Second Cycle of Devotion

⸰☽ Second Cycle of Devotion ☾⸰

Second Cycle of Devotion – Finding the Goddess

New initiates (Disciples) of the Sisterhood have an extremely full schedule. After having examined their motivations for becoming a Priestess, they must now forge a deeper bond with the Goddess. Disciples will begin to study the Goddess’ Mysteries and learn about her different aspects and how that manifests in practice. They must also consider what the different aspects of the Goddess mean to them.

The soul searching is just the first step. A disciple is expected to put her ego aside and begin to prepare herself for giving herself up into the Goddess’ service completely. She must examine every facet of the Goddess, and of herself as well. Elune is both Light and Dark, both Mother and Night Warrior, and as such a disciple is expected to know both of those sides of the Goddess, as well as examine and accept them within herself as well.

The Goddess will test the disciple at this stage, force the disciple to face their darkest fears and memories and help them to let it go. This stage is about becoming a devotee of Elune, and surrendering oneself into Her embrace. It is a long and arduous process, but it is necessary if the disciple is to become a servant of the Goddess.

This process will involve several different tasks, such as guided trances and meditations, as well as prayer writing. The disciple must write nine personal prayers that highlights the disciple’s relationship with the different aspects of the Goddess.

The aspects of Elune:
The Mother, The Friend, The Moon, The Tides, The Earth, The Healer, The Night Warrior, The Last Embrace, The Divine

The prayers need to be written in a specific order and should be respectful and pleasing to the Goddess. Some prayers will be easy to write, some will take months or even years. The prayer writing process will most likely stir up emotions and memories that have been buried for a long time. It may be extremely frightening and disheartening at times, but if the disciple keeps her faith and allows her heart to remain open for the Goddess, she will make it through.

In addition to all of this, disciples will be expected to delve deeper into Elunite lore and kaldorei history. Their knowledge of languages will be tested. They will also begin to study armed combat alongside their exercises in unarmed combat. Disciples will study fighting with staves, daggers, bows and glaives. The disciples will also gain a deeper understanding of herb lore and first aid, and they will start to learn how to wield Elune’s Divine Light to heal.

At the end of the Second Cycle of Devotion there will be a comprehensive test of ALL skills the disciple has learned, and if the disciple passes, they will become an Acolyte. If they fail, they will have to repeat the full Second Cycle from the beginning.