stained the stones beneath her, mixing with the warm rain over the Zuldazar jungles. In her final breath, she asked for nothing but forgiveness. Mercy. The Nightblades gave her what rudimentary burial they could, before finding a campsite not far away. With the gleaming terraces and pyramids of Dazal’alor not far away, it was slowly becoming more than terrifyingly clear that The Nightblades were in for a terribly difficult rescue mission to come…

Part 5: Right Under Their Noses

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telariel Moonseeker (DM), Telderan Swiftlance, Telrenya, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Falyra Moonleaf, Aesa Seagazer (guest), Thyreena Silverstrike (guest)

Mission Report 5 – Raptor Cave, Zuldazar
Date: 20th of Xallvar, 2022

Summary: With little time to spare for lingering about after the cruel news delivered by the now deceased sentinel, The Nightblades were swift to uproot their camp and set out. Only one goal remained, and that was to find the place where the Starfall sentinels had been taken to. All signs pointed towards the harbour – where else could a ship for Orgimmar possibly leave from?

Rather than following the paths ahead, the cadre set off to instead follow the river. In the dense and damp mists from the many waterfalls that send the river rapids cascading ever south towards the sea, it was easy to hide. All for the better – without that possibility, the Nightblades would have been sighted instantly. After all, Dazal’alor, the gilded capital city of the Zandalari, was but a stone’s throw away. To get to the harbour, the city had to be avoided. In following the river, such efforts were made easy. Or so they thought, at least.

Following the stream proved mostly easy, yet difficulties with the environments were more than palpably present. As both Captain Kathene Wildstar and Thyreena Silverstrike slipped off the slick stones of the riverside into the waters, it took a fair bit of effort to get them up. Maybe the path hidden was less kind than one would have hoped for.

After a few more scraps and struggles along the path, the Nightblades made their way into a deep river gorge, following the now calmer stream between deep cut cliffsides. This proved to be an easily traversed country, far outside the reach of the Zandalari. There was however other kinds of opposition – fierce raptors in which den the Nightblades accidentally had stumbled into proved to not be a peaceful affair. Blades and bows were wielded against fangs and claws, and as the former emerged victorious, the Nightblades simply claimed the den for themselves. A damp, but safe resting place for the day to come.

Intermission - Towards the Sea

The damp cave was not the cosiest of settlements for the night. Luckily for the Nightblades, it was not to be a permanent point of lingering. A small group set out to find their way to the harbour, and hopefully more clues to where to look for their missing sisters.

Traversing the wilds ahead proved relatively easy, as the cadre still stuck to the river. After some clever plans where the ground bound movement was briefly replaced by moving through the boughs of the dense and many trees of the jungle, the sentinels made rapid progress onwards and downwards to the sea.

As the last few slopes and waterfalls had been braved, it became apparent to the cadre that they had made it. They were standing in an open, vast harbour, almost akin to a wide lagoon which held more than a few ships in coming and passing. Everything between grand warships, fishing boats, trade vessels and tinier, civilian skiffs and tinier sailing boats crossed through and across the lagoon. But there was more to the scene than the maritime routes ahead – ahead of them stood a troll. A calm, settled fisherman, with a decently sized sailboat, and a fishing rod that no doubt kept him busy for the time. After attempting to drug and lasso the poor troll, the Nightblades found themselves interrogating the zandalari. Sheradel Shadowclaw in her best orchish and the troll in his mediocre variety on the same tongue, but sooner or later, the truths dawned to the Nightblades.

The troll stated that he was a city guard off duty, and that no one would miss him before the next day for sentry duty. He told, after some pressure, that the location of the Starfall sentinels, or any prisoners of war, was likely to be one of the islands framing the lagoon – Tusk isle, a place where warships often docked and where a camp or two for prisoners of war were settled. He was fairly sure there had been taken there, and as he pleaded for his life, the Nightblades decided his information had been enough. The cadre secured the tiny vessel of his, left the troll to bleed out in the bushes, and found themselves a camp site further back towards the river to await the rest. Only one stretch of the trip remained – hopefully to a location where the Starfall Sentinels still were kept and where they could be saved from. And the night of the 22:nd Xallvar was drawing ever closer…

Part 6: The Final Way Out

Participants: Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker (DM), Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telderan Swiftlance, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Aesa Seagazer (Guest), Thyreena Silverstrike (Guest)

Mission Report 6 – Kaldorei Ship, Zuldazar
Date: 22nd of Xallvar, 2022

Summary: The final night had come, and with that, the one chance of escaping the island of Zandalar safely. The Nightblades knew the chances were slim, but escaping without their sisters in the Starfall Sentinels was not an option. In the distance loomed the harbour, and Tusk Isle where the lost sentinels were supposedly held. Poor odds aside – the time had come to try saving them from a terrible fate.

As the Nightblades retrieved the tiny dinghy they had pilfered the night prior and crossed into the lagoon of the harbour, they saw a horde flagged ship set sail from Tusk isle. As the ship swiftly crossed the bay only to make port on a different pier, the cadre noticed how black nightsabers were loaded onto the ship. Having left the assumed prison camp isle only to retrieve the companions of the Kaldorei could only mean one thing. Thus, as the ship still lingered at port, the cadre rapidly sailed up to the side of the ship, attempting to sneak into the cannon hutches unseen – but not before sinking their own boat so as to remain unnoticed as long as possible.

Well on to the horde vessel, it became apparent that the assumptions were correct. guarded by no small amount of horde guards of the sturdier kind were the Starfall Sentinels – or what remained of them. Stripped of both armour and weapons, locked up in one big holding cell and in chains, their chances of escaping alone were close to zero. Luckily enough for the captive cadre, the Nightblades did not intend to leave them to their fate.

Battle broke out, and in a ruthless fashion. It was clear that the horde guard was of a different mettle, relentless in their defence and attempts of slaying the sudden kaldorei invasion. To the sounds of cheering and warcries from the Starfall Sentinels, the Nightblades proved to be the sturdier force, and one by one, the horde guards fell. Aariam Nightborne proved to be extraordinarily slippery, and between dodging strikes and bestowing her troll opponent more than a few nasty cuts, tossed the tools necessary for the Starfalls to break free between the bars. In the hands of priestess Raindancer of the captive cadre, the chains and shackles were easily shed. Thylendra Rosesky made the process brief with the lock to the holding cell, and as liberation was total, the final horde guard fell.

The time for celebration proved to be postponed, however. Surprisingly, no more forces arrived. The ship was eerily silent as it rocked back and forth over the waves towards the open sea. As the Nightblades scouted onwards, a terrible truth revealed itself. The crew of the ship had set explosive charges by the hull, in case of an invasion – and most of the crew had already escaped! The ticking sound was ever present as Telariel Moonseeker got to casting the runeworks for their own escape, and as the Nightblades rapidly dispatched whatever guards remained, they found it impossible to disarm the charges. The situation looked increasingly dire until finally, the precious scroll of teleportation was activated, and the Nightblades made a rapid escape together with the Starfalls to the portal. As they stepped out on the ship there to carry them away on the other side of the portal, a bright orange flare lit up the horizon towards Zandalar, followed by a tall smoke pillar rising towards the skies. The charges at the horde ship had gone off, and the escape had well and truly been in the nick of time.

With the portal closed behind them, Zandalar shrinking on the horizon as the sails of their ship caught the winds of the south sea to carry them home, so came the conclusion of the tale. The Nightblades had survived, the Starfall sentinels retrieved, and together, they had made their escape. Finally, at long last, the kaldorei of the two cadres were on their way home. Course – Kalimdor. And thus ends the tale of Reclaiming Stars.

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