Illthanyn is celebrated at the beginning of winter, when the land lies slumbering beneath ice and snow. It is an evening of cleansing and celebration, as the kaldorei feast through the longest night of the year and welcome the White Lady back into their midst.

Date: 22 December 2019
Time: 19:45
Location: Owl Wing Thicket, Winterspring
Faction: Alliance

Illthanyn, or the Winter Solstice, is recognized as the longest night of the year. It is also the eve of cleansing when Elune’s healing touch reaches out to her children. The kaldorei don formal white clothes and gather at Moonwells or other sacred spots around Kalimdor. A trinity of priestesses will stand before them and a ritual to cleanse each person of shadows and sorrows will be enacted. There will also be a formal welcome of the White Lady as she returns to the world once more. Once the ritual is complete, the purified receive blessings for protection, wisdom and strength. There will also be a treasure hunt, storytelling and a feast.

⸰☽ Ritual of Cleansing ☾⸰

All in attendance will be offered the chance to cleanse themselves of the shadows and burdens that they have carried with them this past year. A special ritual for this purpose will be enacted and afterwards we will welcome the light and the White Lady back into the world once more. Blessings of wisdom, protection and strength will also be offered.

⸰☽ Storytelling ☾⸰

Illthanyn is the longest night of the year and after it is passed, the light will be returning to the world. But to survive this long winter night and to keep the cold at bay, we will gather around the campfires and tell heartwarming tales of Elune, love, light and shadows that have been banished from our hearts by the Goddess’ grace.

⸰☽ Treasure Hunt ☾⸰

The Winter Solstice is not only about cleansing ourselves of our shadows, it is also about allowing the light back into our hearts and let it be our guide moving forward. In the spirit of this a treasure hunt will be held in the caves around Owl Wing Thicket. Three contestants at a time will be allowed inside with a candle as their only lightsource. The objective is to, with the aid of the candle, find and gather as many treasures as they can before they awaken the slumbering bear sleeping within.

⸰☽ Feast ☾⸰

During the night’s celebration a feast will be served for all to enjoy and partake in. The feast is in honour of the Goddess, specifically the Night Warrior and the White Lady. Seasonal kaldorei foods and drinks will be there to keep your bellies full and your bodies warm.

OOC details: 

19:45 – Time to gather and mingle
20:00 – Welcome and Cleansing ritual
20:30 and onwards – Feasting, storytelling and the treasure hunt

Please note that the schedule above is an estimate and subject to change during the course of the evening.

– Illthanyn is a kaldorei themed holiday of cleansing and a celebration of Elune, but it is open to any member of the Alliance who’d like to participate.

– White clothing is not mandatory, but it is encouraged. White, silver, cream and light grey are all suitable for this holiday

– The treasure hunt will be performed with the aid of rolls. Three contestants will go in and they will have three rounds of rolls to gather as many treasures as they can before the bear wakes up. There will, however, be a chance that the bear may be awoken before the three rounds are up, so enter the contest at your peril. More in-depth rules will be explained on the day itself.

– Please note that the event is taking place in an area that is populated by hostile mobs. They shouldn’t bother players who are above lvl 70 too much, but keep an eye out for mobs that might be harassing lower level players. Thank you!

– We kindly ask all attendees to refrain from using dark magics, such as fel and void, during this festival, as we feel it goes against the theme and celebrating the Goddess.

– We also ask you to, please, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a festive occasion and refrain from disrupting it with attempted robberies, summoning of demons, invasions of orcs or similar things. Such things have their time and place, and can be great fun, but we feel that they do not belong during this particular event.

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