Nightblade Affiliates

⸰☽ Affiliates ☾⸰

High Command contacts and other Sentinel cadres and groups affiliated with the Nightblade Sentinels in some capacity.

High Command Contacts

Onóra Stormglaive

Rank: Grand Priestess
Age: Ancient
Titles: Grand Priestess of Elune, Huntress of the Army of the Black Moon
Grand Priestess Stormglaive serves as the Nightblades’ primary contact with High Command. Onóra hails from Blackrook Hold and has highborne ancestry on her mother’s side. She is of the firm belief that the kaldorei empire in the time of Queen Azshara is an ideal to strive towards: a time when the kaldorei were superior and ruled everything. She is ambitious and extremely loyal, two traits which have seen her rise in rank within the Sisterhood. But due to her zealotry and xenophobia she is frequently clashing with more liberal-minded sisters within both the Sisterhood and the Sentinels.

Sentinel Cadres

The Nightblades have come across many a sister cadre through the years. Unsurprisingly so, seeing as the Sentinel army is quite large. This includes, but is not limited to:

The Darkshades

Colours: Dark green and copper
Area of Operations: Ashenvale
Main Skill: The Darkshades are, or were, an efficient, rapid moving saber dependant cadre. Huntresses, trained with their companions to stalk the woods. Skilled in both skirmishing and subterfuge, the cadre was named after the behaviour they were thought to have in the woods. Moving as the dark shades cast by the boughs of Ashenvale.
Status: Majority deceased. Dissolved.

(Written by Ialluen – “A Chilling Cadence”)

The Starfall Sentinels

Colours: Purple and black
Area of Operations: Previously Val’sharah, now Ashenvale
Main Skill: The Starfall sentinels are known to be a frontline skirmisher cadre, all who relies heavily on their saber companions. Normally moving out in the field together with their sister cadre – the Moonfall Sentinels. Was recently lost and captured in Zandalar. Two thirds of the members made it out alive.
Status: Thinned out ranks, else active. In recovery.

(Written by Ialluen and Telariel – “Reclaiming Stars”)

The Moonfall Sentinels

Colours: Purple and silver
Area of Operations: Previously Val’sharah, now Ashenvale
Main Skill: A strong support/backliner cadre, The Moonfall Sentinels are rather rich in the ranks of in-field healers and skilled archers. Known as the sister cadre to the unfortunate Starfall Sentinels.
Status: Alive and active.

(Written by Ialluen and Telariel – “Reclaiming Stars”)

The Dreamguard

Colours: Green and gold
Area of Operations: Val’sharah
Main Skill: As a mixed cadre for the protection of druids and Kaldorei in Val’sharah, the Dreamguard remains as one of the few units still present overseas. Not only a strong force, but quite large in numbers as well – until unfortunate encounters with the Kvaldir saw their numbers thinned.
Status: Alive and active. Thinned ranks.

(Written by Ialluen and Telariel – “Mists of the Banished”)

The Farstriders

Colours: Purple and gold
Area of Operations: Previously Feralas, presently Ashenvale
Main Skill: The Farstriders are quite the standard conventional unit, keeping a mixed cadre of misc forces strong in their own specialisations. Recently relocated to Ashenvale along with many other parts of the Sentinel army, they make for a skill wise mid-tier unit.
Status: Alive and active.

(Written by Uodrieth – One-shot training on Sardor isle)

The Thornwatcher Sentinels

Colours: Green and gold
Area of Operations: Ashenvale
Main Skill: As a (questionably) nimble and efficient scouting unit, the Thornwatchers are a small cluster of rapidly moving scouts, currently stationed in Ashenvale. Their unfortunately named Huntress Latemoon heralds a unit that perhaps could do well in maintaining better discipline over hot spring fun times, but that cannot be helped.
Status: Alive and (somewhat) active.

(Written by Kathene – One shot “A steamy encounter”)