First Cycle of Devotion

⸰☽ First Cycle of Devotion ☾⸰

First Cycle of Devotion – Soul searching

Before a novice can become an initiated member of the Sisterhood of Elune they have to go through a period of soul searching and reflection. A novice will need to achieve perfect clarity in regards to if serving the Goddess is what they really want. The Path of the Priestess is not an easy one and it will require strength, tenacity, sacrifice and responsibility. Serving the Goddess is the highest calling and a way of life. A novice will be thoroughly tested before she is deemed ready to don the mantle of Priestess. But first of all she needs to ask herself these two questions:

Why do they wish to serve the Goddess?
Is it because they love the Goddess and wish to have Her more present in their life? Is it because they wish to delve deeper into the Goddess’ mysteries and wield them in the protection of Elune’s Children? Or do they wish to become a Priestess as a means to achieve a high position in society for bragging rights? Or perhaps because they think they will earn a generous income as a Priestess, and will be able to live comfortably as one?

What is it that they really seek by entering service to the Goddess?
Is it to become closer to the Goddess, or is it to flatter their own ego? Is it for greater power, or spiritual growth? Is it to help protect and serve the kaldorei people, or just serve themselves?

A novice will have to be brutally honest with themselves when answering these questions. The Goddess will be able to sense any lie. The novice’s soul searching should be done through ritual meditation once a day. The meditation is led by a Junior Priestess. If they skip one day, they will have to start over from the beginning.

In addition to the soul searching, a novice will be studying the basics of Elunite lore and Kaldorei history. They will also study the basics of unarmed combat, herb lore and first aid. Languages will also be included in this first period of study.

The Novice wears a plain, bleached kimono with only a simple crescent charm around their necks to mark their path. They will attend rituals and ceremonies but rarely participate. While this is only the first step on the holy path, Novices are treated with respect as they have shown potential enough to be selected but are also expected to be humble in heart so that pride doesn’t cloud their eyes.

At the end of the First Cycle of Devotion the Novice will go through a ceremony to become an initiated member of the Sisterhood of Elune.