Ancient of War

About the Path

Etched into the rings of the forest are memories of countless battles and endless bloodshed. Kalimdor knows war well – whether demon, orc or undead, defilers inevitably come for the heart of the forest, and so the warriors of the night keep their eternal vigil, ever ready to meet their armies in combat.

While every Sentinel is ready to defend the forest in the name of Elune, the Ancient of War guides those who focus upon mastering the conflict and strife that is their duty. Through honing their abilities and instincts, they seek to become peerless warriors, cunning strategists and dauntless leaders. But to walk the Path of War requires more than strength and fury – they must also meditate upon what it means to be a warrior, and find the inner grace and balance that will keep their heart true, even as the storm rages around them.

Path Ranks

Thoral’dorei – Child of Warfare (one branch completed)
Thero’thoral – Student of Warfare (two branches completed)
Thoral’do – Master of Warfare (three branches completed)
Shalloril’serrar – Night-Blessed Blade (all branches and Ritual of War completed)

Path Action

Tactician’s Edge
Once per event, while in combat, you may reroll a failed attack roll and take the new result.

As you continue along the Path of War, this reroll will also gain an added bonus (stacking with any applicable traits.)

Rank 1: Reroll
Rank 2: +2 to your reroll
Rank 3: +3 to your reroll
Rank 4: +4 to your reroll

Path Tree

Branch of Vigilance
Branch of Devotion
Branch of Prowess
Branch of Discipline
Border Vigil

With the Horde continuing to spread throughout Kalimdor, it has never been more important to watch over the borders of our territories. Many tread carelessly into the forest – it is the Sentinel’s duty to decide their fate.

Task: Host an event where you lead a group of Nightblades to a position on the edge of Horde territory. Keep a vigil over the area, observing and dealing with any threats and incidents that arise. Write a report of your activities for the cadre’s records.

Organized RP + IC Report

Call of the Night

Never forget that the Sentinels are sworn to protect more than just the Kaldorei. To defend the forest, one must learn to hear its voice – when the spirits of nature cry out, the Sentinels will answer.

Task: Answer a call of the Ancients or other forest spirits (dryads, keepers, etc.) to destroy a source of corruption in the forest. Assemble the cadre to carry out the task and restore the balance of nature. Make a report of the task. This should involve combat!

Organized RP + IC Report

Cadre Mentoring

Sharing experiences and knowledge strengthens both teacher and student. But do not think only ancient wisdom is worthy of being passed on – with the face of Kalimdor changing rapidly, younger warriors often bring new innovation, and even an ancient guardian may benefit from learning a few new tricks…

Task: Using your own experience and expertise, gather the Nightblades to give a demonstration of an advanced technique that the others may not know, then train the others in it. A weakness to exploit in a certain enemy, a daring mounted maneuver, an unusual exercise routine that has kept you sharp, or perhaps a devious strategy that has saved your skin?


Learning from History

An age-long history of warfare is part of the heritage of the Sentinels. The wisdom gained by studying wars past may prove crucial for the battles of the future.

Task: Study a war or battle from history (ancient or recent) in depth, and present a report to the cadre. Detail the forces and leaders involved, the strategies and tactics used, and what can be learned from the outcome in a military context. If possible, you may even consider traveling to the site of the battle.


Outrunner Patrol

The forest is vast, and when the call for aid comes, a Sentinel must be ready to cover great distances to hunt down her enemies before they can take root.

Task: Identify a remote outpost in need of Sentinel assistance. Assemble a group of Nightblades and ride there, dealing with any threats that arise during the journey. Assist the outpost, remaining there for a night or a few nights before riding back to base (again, dealing with any threats that you come across.) Write a report of your activities to present to the officers. These events should involve combat!

Organized RP + IC Report

The Unstained Glaive

Elune is a Goddess of dualities – light and shadow, Mother Moon and Night Warrior, peace and war. Any who seeks to know one must also know the other.

Task: Overcome a potentially deadly conflict by bringing it to a peaceful resolution, without bloodshed. The conflict should be unlikely to recur soon afterwards (i.e. not just forcing the enemy to retreat, but getting them to surrender is good!). This could occur during an event/campaign or outside of one, but your character should be the one chiefly responsible for it. Write a report on your activities and reflect upon the importance of peace and sanctity of life.

Spontaneous RP + IC Report

The Sentinel’s Arsenal

Outnumbered by their enemies, Sentinels must often rely on versatility to grant an edge in battle. A warrior of the night should always be expanding her arsenal, and her equipment is expected to be as well-maintained as it is deadly.

Task: Obtain a new set of specialised weapons and armour, for either yourself, or one of your sisters or brothers. It can be newly crafted, or a new acquisition. Present them to the cadre, detailing the materials used in their construction, the purposes they will be used for, and any special details or functions that set them apart. Are they fit for a certain kind of weather or terrain? Is the weapon particularly tailored against a certain enemy?

Casual RP + Presentation

Essential Preservation

A Sentinel’s life is precious – and losses are not easily replaced. Each Sentinel has a responsibility to excel not only in warfare, but in preservation of her sisters’ lives.

Task: Host a few sessions to train or tutor the cadre in life-preserving techniques, such as first aid or dealing with poisons or dark magic, or more specialist knowledge. If you do not have these skills, find someone who does, and co-host the sessions with them.

Organized RP

The Hunt

A Sentinel’s greatest foes are often more than a match for her, and some may even seem insurmountable. But many a battle is decided before it is fought, and with a clever strategy, an arrow may just shatter a mountain.

Task: Seek out and identify a significant, powerful threat to the forest, such as a Horde officer, a greater demon, a dark ranger, a faceless, etc. Observe your target, noting their defenses and finding weaknesses and opportunities to exploit. Report your findings and detail a strategy to eliminate the foe – then assemble a group of Nightblades to execute your plan and slay the enemy in an event or short series! Bring news of your victory to the path leader.

Organized RP + IC Report

Blessing of the Moon

The light of Elune blesses her champions, allowing their blades and arrows to cut a path through the darkness, and imbuing their armour with graceful protection. For a warrior of the night, there are few greater honours.

Task: Seek out a priestess who can imbue your weapon or armour with the blessing of the moon. You must gather the necessary reagents and materials, and complete a task set for you on the Sisterhood’s behalf to earn the Goddess’s blessing as a warrior. Then, participate in a ceremony to receive the blessing, and present a report of the task to the path leader. Remember, earning the blessing of the Goddess is no trivial task, and should be treated as such!

Organized RP + IC report

Intense Training

Much can be learned from the clash of glaives, and a friendly rivalry often helps talents soar on both sides. Seeking to go above and beyond the call, a sentinel should be ready to push herself and her sisters toward new heights.

Task: Organize and oversee an intense training event for the Nightblades! This could be a sparring tournament, a fiendish obstacle course, a test of endurance through harsh territory… all of the above combined? Use your imagination and provide a unique, difficult challenge that will put everyone to the test!

Organized RP

The Shadows of War

Through long centuries of duty, a Sentinel accumulates many ghosts. Some scars may never be healed, but sisters and brothers may yet ease one another’s burdens.

Task: Meet with someone who has suffered from the shadows of war, such as a traumatic event or great loss. Listen to their story, and offer your support in overcoming the ghosts of the past, though be sure to practise sensitivity. If you are permitted by the other person, you may consider making a report on the task.

Casual RP

Ritual of War

By walking the path you have gained new knowledge and new skills that will aid you going forward. War is a devouring flame that consumes all it touches, but through vigilance, prowess, discipline and devotion, a Sentinel may overcome all strife in her path.

Task: For your final task, you must create a short series of events for the guild focused on the theme of warfare. The story and structure are yours to devise, but should give the opportunity to demonstrate the lessons of the Path of War.

Organized RP + Campaign Reports