Campaign Report – The Last of the Darkshades


As war rages in Ashenvale and the eastern front stands under harsh pressure, High Command calls for the aid of the Nightblades once more. As Ashenvale’s lost skirmisher cadre, The Darkshades, stands to be reinstated, only one piece is missing – the cadre’s lost Captain Siemin Nightspring, that seemingly has vanished off the face of the world itself. It falls to the Nightblades to find the elusive Captain gone Watcher. Dead or alive? Captured – or defected?

Part 1: Caught By Cousins

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Talasandra Starsinger, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Thyreena Silverstrike, Daeliya Dawnwind, Leyell (Guest), Salysea Featherwind (Guest)

Mission Report 1 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 7th of Quel’asta, 2022

Summary: Having arrived in Val’sharah in abhorrent weather, the Nightblades stood with little tangible information of where Siemin Nightspring might have disappeared to. With vague hints about Moonguard Stronghold and a hope she might still be alive, the cadre was just about to set out for a hopeful scouting mission to the border, when a former acquaintance to some, and a stranger to some manifested by the ranks. After letters having been sent by Aesa Seagazer prior departure for the Isles, The Ashwraith’s former Captain had heard the call – Salysea Featherwind pledged to join the search for her lost kin in colours.

Approaching the border region was no difficult task, but as it turned out, this was a night of unexpected encounters. Just past the border between woodlands and Suramar, a second past Ashwraith joined the search – Leyell, the Demon Hunter. Luckily for the Nightblades, Leyell sat on more information than the cadre did themselves, mentioning how patrols returning to Moonguard had started to show with more than just Shal’dorei soldiers. As she spoke, Leyell directed the Nightblades to an overlook just by the foot of the stronghold, and lo and behold, the Demon Hunter’s words proved to be true. A patrol of Shal’dorei escorting a Kaldorei prisoner between themselves, returning from the grand city of Suramar. It was an easy decision to make in regards to the approach that should be taken.

Shrouded by the relentless torrential downpour, the Nightblades and their two newfound allies made business terribly short with the patrol, rapidly liberating their lost kin, before setting off back towards Val’sharah. In their wake, they left a slain patrol and a roused Stronghold. More people returned than what set off from Lightsong. Aside from the Nightblades and past Ashwraiths, Ria Ravensky, a captured sentinel from the Dreamguard was returned home, as well as a less willing Shal’dorei guardsmen of the otherwise slain force. None the wiser of where Siemin Nightspring were, but for now, the cadre at least had the means to start asking questions. Whether such would yield any answers however, time would tell…

Part 2: Beneath Them All

Participants: Kathene Wildstar, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Falyra Moonleaf, Aesa Seagazer, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Thyreena Silverstrike, Daeliya Dawnwind

Mission Report 2 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 9th of Quel’asta, 2022

Summary: Indeed, plenty of questions had been asked, and many answers given. After both the captured guard and Ria had yielded more than an ample amount of information about the whereabouts of Siemin Nightspring. Moonguard Stronghold was still an area of utmost interest, but the attention now shifted to the lower, hidden regions of the looming cliffs that shouldered the weight of a Stronghold. Talk about the Warden of this lower levels – a Cenlos Enthiri, and his honour guard residing beneath the stronghold. Allegedly, he kept an unusually keen eye on Siemin in hopes of her yielding useful information. So far, seemingly little had arisen to sate his curiosity.

Knowing this, it was a smaller unit that set out to find the previously scouted entrance to the lower levels of the stronghold. Blending like shadows in the night with their surroundings made approaching Moonguard a trivial task, and through expert diversions and tactics, the Nightblades closed in on the location both quickly and quietly. It was only after a mishap in stealth their presence was revealed and by then, the sentinels had already made it far into the lower levels.

The guards of the prison block the Nightblades had found were no pushovers, and put up a good fight. Even if they eventually met their demise, it was not without bloodshed on both ends. As the Nightblades pushed onwards, a loud call was heard through the dungeon – a voice some recognised as Siemin’s. It was as rapidly followed by an arcane pulse, then complete silence. Upon searching through the area on the hunt for the cell keys to free two more captive kaldorei, the warden’s chambers were found. Burned out and crackling from a recent, powerful spellcast. No Cenlos Enthiri however. And no Siemin Nightspring. The Nightblades siezed the cell keys and some seemingly secret correspondence however, and fled the scene after liberating the two prisoners. The Duskwatch hot on their heels.

It was a somber cadre who returned to Lightsong. Captain Kathene Wildstar and Uodrieth Rosedancer had received grievous wounds in the process of the night’s adventures. The lattermost one having been permanently blinded on one eye. The Warden had slipped through their fingers, and brought Siemin Nightspring with him. Question was only where.

Part 3: The Frivolity of the Free

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Talasandra Starsinger, Ilyande Winterstar, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Thyreena Silverstrike, Daeliya Dawnwind, Ydraen Emberchild, Leyell (Guest), Salysea Featherwind (Guest)

Mission Report 3 – Secret Hideout, Suramar
Date: 12th of Quel’asta, 2022

Summary: The Nightblades had always had a tendency to know their enemies well, but their allies better. Much to both grand surprise, rejoice and to some discontent, one allied of the cadre had come through more than most – Scythois Nishillion. After having looked closer into the correspondence retrieved from nights past, the course of action was already plotted out. Lady Calythir was staging a garden party where she also planned to meet with Warden Enthiri on the side, amidst all the revelry. Much to many Nightblades’ dismay and to Lady Nishillions content, the only action and path ahead was to infiltrate the party in question.

It was a dolled up cadre that arrived under disguise to grandiose gardens, decorated by elaborate flower beds and plenty of guests. Sneaking and blending in proved no big issue (thanks to a certain, very excited lady Nishillion), but the party itself proved to be far, far too dull to make sneaking away and investigating deeper possible. Thusly, the Nightblades found themselves drinking, socialising, dancing and plainly partying. As the mood rose slowly but surely, the party proved to be more and more interesting. Between Talasandra Starsinger wooing none other than Lord Calythir himself, Ilyande Winterstar tipping off the staff and Leyell, Uodrieth Rosedancer and Salysea Featherwind bringing life to the dance floor, the mood soon enough allowed Lady Calythir to sneak away with a quite unkeen Warden Enthiri. Commander Ravenmist, Huntress Nightborne, Telariel Moonseeker and Ydraen Emberchild were not late to follow.

Overhearing the occasionally violent conversation revealed that Lady Calythir’s patience with Warden Enthiri had run dry, and the watcher Siemin Nightspring had since been transferred to the Lady’s private estate where she was presently held. After forcing Enthiri to surrender the keys, the Lady eventually lost them on the dance floor where the mood had grown more heated. Rumours were spreading, debates were started, and in the nick of time, Uodrieth Rosedancer managed to snatch the lost keys before the cadre made their escape from the premises. With the aid of Allannia Silversong’s spy network, the Nightblades now found themselves in a safe house, stowed away in the rougher parts of Suramar. With the knowledge of where Siemin was held, with the means to reach her, and with the skills to break her out. Question was only how – and if they still had enough time to save her from the wrath of Lady Calythir.

Part 4: Nightspring's Fate

Participants: Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Thylendra Rosesky, Telariel Moonseeker, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Talasandra Starsinger, Ilyande Winterstar, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Thyreena Silverstrike, Leyell (Guest), Salysea Featherwind (Guest)

Mission Report 4 – Lightsong, Val’sharah
Date: 14th of Quel’asta, 2022

Summary: Not many margins remained. Siemin’s fate was soon to be decided, and after the ruckus caused at the party prior, her time was slowly running out in the hands of the ever so fickle and fiery Lady Calythir. The Nightblades had the keys, they knew where she was kept – question is if they would make it there in time.

Unfortunately, Lady Calythir’s grand mansion was situated in a part of the city that certainly did not invite misdeeds. Well guarded in a wealthy neighbourhood of Suramar – the Nightblades needed a good tactic to manage to find their way in. The answer came in the shape of the ever so unlikely allied – Allanna Silversong, who’s spies had found their way down into the tunnels below Suramar. If the cadre was quiet and clever enough, they would manage to sneak into the house that way. It was a dangerous mission, and once they revealed themselves, getting out would be ten times harder than getting in. Thus, Allanna gave them a lone way out. A small gemstone for each of the Nightblades and the Ashwraiths present. They had one hour. Find Siemin, break her out and at the turn of the hour, anyone holding a stone would be teleported out. If they did not hand Siemin Nightspring a stone by then – she would be left behind.

Thus, the Nightblades and the Ashwraiths set out into the city, under the cover of the night. After dispatching some of the guards, navigating the tunnels beneath the city proved to be the next obstacle. Finding the mark of House Calythir by the many doors down below was challenging, and after slaying a few more guards and navigating nasty rune traps, there it was. The door to the Calythir household. The basement levels, where Siemin was more than likely to be locked up. Time was ticking…

The Nightblades arrived by the holding cells in the middle of an interrogation by Lady Calythir herself. The efforts went swiftly interrupted as the invaders descended upon the Lady and her household guard. Leyell unlocked the door to Siemin’s cell, and it was a confused captive who stood looking at her former kin in colours, suddenly holding a small, pulsating gem. Battle was fierce, and as the Calythir forces slowly started to turn the tide against the invaders, a flash of arcane lit up the dungeons, as the Nightblades, the Ashwraiths, and the one lost Captain gone Watcher gone captive vanished from sight. The mission had been successful – just within the final nick of time.

At long last, The Nightblades and their allies found themselves standing in a calm, deserted ruin outside the city. All of them and the Ashwraiths present had made it out alive – and with Siemin Nightspring retrieved. But they were not the only ones that had left the Calythir household behind – someone had slipped Lady Calythir a teleportation gem as well. With an unexpected prisoner, the liberated Watcher and Allanna Silversong with them, the cadres returned to Lightsong. Finally, at long last – Siemin Nightspring would be free to choose her own, future fate.

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