⸰☽ Hierarchy ☾⸰

From what we know, the Sisterhood is a hierarchical organization. The list below is an attempt at exploring and explaining the possible ranks within the Sisterhood.

Novice – completely untrained, uninitiated member of the Sisterhood.

Disicple – initiated member of the Sisterhood, has begun her studies and has completed her first cycle of devotion.

Acolyte – has progressed further in her studies and has completed her second cycle of devotion. Mentor for the novices and initiates.

Junior Priestess – has finished the initial studies, has completed her third cycle of devotion and undergone the Priestess Challenge. In charge of teaching the initiates and the novices, as well as the running of smaller shrines.

Senior Priestess – has served the Goddess for a long time and has much experience leading rituals and devotional practices to the Goddess. In charge of the running of temples and of teaching the junior priestesses and the acolytes.

Grand Priestess – one of the highest ranking Priestesses of Elune. She has a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Goddess and has served the Goddess and done Her work for a very long time. She is the leader of a regional temple.

High Priestess – leader of the Sisterhood of Elune, currently: Tyrande Whisperwind