Campaign Report – Cult of the Felfire Moon

Part 1: Meeting the Warden

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Míria, Lantara, Alydiel, Meran (guest) and Iriseth (as Warden)

Mission Report 1 – Winterspring
Date: 10th of Sellistre, 2017

Summary: The Nightblades gathered at Starfall Village and were briefed on the nature of the mission: to aid a Warden as she worked to eradicate a troublesome demonic cult from the slopes of Mount Hyjal.

The regiment travelled by hippogryph to the roots of Mount Hyjal and emt up with Warden Calea Thundersky. She shared what she knew about the cult with the Sentinels: they used the old Twilight’s Hammer camp as their current base of operations, that the roads leading into Hyjal were heavily patrolled by their minions and that they planned to unleash some monstrous power at the solstice.

The Warden and the Sentinels then flew over the cultist base, observing from above. It was decided that they needed more information to be able to form a proper plan of attack. It was decided that capturing one of the cultist patrols was at the top of the priority list and the Sentinels searched for, and found, a good place for an ambush.

Part 2: Ambush!

Participants: Tinwëtar, Valla, Míria, Lantara, Saealis, Meran (guest), Iriseth (Warden) and Slarks (Cultist patol leader)

Mission Report 2 – Hyjal
13th of Sellistre, 2017

Summary: The Sentinels had been waiting for a few days without anything of interest happening. Patrols along this particular road were only sent out every three or four days, or so the Warden claimed.

Lantara and Míria had set up various traps inside the tunnel leading towards the Sentinels’ part of the road. Only waiting remained.

Luckily they did not have to wait for long until a party of cultists appeared, setting off some of the traps within the tunnel.

After a vicious fight the Sentinels managed to capture the leader of the patrol and took him to one of the ruined druid enclaves for safekeeping and interrogation.

Part 3: Interrogation

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Míria, Iriseth (Warden), Slarks (Cultist captive), Dinenil (Illidari)

Mission Report 3 – Hyjal
15th of Sellistre, 2017

Summary: Due to the explosive nature of some of Lantara’s traps the tunnel had, luckily, collapsed, preventing the Cult from following the Sentinels.

The cultist they had captured was not entirely forthcoming with information and seemed completely indifferent towards pain. While the Warden continued to question him the Sentinels kept a watchful eye on the road.

The cultists had managed to clear the rubble from the tunnel and were advancing up the road towards the Sentinels…and they were not alone. They had brought an assortment of demons with them as well, and while the Sentinels fought valiantly they were soon overrun and were forced to retreat.

The Sentinels and their captive managed to reach the Sanctuary of Malorne and held their ground there. They were eventually saved by the arrival of an Illidari, Dinenil Lunarshade, who was hunting the same Cult as the Warden. With a fair amount of suspicion on the Warden’s and the Sentinels’ part she was allowed to join them for the remainder of the mission.

Part 4: Finding Secrets

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Míria, Saealis, Alydiel, Meran (guest), Dinenil (Illidari), Slarks (cultist captive)

Mission Report 4 – Hyjal
17th of Sellistre, 2017

Summary: The cultist captive finally revealed the location of the hidden cultist base and for this treachery his mistress killed him immediately as the Sentinels watched in horror.

The Illidari set off at once, without waiting for the Sentinels, towards the base and the Nightblades were forced to rush to her aid. They found the Illidari’s trail easily enough and eventually found her surrounded by a horde of demons.

The Nightblades fought off the demons and saved the illidari and in doing so they bought themselves a few precious moments of time to search the camp for anything useful. In the end they found several barrels of volatile fel explosives, a journal from one of the cultists, a map with all the cultists’ major targets marked and a spell book written in some demonic language. The pictures inside the book spoke for themselves well enough, however and the Sentinels could figure out a bit more about the cult’s plans.

Part 5: Revelations

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Míria, Saealis, Alydiel, Meran (guest), Iriseth (Warden), Dinenil (Illidari) and Valhildr (Cultist leader)

Mission Report 5 – Hyjal
18th of Sellistre, 2017

Summary: Having learned that the ultimate goal for the cult was to summon a powerful demonic spirit (and place it into a host) to drain the powers of the Well of Eternity to aid the Legion, the Nightblades rushed to stop the ritual before it had begun.

But they were too late. Instead they were faced with the leader of the cult, ‘Lady Willow’. They fought against her and managed to defeat her, only for the demon spirit to appear and summon two small armies of demons that rushed off to attack the World Tree from two different angles. The Warden hurried after the one headed towards the Warden Barrow Dens and the Illidari ran off to fight the demons assaulting the road leading towards the Well of Eternity itself.

The Nightblades could not afford to divide their forces and were forced to choose who to help. After a hurried discussion it was decided that they would go after the Warden and help her prevent the cult form corrupting the World Tree from below.

Down in the Barrow Dens they faced a Dreadlord and his minions. After a brutal fight the Wardens managed to capture him and seal him inside one of their prison crystals.

After the fight a messenger arrived, saying that the Guardians of Hyjal had managed to hold the demons off but at the cost of some of their number being taken captive.

Part 6: Cult of the Felfire Moon

Participants: Tinwëtar, Melaniel, Valla, Alydiel, Lantara, Meran (guest), Iriseth (Warden), Dinenil (Demon)

Mission Report 6 – Hyjal
20th of Sellistre, 2017

Summary: After a day or so of suspiciously little activity from the cult the Nightblades received word that the demons were once again assaulting the World Tree. They hastily made their way towards Nordrassil, but found their path blocked by a giant Pit Lord. Both the Wardens and the Guardians of Hyjal were already engaging him, but as soon as he spied the Sentinels he knew what his target would be.

The Sentinels managed to blind the creature enough for them to slip past. They rushed towards the Well of Eternity, only to find that Dinenil Lunarshade had beaten then to it.

It soon became clear, however, that Dinenil had been taken captive by the cult and was now playing host to the demonic spirit. The Nightblades had no choice but to fight her. And fight her they did. The battle was long and vicious, but in the end the Nightblades emerged victorious and the demon, in Dinenil’s body, was placed inside Warden Thundersky’s prison crystal. A bittersweet victory.

Part 7: Debriefing Ceremony

Participants: Tinwëtar, Míria, Valla, Lantara, Alydiel, Meran

Mission Report 7 – Hyjal
22nd of Sellistre, 2017

Summary: The Nightblades gathered for a debriefing ceremony. The traditional campaign feather was handed out to everyone who had participated. This time the campaign feather had a teal stem, for the Nightblades. One side of the feather was dyed purple, for the Illidari. The other side of the feather was dyed a dark green, for the Warden. The tip of the feather was dyed a garish, fel green, to represent the Legion.

Meran Willowspring joined the regiment formally at this time and some of the Sentinels were also recognized with promotions.

Alydiel Starglade and Meran Willowspring were both promoted to Outrunners.
Valla Ravenwing was deemed ready to undergo the Nightblade Sentinel Trial to achieve the rank of Sentinel.
Míria Starsong accepted the rank of Huntress and was made Quartermaster of the regiment.

This marks the end of the “Cult of the Felfire Moon” campaign.

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