Astranaar is the largest kaldorei settlement in the Ashenvale region. It is centrally located and situated on an island in the middle of a lake. The main road through Ashenvale passes right through the town and it is connected to the mainland by a couple of bridges. During the War of the Thorns, Astranaar was largely destroyed due to the Horde’s occupation, but it has since been retaken by the kaldorei and rebuilt. While it remains a civilian settlement for the most part, it has seen some additional fortification since the kaldorei rebuilt it. The current known leader of Astranaar is Sentinel Thenysil, who may also have succeeded Delaryn Summermoon as Commander of Ashenvale (unless that title has been returned to Su’ura Swiftarrow, the Silverwing Sentinel Battlemaster. It remains unclear).

1. The Hippogryph Roost

When entering Astranaar through the North Western gate, the first thing a traveler will happen upon is the hippogryph roost. Hippogryphs are favoured mounts and companions of the kaldorei and one can find a hippogryph roost in most of the larger kaldorei settlements. Hippogryphs are extremely intelligent, sentient beings and as such they are valued highly by the kaldorei.

2. The Saber Relay Station

The Sentinels of Ashenvale and Darkshore have developed a system where they have conveniently placed stations where Sentinels, messengers and travelers can borrow a fresh saber mount during their travels. The stations can be found all along the road from Darkshore through Ashenvale and allows Sentinels, messengers and other travelers to move swiftly through the forest if they are in a hurry.

3. The Sisterhood Headquarters and Astranaar Archive

Right across from the Saber Relay Station is the Sentinel and Sisterhood Headquarters, as well as Astranaar’s archive and library. In this building, Sentinel Thenysil has her office, and the Astranaar archivists and Astranaar Priestesses have spaces of their own here as well. The library and the archives are open to the public, but in order to view the most ancient tomes, a visitor requires special permission from a ranking member of the Astranaar community council. The library and archives are not the most extensive, but they offer a decent selection of books and scrolls, covering a variety of different topics. The building also houses Astranaar’s infirmary, presided over by the local Sisters of Elune.

4. The Shrine

Across from the library lies the Astranaar shrine. It is a fairly modest shrine in size, just a small gazebo really, but it is no less diligently tended to by Astranaar’s serving Priestesses. In lieu of an actual moonwell, the shrine hosts a stone font filled with blessed moonwell waters and on clear nights the moonlight can be seen filtering down to illuminate the shrine in Elune’s glory. Just outside the shrine is a small garden, complete with a few places to rest and reflect.

5. The Inn

Next to the shrine is the inn, one of the largest buildings in Astranaar. To this day, the inn remains unnamed but that fact does not seem to prevent travelers from finding it. The War of the Thorns reaped many casualties across Ashenvale and in Astranaar in particular. The former innkeeper and their staff were among those slain by the forsaken assassins that infiltrated the town. After the inn’s reconstruction, new staff have been hired to resume business. Despite the recent hardships, the inn is still a perfect spot for any weary traveler to rest for a while. It is also widely renowned for its hearty bean soup and its very extensive selection of teas.

6. The Hunter’s Hall

The Astranaar Hunter’s Hall is situated right across from the inn, on the other side of the town square. The Hunter’s Hall has many different uses, but in its current iteration it serves as a town hall and a general community meeting space. Part of the Astranaar Sentinels’ armory can be found here, and the hall is also used as a trading center for those seeking to peddle their wares within the town. Town meetings, official meetings with foreign dignitaries, Sentinel briefings and debriefings; all take place inside the Hunter’s Hall. In short, the Hunter’s Hall is a versatile space that is used by many different groups within Astranaar’s community.

7. Civilian Homes

Astranaar would not be a civilian town without proper homes. Scattered throughout Astranaar lie a variety of smaller cottages, all decorated in different ways to show the personalities of the residents living within. Some cottages have a small flowerbed or garden attached to the house, whereas others have opted for a calming water feature. It is clear, however, that the citizens of Astranaar are proud of their homes and gladly show them off to their best advantage.

8. Sentinel Encampment

On the Northern shore of the lake lies an extensive Sentinel encampment. It is here that the majority of Astranaar’s Sentinels make their homes. It is a neat and orderly tent encampment, and during the night their cozy fires can be seen from across the lake. The Astranaar Sentinels is one of the few cadres that have plenty of male Sentinels serving in their ranks. Most of them are considered skirmishers, but perhaps they will rise to earn the rank of a full Sentinel in time.

9. Astranaar Graveyard

Astranaar’s graveyard can be found across the lake on the north eastern side. It is a serene and beautiful place, with a stunning view of the lake and the town beyond. It is also the final resting place of Valstann Staghelm, Fandral Staghelm’s son, who fell during the War of the Shifting Sands. His body was brought back to Astranaar and buried there by his family.