Third Cycle of Devotion

⸰☽ Third Cycle of Devotion ☾⸰

Third Cycle of Devotion – Living in Truth

As a sister transitions from Initiate to Acolyte she will take on more responsibility within the Sisterhood. She will be expected to act as a mentor for the Novices and Initiates and help out during public and private ceremonies and rituals. It is also the task of the Acolyte to tend to and maintain shrines and the general daily care of ritual tools. These tasks of the Acolyte is reflected in the true translation of their darnassian title: Thero’Rei’Fulora “The student who bares incense”.

An Acolyte will also be expected to live in complete truthfulness. The Goddess does not lie, and neither should her servants. The Acolyte’s words, thoughts and actions need to be one at all times. She will also be expected to practice prayer and devotion to Elune twice a day; once upon waking at dusk and once before retiring at dawn. This step is crucial in establishing and retaining a bond with the Goddess. If the Acolyte misses -one- prayer session, they will have to start over from the beginning of the Cycle.

The ritual prayers are a sacred time of day, and the Acolyte must make time in her busy schedule for them. The Acolyte will be expected to maintain a small altar within her chambers, on which a crescent moon idol, a bowl of blessed moonwell water and a place to burn herbs and incense must be placed. The altar must be small enough that the Acolyte can take it with her as she travels. The Third Cycle is all about placing the Goddess and service to Her first in the Acolyte’s life and heart, and praying twice daily, no matter where the Acolyte is, is part of that. It shows devotion and dedication to the Goddess and Her service.

The Acolyte’s frequent appearance and participation in public rituals and ceremonies may have some mistake them for fully fledged Priestesses. But the Acolyte can always be recognized by their distinctive robes which are bright and colourful. They come in two colour variants; green and gold as well as teal and silver. The robes consist of a short bodice fastened at the nape of the neck and with an open back, as well as a flowing skirt with quilted hipguards and an overskirt that looks like feathers.

During the Third Cycle the Acolyte will, usually, be sent to different shrines and other temples to serve, as a way of gaining more experience and to see other parts of kaldorei society and culture. Pilgrimages to sacred sites, as well as shrines of the Wild Gods are also included in this. The Acolyte will also have to spend at least one year working under a Priestess in a kaldorei town or village. Some Acolytes who have expressed a more vested interest in the more physical side of the protection of their people may also be sent off to train with the Sentinels, further honing their martial and leadership skills in the field.

In addition to this the Acolyte will continue her studies in the Goddess’ Mysteries, now learning more about different rituals and ceremonies of reverence, as well as deepen her knowledge about Kaldorei history and culture. She will be expected to be proficient in first aid at this stage, and have moderate knowledge of healing with the Goddess’ Gift. She will also begin training to wield the Goddess’ Light and asking for Elune’s aid in combat. Her training in weapons and unarmed combat will continue, and she will add polearms, swords, shields and maces to her arsenal. Tactics and logistics will also be added to her skillset, as well as studies in diplomacy.

At the end of the Third Cycle there will be another test of the Acolyte’s skills, and if she passes she will be deemed ready to undergo the Priestess Challenge to become a fully fledged Priestess of Elune.