Kaldorei Markings

⸰☽ Kaldorei Markings ☾⸰

Originally written by Arkonn of the <Fellowship of Teldrassil> on Cenarion Circle-US. The following is speculation based on information provided by Blizzard, combined with our own assumptions based on our knowledge of Night Elf lore.


Associated with Ursoc the Mighty and Ursol the Wise. Revered as gods by the Furbolg tribes. Patrons of the Druids of the Claw.

Associated qualities: Might, strength, ferocity, power, loyalty, balance, wisdom, healing.


A constellation. Symbol of the Night Warrior aspect of Elune. As the Night Warrior, Elune is said to have gathered the souls
of the righteous fallen from the battlefield and spread them across the sky as stars.

Associated qualities: Courage, bravery, righteousness, justice, protection.


A constellation. Symbol of Aessina, one of the greater wilderness spirits. Her shrine was built ages ago by the Kaldorei, and lies in
the midst of a forest glade in Ashenvale’s heart. Her shrine is a clear forest pool with a statue of Aessina standing beside it,
clothed only in ivy. Dryads are known to visit the shrine to venerate Aessina, and cranes are often seen near the pool.

Associated qualities: Patience, precision, grace, serenity, beauty.



Associated with Malorne and Cenarius. Malorne is the consort of Elune, and Cenarius is their son, who inherited Malorne’s dominion
over Nature. Cenarius had great love for his Kaldorei warrior women, and regarded them in a fatherly fashion. Cenarius is Lord of
the Forest and patron of all druids.

Associated qualities: Harmony, balance, nurturance, peace, healing, wisdom, purity, strength, wrath, power.



A constellation. Associated with nightsabers, and thus the Night Warrior aspect of Elune. A favored marking of Huntresses,
who ride the feral nightsabers into battle.

Associated qualities: Meeting challenges head-on, bravery, ferocity, strength, speed, agility.



A constellation. Symbol of Aviana, the winged messenger of Elune. Aviana was the mistress of the Mother Tree, G’Hanir,
from whose acorn Nordrassil was grown. Also, G’Hanir was where dragons would go to at the end of their life.
Patroness of the Druids of the Talon, and scholars.

Associated qualities: Communication, knowledge, insight, observation, guidance, haste, expediency,
knowing when to maintain safe and appropriate distance.



Associated with Ysera and Alexstrasza. Ysera is the “mother” and mentor of Cenarius and guides the evolution of Nature
from the Emerald Dream. Ysera and her dragonflight hold a special love for the Night Elves and their druids, and many
have become dragonsworn to the green dragons. Alexstrasza is the protector of all life, and the druids revere
her the most of the dragons after Ysera.

Associated qualities: Knowledge, wisdom, healing, guidance, balance, serenity, nurturance, peace.



A constellation. Associated with Elune. The owl is the most beloved of the Goddess’ night birds. Huntresses have a close
bond with the owls of the forest, as they relay information and spy for the Huntresses.

Associated qualities: Seeing matters from a broad perspective, foreknowledge, wisdom, vigilance, stealth.



Symbol of the Shadow aspect of Elune. Elune has blessed her Children, the Kaldorei, with the power to meld into the shadows.

Associated qualities: Observing before taking action, knowing when to avoid harm and unnecessary conflict, wisdom, prudence,
refuge, peace, stealth.


No Markings

A lack of markings upon a female Kaldorei usually means one of two things: they are too young to have received them/have not
gone through their rite of passage, or they are of Highborne descent. Some women may decide not to take them. Those that are
older than 400 years and still do not possess markings are considered highly unusual in night elf society. It is theorized that the
High Priestess is requested to allow her markings to fade, demonstrating an open mind and a balanced embrace of the Goddess and
all her teachings. It’s also noted that markings, in general, could be a sign of pride.