Ancient of Wind

About the Path

The Kaldorei have never been the kind of people who walk through life alone, and more often than not the path ahead is undertaken together with companions of the more feathered kind – be it through times of peace, strife or through war itself. For those amongst the Kaldorei who favour the flight of arrows and companions alike, the Ancient of Wind stands to impart its teachings upon those with skill enough to treasure the knowledge bestowed upon them. Through their teachings, these Sentinels will continue to deepen their connection to their animal companions in the field and strike at the enemy with deadly accuracy from afar.

Path Ranks

Lathar’dorei – Child of the Sky (one branch completed)
Thero’lathar – Student of the Sky (two branches completed)
Lathar’do – Master of the Sky (three branches completed)
Lathar’Mush’a – Sky Hunter (all branches and Ritual of Wind completed)

Path Action

Animal Interference
Once per event, your animal friend may take an action in a round as if it were an extra player. (Both you and your pet may act in the same round).

Higher ranks give higher bonuses to your pet’s action.

Rank 1: Pet Action
Rank 2: +2
Rank 3: +3
Rank 4: +4

Path Tree

Branch of the Wild
Branch of the Hunt
Branch of the Wind
Branch of the Owl
Beast Tracking

In order to have a successful hunt you need to know everything about your prey.

Task: Pick an animal of your choosing and track it to its den. Learn about its patterns, feeding grounds, sleep schedule and other habits. Make a presentation of your findings so the rest of the cadre may share in the knowledge you have gleaned.


The Right Tools

The proper tools are key when you want to embark on a hunt.

Task: Obtain a new bow, a new set of arrows or another tool that will aid in the hunt. This can be obtained either for yourself or you help someone else obtain it for themselves. You choose yourself if the tool in question is magical or ordinary and how you obtain it. Report to your path leader once it’s done.

Spontaneous RP + IC report

Theory of Flight

Before you can learn how to fly in practice, you need to learn it in theory.

Task: Pick a breed of hippogryph to do a thorough study on. Write a well researched report on the hippogryph’s anatomy, its diet, temperament, intellect and any other things that are particular to the breed you have chosen. Continue your report by writing about different aerial maneuvers and tactics that work in favour of this particular breed and the Sentinel riding it.

IC Report

Air Patrol

While the students of War and Shadow patrol the ground, the sky is your domain to protect.

Task: Lead a small group of your fellow Nightblades on a routine patrol, mounted on hippogryphs. Make sure to mark on a map what route you took and write up a report of any encounters you had along the way.

Spontaneous RP + IC report

Nature’s Call

The kaldorei live in harmony with the world around them, and especially so with the animals. Where animals suffer, we must aid.

Task: Seek a place in the wilds where animals suffer. Gather a group of Nightblades to aid in easing their torment. Help at least two different kinds of animals of your choosing on two separate events of your design. Write a report on your success or failure.

Spontaneous RP + IC report

Archery Training

A key skill of the Ancient of Wind is to be an expert marksman.

Task: Organise a few training events focused on archery and marksmanship. The events could be either with you as a teacher, instructing others, or have you seek instruction from someone more expert than yourself. Host a presentation to show what you, or your students, have learned.

Casual RP + Presentation

Companion Training

The time has come to put theory into practice.

Task: Host a couple of training sessions in hippogryph riding. Either you stand as instructor and help others to learn or you seek out someone more knowledgeable to learn from. The focus should be on learning how to work well as a unit together with your hippogryph.

Spontaneous RP

Aerial Scouting

Knowledge of your surroundings is key to success in the field.

Task: Go on an aerial scouting mission of a location of your choosing. If you wish to bring other Nightblades along, you may. Map the area carefully, marking any risks, dangers or enemy camps, along with any potential resources, good camping spots for the cadre etc. If the cadre ever visits this location during a mission, you should be able to act as a local guide and expert on the area. Make a report on your findings and make sure your map is attached.

Casual RP + IC report

Animal Companion

Traditionally, members of the Sentinel Army have relied on animal companions, both in combat and as scouts.

Task: Lead a short series of events, where others can participate, focused on earning the love and loyalty of an animal companion – either for yourself or for someone else. This can be achieved in any way you choose and it could either be a wild animal, an existing companion or a companion obtained by a trainer. Share your story with the rest of the Nightblades.

Spontaneous RP + Presentation

Thrill of the Hunt

How far are you able to go in order to obtain what you seek?

Task: Lead your fellow Nightblades in a hunt to obtain a rare or unique item or resource. The hunt should test the limits of your character and be designed in a way that celebrates the hunt. Make a report on your hunt and share it.

Organized RP + IC report

Aerial Combat

There is no more beautiful sight than to watch a Sentinel and her hippogryph fight in unity, together as one.

Task: Organise a short series of events focused primarily on aerial combat. The events could be a mini-campaign or training events; it’s up to you. The important part is that there is a heavy focus on working together as one with your hippogryph and utilize it in various combat situations out in the field. Write a report on the outcome.

Organised RP + IC report

Survival of the Fittest

As a member of the Ancient of Wind you need to know how to survive in the wilds with minimal resources.

Task: Gather a small group of Nightblades and travel to a remote and inhospitable location together with your animal companion(s). You may not bring anything with you, except your armor and weapons. Stay in the chosen location for a couple of nights, learning about the region you have chosen (dangers, resources etc) as well as surviving only on what the land can provide for you. Make a presentation on the outcome of your survival exercise and what you have learned.

Organized RP Event(s) + Presentation

Ritual of Wind

By walking the path you have gained new knowledge and new skills, skills and knowledge that will aid you going forward. It is through our bonds with our animal companions and the natural world around us that we will prevail in the face of danger.

Task: Organize a short series of events based around a plotline that will showcase what you have learned by walking the path. The events should involve all of the Nightblades, and in a good way showcase and apply the knowledge you have gained through walking your path. The task is a test of your leadership and your knowledge of the wilds and its inhabitants. Do keep in mind, however, that not all your fellow cadre members will seek to walk your path, nor share its knowledge or values. It will fall to you to guide them and lead them as you test your skills together and overcome the obstacles set before you.

Organized RP + Campaign Reports