Campaign Report – The Ring Around Those Red As Roses

When one looks close enough, lies and treachery shows even around those who speak of neutrality. It is time to uproot the secrets of those who serve the wilds and the horde alike – and for the Cenarion Circle to show their true colours.

Part 1: Should You Really Be Here?

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Thylendra Rosesky, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Telariel Moonseeker, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Aesa Seagazer, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Daeliya Dawnwind, Silverleaf (Guest), Ekiola Darkblossom (NPC)

Mission Report 1 – Astranaar, Ashenvale
Date: 18th of Bael’asta, 2022

Summary: Many moons had passed since the last time a foreign druidic incursion had happened upon Ashenvale. Almost half a year. Yet a certain degree of recognition came with the message delivered by a speckled owl from Stardust Spire. Something was afoot by the Shrine of Aessina, and it sounded like it could well be dire. The Nightblades were, as always, not late to answer the summons to investigate. Before they did however, they found themselves with sudden company. A druid emissary from Moonglade, delivering the word that the Cenarion Circle themselves wished for insight in these troublesome sightings. A colourful, eager druid who introduced herself as Ekiola Darkblossom joined the Nightblades on their outing. Neutral, of course. Or so she said. Can any Kaldorei remain truly neutral when it concerns the homeland?

As the cadre approached the Shrine, the scene became more than obvious. A score of, much to Ekiola’s surprise, Cenarion clad troll druids harassed two civilians by the Shrine. The Nightblades spread out, as Commander Ravenmist moved in to demand a cease to the hostilities. With excuses that badly concealed their intentions, the trolls offered the debate little effort before they sprung to attack. With a short and intense battle, the druids were either brought down or rapidly captured.

Inspecting the corpses revealed a disturbing fact – the so called Cenarion druids carried horde insignias. The other side of the insignia held an enamel rose, suggesting a secret allegiance to something more than just the horde. What became clear is that the Cenarion allegiances of theirs were likely more posing than they were truth. With this conundrum, the Nightblades returned home to patch up a few wounds, and with a new mystery to solve.

Part 2: Heartland Hostilities

Participants: Aariam Nightborne, Thylendra Rosesky, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telariel Moonseeker, Ilyande Winterstar, Aesa Seagazer, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Daeliya Dawnwind, Silverleaf (Guest), Briar Flannagan (Guest), Ekiola Darkblossom (DM NPC)

Mission Report 2 – Astranaar, Ashenvale
Date: 22nd of Bael’asta, 2022

Summary: There was no lack of sightings of the mysterious druids that had made their most unwanted presence known in Ashenvale. Yet somehow, both the Silverwing Sentinels and the forces at Stardust Spire assumed they were in regression at the very least. Whilst having found a few unusually gruesome signs of that too (such as the disappearance of an entire pack of these enemies to a… wildlife horror of some sort), the Nightblades had more signs that spoke of the opposite. A gilnean harvest witch confirming the sightings of the teal and blue scouts lead to the conclusion that something was amiss by the Dream Gate. Once more, the cadre set out to expel the threats.

The arrival by the Dreamgate could not have been more timely. Just as the Nightblades arrived and went to observe the gate, the verdant swirls of the center came to life. And out stepped a cluster of horde grunts, carrying supplies. Aided by the Rosevine League as their guides through the gates, as they tried to smuggle goods to Splintertree post through the gate. Naturally, this had to be dealt with in a most swift fashion, and the tired grunts were easily dealt with. So were the members of the League – dispatched off without any Nightblade considering otherwise.

For Ekiola Darkblossom, this was proof enough. And over night, the neutral observer started to lean towards not peace, but ruthless vengeance.

Part 3: The Darkblossom Disappearance

Participants: Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Uodrieth Rosedancer, Telariel Moonseeker, Ilyande Winterstar, Aesa Seagazer, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Silverleaf (Guest)

Mission Report 3 – Astranaar, Ashenvale
Date: 25th of Bael’asta, 2022

Summary: Birds had been gathering en masse over the northern parts of Ashenvale. There was a persistent fear from Raynewood that this was in fact the druids of the league, shifted and preparing to attack. The Nightblades rode out to reinforce, and to hopefully get two birds with one stone – aid their kin and bring down a few more of the traitorous druids of the Circle.

The Nightblades were stealthy as they approached the northern road. And indeed – scores of stormcrows were perched up in the canopies watching the road. Understanding that it might be a good idea to not provoke a confrontation where the cadre would be outnumbered, the sentinels opted to stay hidden, and to see where Ekiola Darkblossom had gone – the druid had not been sighted since she left to scout. Concerns were certainly present with most Nightblade’s minds as they sneakily weaved between trees and bushes, hiding from the sight of the Rosevine Stormcrows up above in search for clues. Eventually, there was a trail found – a trail of blood. The Sentinels picked up the pace.

After a long, and secretive search however, what the sentinels found was nothing but disappointment. A scene of battle, a shredded cenarion tabard, and a letter from Xishu. Ekiola had been taken, and their foe urged the Nightblades to not give chase. Suddenly, the outlook of bringing the Rosevine League to justice was looking increasingly gloomy…

Part 4: On a Hinterland Highway

Participants: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Telariel Moonseeker, Uodrieth Rosedancer, Aesa Seagazer, Ilyande Winterstar, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Thyreena Silverstrike, Silverleaf (Guest), Barkor Thunderfist (Guest), Sir Eadwald Fairhair (Guest), Hjalnor Runebraid (Guest)

Mission Report 4 – Aerie Peak, the Hinterlands
Date: 29th of Bael’asta, 2022

Summary: The trail in Kalimdor had gone cold, and it became jarringly clear that the Rosevine League had escaped to greener pastures.The Nightblades caught the trail leading to the Hinterlands. With the aid of allies, they rapidly moved to the continent in the east by magical means.

Luckily enough, the cadre found that this would not be a fight they would have to take on their own. A vanguard from the Dwarves of the Morodnir had come to greet them, pledging to aid the sentinels in rooting out the threat from the easternmost parts of the forest – Seradane. The seat of a Dreamgate amidst lost Kaldorei ruins. Naturall, that was where the Rosevine League had set up to make a last stand.

The night brought a scouting mission to get a first sight of the situation. Not only did they find Seradane, but a patrol of Rosevine druids and a few horde soldiers escorting a Kaldorei prisoner east. This could not stand! Violence was deemed an apt plan, and the Nightblades, aided by the Morodnir Vanguard, were quick to respond to the threat. Whilst it was not an all too effortless fight, the enemy forces were soon enough beaten into the ground by new, creative means of violence – at least to the Nightblades. With Dwarven allies who were a force to be reckoned with, the days of the Rosevine League were numbered. However – There was still no sign of Ekiola Darkblossom…

Part 5: Tearing Up The Roots

Nightblades: Tinwëtar Ravenmist, Kathene Wildstar, Aariam Nightborne, Thylendra Rosesky, Ialluen Moonglow (DM), Telariel Moonseeker (DM), Uodrieth Rosedancer, Aesa Seagazer, Ilyande Winterstar, Falyra Moonleaf, Sheradel Shadowclaw, Thyreena Silverstrike

Dwarves of the Morodnir (Guests): Lord Frolbar Boldbeard, Hruroth Runebraid, Barkor Thunderfist, Bronzeo Hillside, Donar Thunderbeard, Dunri Magmar, Duroni Thunderheart, Keelig Lavashock, Mairede Thunderfist, Morgrim Coalhammer, Rhannek Steeldust, Stalvarg Ashenstone, Throrgar Stormheart, Torryk Ironskin

Mission Report 5 – Aerie Peak, the Hinterlands
Date: 1st of Curuhen, 2022

Summary: The time had come to bring down the hammer of reckoning upon the Rosevine League. As the horde had finally abandoned the fringe group of Cenarion Insurgents, a plan was made. There were only two goals – eradicate the troll druids, and save Ekiola Darkblossom. 

The Dwarves of the Morodnir brought down on Seradane and its defenders like a hammer striking steel on an anvil – this was certainly not something the trolls inhabiting the ruins had counted with, and many fell in the first wave already. Meanwhile, The Nightblades made their way in from the mountainside, seeking to slip in to find Ekiola whilst the Dwarves acted as a diversion. Slowly but surely, the forces of elves and dwarves pushed back towards the druids, forcing them inwards Seradane until there was nowhere left to run. It did not take much for the allied units to bring down every last remaining troll – including the leader, Xishu, who cowardly tried to make a run for it at the very end.

The day was saved. Luckily enough, Ekiola Darkblossom too. For she had been kept alive to deter the Nightblades. Not that it worked – with great allies, not even the most cowardly of strategies will deter the Sentinels from carrying out their missions.

The Rosevine League was eradicated that night. The Dreamgates were spared from any involvement in the war in Kalimdor. One Cenarion Druid saved from a horrible fate. But most of all, a strong bond had been forged between two units from worlds apart. One that was sure to last for a long time to come.

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