Samha is a kaldorei celebration and honouring of the dead, the Ancients and the Goddess. While it is a somber theme, it is still a holiday and a celebration of our loved ones who have passed on.

Date: 9 November 2019
Time: 19:45
Location: Astranaar Graveyard, Ashenvale
Faction: Alliance

This is the night when the veil between the worlds of life and death thins and the kaldorei gather to remember their beloved dead. During this celebration we will visit a kaldorei burial ground where we take a few moments to remember those who have passed away and celebrate The Ancients as a way to give thanks for their noble sacrifice in times past. Following the commemorations, we will gather around bonfires with our friends and family to share stories about the dead, who have died for something greater than themselves.

⸰☽ Opening Ritual ☾⸰

Acolyte Maracyn Lunarglade will host an opening ritual to honour those who have left us to rejoin the Goddess. The ritual will also contain a reflection on the recent mortality of the kaldorei.

⸰☽ Altar to the Dead ☾⸰

We will join together to build an altar in celebration of our beloved and honoured dead. We encourage you all to bring gifts, food, wine, items of special meaning to you and your loved ones who have passed, to contribute to this altar. Together we will create a celebration of lives lived and passed, a veneration to all the ways those who have come before us have touched our hearts.

⸰☽ Love Notes ☾⸰

As this is a night where the veil between the worlds is thin, it is one of the rare occasions when the spirits of the departed are brought so much closer to us. In a show of affection, love and remembrance we will craft love notes and love letters which we will tie to the branches of the trees surrounding the burial grounds. This way, we will let the spirits of those who have left us know that we still remember them and love them.

⸰☽ Declaring our Intentions ☾⸰

On this night when the living and dead are closer than ever and the wheel of the year is about to turn once more, we invite you to think about the coming days and how you shall live them. Drawing upon the lessons those who come before us have taught us, we hope you will think about how you shall carry that wisdom forwards, as together we shall lift our intentions up to Elune under the watchful eyes of our ancestors, casting our resolutions into sacred flames where they will be carried heavenward.

⸰☽ Closing Ritual ☾⸰

Priestess Ravenmist will hold a short closing ritual in honour of Samha, the Night Warrior and our beloved dead.

⸰☽ Feast ☾⸰

Samha is not only a celebration of the dead, it is also the time when the last of the harvest is brought in. In celebration of this a feast will be prepared for everyone to enjoy. A special table with dishes prepared as offerings to the dead will also be present. You may take small offerings from this table to place upon your altar, so that your beloved dead may partake in the bounty on offer as well. We encourage all of you to share stories about the dead as you enjoy the feast.

OOC details: 

19:45 Time to gather and mingle
20:00 Welcome and Opening Ritual
20:30 Altar to the Dead
21:15 Love notes and intention setting
21:45 Closing Ritual
22:00 Feasting and stories

Please note that the schedule above is an estimate and subject to change during the course of the evening.

– Samha is a kaldorei themed celebration and honouring of the dead, but it is open to any member of the Alliance who’d like to participate.

– Dark clothing is not mandatory, but it is encouraged. Dark blues, browns, greys and blacks are all suitable for this holiday

– We kindly ask all attendees to refrain from using dark magics, such as fel and void, during this festival, as we feel it goes against the theme of honouring the dead and celebrating the ancients and the Goddess.

– We also ask you to, please, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a festive occasion and refrain from disrupting it with attempted robberies, summoning of demons, invasions of orcs or similar things. Such things have their time and place, and can be great fun, but we feel that they do not belong during this particular event.

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