Byltan is a kaldorei celebration of spring, of all that lives and breathes. It is a holiday of joy and celebration, of love and life.

Date: 1 May 2019
Time: 19:30
Location: Field of Dreamers, Val’sharah
Faction: Alliance

The counterpart to Samha, Byltan is a celebration of of love, life and fertility and during this night we pay special homage and honour to the love between the Goddess, Elune, and her consort; Malorne. Dancing, drinking, stories, poetry and songs are the order of the holiday. Making merry and enjoying life is the command.

⸰☽ Opening Ritual ☾⸰

Byltan is a celebration of life, love and fertility and as such we will open the festival with a ritual to honour the epic love story of Elune and Malorne. Their union is a blessing for the land and it makes certain that the earth will thrive and be abundant for the coming year.

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⸰☽ Poetry Contest ☾⸰

The kaldorei are fond of poetry and songs and during this celebration of Byltan we offer a poetry contest for those who are so inclined. The theme of the evening is love, and thus we wish all contestants to bring forth their most wonderful, passionate, heated and sweet love poems. The poem that manages to conquer the judges’ hearts wins!

Judges: Kathene Wildstar and Saeshia Tidedancer

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⸰☽ Dance Contest ☾⸰

Byltan is also a celebration of love and emotion and in honour of this we wish to host a dance contest! Entering the dance contest and showing off your fabulous moves could be a good way to win the heart of your true love, or it could just be a good way to impress your friends and peers! You can sign up either as a solo performer or as a group act and each contestant will have up to three minutes total to impress the judges with their skills. This may be done either through impressive emotes, in-game visuals, or a combination of both! Costumes may also help you get that extra edge in being crowned the Dancing King(s)/Queen(s)! Be creative!

Judges: Melaniel Glaivestar and Tinwëtar Ravenmist

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⸰☽ Open Dance Floor ☾⸰

Once the dance contest is over we open up the floor to everyone who wants to celebrate Byltan by strutting their stuff and showing everyone what they’ve got! The dance floor is also a good place to meet new people and perhaps you might even find a special someone that ends up catching your eye with his, or her, fabulous moves! The dance floor will remain open all night.

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⸰☽ Kinship Bracers ☾⸰

The kaldorei have a tradition of sharing kinship bracers with their friends and loved ones. Byltan celebrates life and love and thus it is a good time to create new bonds and affirm existing ones. These bracelets are given as a sign of friendship, devotion, love or courtship. Perhaps you want to gift one to that special someone because you want to prove your love and devotion, offer a kinship in blood, have a special connection or even just want to treasure a very special friendship? Regardless of the thought behind it, these bracers will symbolize the bond that has been forged between the individuals.They can be made by the festival goers themselves, for that extra personal touch, or they can be obtained freely on the festival grounds.

OOC details: 

19:00 Signups for the poetry and dance contests
20:00 Opening Ritual
20:30 Poetry Competition
21:30 Dance Competition
22:30 Open Dance Floor

– Byltan is a kaldorei themed celebration of spring, but it is open to any member of the Alliance who’d like to participate.

– Those participating in the poetry or dance competition will need to sign up with the designated hosts beforehand.

– Spring themed clothing is not mandatory, but it is encouraged. Soft pastels and greens are perfect for this holiday. So are costumes themed around the Goddess and Malorne in particular.

– We kindly ask all attendees to refrain from using dark magics, such as fel and void, during this festival, as we feel it goes against the theme of life.

– We also ask you to, please, keep in mind that this is supposed to be a festive occasion and refrain from disrupting it with attempted robberies, summoning of demons, invasions of orcs or similar things. Such things have their time and place, and can be great fun, but we feel that they do not belong during this joyous celebration of life.

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