Ancient of Serenity

About the Path

Every cadre needs its healers and diplomats, and those adhere to the teachings of the Ancient of Serenity. The Nightblades following the path of Serenity focus more on healing the wounds of war, be it with the divine grace of the Goddess, nature’s blessings or with words. They are also the diplomats and negotiators, those who are sent in when trying to avoid bloodshed. As trivial as it may sound, the skills of a true diplomat are not easily obtained. To strive for de-escalation, peace and understanding takes more out of most than what one might perhaps be led to believe.

Path Ranks

Aminor’dorei – Child of Serenity (one branch completed)
Thero’aminor – Student of Serenity (two branches completed)
Aminor’do – Master of Serenity (three branches completed)
Shan’melu – Honoured Guide (all branches and Ritual of Serenity completed)

Path Action

Inspiring Presence
Once per event, you may buff all players around you to give them a bonus on their next action of a certain type. For example, you can buff attack rolls, or defense rolls, or stealth rolls, etc.

Higher ranks grant a larger bonus

Rank 1: +1
Rank 2: +2
Rank 3: +3
Rank 4: +4

Path Tree

Branch of Reflection
Branch of Lore
Branch of Healing
Branch of Conversation
A Conversation of Faith

Faith is a concept of a wide nature – the presence of it a way to understand the world as much as the lack thereof can be a way to rationalise it.

Task: Hold a conversation of faith with someone who might not share yours. It can be everything from a talk with a guild member sharing yours to a debate with someone averse to it, or an explanation of your beliefs spoken to someone curious about them. Share what you learned. Do note that this is not necessarily tied to religious faith – there are many beliefs that could well do with a more in-depth debate or discussion. Be creative but do take note – this is a test and testament to your skill as a conversationalist. Can one really consider a heated argument as a reflective conversation?

Casual RP + IC report

Teaching of Lore

Sharing what knowledge you possess with others is a great way to become more knowledgeable yourself.

Task: Host a small seminar on a subject of lore that you have found particularly interesting. Share what you have learned and lead a discussion around the subject. The subject in question is entirely up to you, but it should relate to lore of some kind. It can be a storytelling, a discussion or otherwise a delve into some kind of historical or canon/established headcanon lore around the game.

Spontaneous RP + Presentation

Trivial Healing

To spring to action is an expectation on any healer – to be efficient and meticulous in their work just as much. After all, we have a standard and a creed to uphold.

Task: Whilst in field, heal an injury of a player character from start to finish, using what knowledge is available to your character. Your character will also be expected to write a report on the work they did, and submit it for a journal entry for the patient in question.

Casual RP + IC report

The Silence of Patience

It is within our silence we leave space for others to talk. It is what we hear that teaches us how to understand the world.

Task: Offer to hear three of your cadre members out in their troubles. It can be on a walk, on a quiet night, or simply around a gathering by a well. What is imperative in this task is that the cadre member of choice gets to tell their tale. Encourage them along, and listen with patience. Accept that not everyone seek your point of view or your advice, but perhaps more so your time and care.

Casual RP

Test of Faith

Your faith can carry you far. It is the wind that gently guides you across a sea of doubt. But even the most calm waters can prove to be treacherous – how do you navigate across a sea in turmoil?

Task: Face a personal challenge where you confirm your connection to your faith. Maybe there is something you have always been concerned about, or a question that you believe your faith will be able to answer? The challenge is yours to choose, and should in some way be considered to be a spiritual ordeal to your character. This can be made into a small event for your fellow cadre members to partake in, or something you do on your own. Share your experiences with your fellow Nightblades by telling them the tale of what occured.

Spontaneous RP + Presentation

Precious Knowledge

Knowledge is power and the right knowledge in the right hands can be of extreme aid and value. It is with knowledge that we grow.

Task: Search through the archives for an object of power, a spell, ritual or any other knowledge that would be of value to the Sentinels. Then lead your fellow Sentinels on a quest to retrieve this valuable knowledge/item. Write a report on your research and then present the found item/knowledge to the rest of the cadre.

Spontaneous RP + IC Report

Concept of a Cure

Healing is not a static concept. As times change, so do our ailments. It is our task to change together with the world around us, and to learn from it.

Task: Study a particular kind of injuries, and devise a good way to cure them in the future. Knowledge however, is not for you alone, but should naturally be shared with others who might carry interest in your practises via a seminar IC. Do note that it is heavily encouraged to do this in a way that in future might offer some degree of RP around the topic. To simply “Elune it all away” is not a favourable process unless it concerns the most grievous of injuries. Of course, continuous discussion on whatever topic your character may choose is most relevant!



The path towards peace is laced with misunderstandings and different points of view. It is with understanding and our words that we learn how to bridge our differences.

Task: The kaldorei people have made both enemies and allies throughout Azeroth and it is vital that we learn about each to be successful in our path towards peace. Seek out the other races of the world and learn more about them. What is their culture, what do they believe in and what philosophies are close to their hearts. Maybe you can make friends with a traveller, or be bold and seek out someone from a neutral faction? Share what you have learned in a report.

Casual RP + IC report

The Pilgrimage

The end of a road can offer us confirmation to what we believe. The path there marking our struggles and our endurance. Our tenacity.

Task: Go on a pilgrimage to a place that has significant meaning for the faith of your character, where you at the end hold a small ritual or offering in order to confirm your beliefs. The travel there should be undertaken IC, and needs to take at least 30 minutes. You are free to invite others along on your journey, and you will be expected to share what you learned with others in the Nightblades.

Spontaneous RP + Presentation

Purify What is Tainted

Corruption in any form cannot be allowed to linger and upset the balance. It is our task to see it banished.

Task: Locate something that is in dire need of cleansing. It could be the item of power found previously, or a sacred grove, or a bolt of fel-cloth or anything really. Thoroughly research the manner of corruption present within the object and figure out the optimal way to cleanse it. Then lead your fellow cadre members in an event to purify the object in question. Hand in a report on your research.

Spontaneous RP + IC report

Do No Harm

To heal is to make the world a little better. To cause no harm is to protect it from decline. It is between those we find the path of serenity.

Task: Partake in an event of a combat nature, where you heal, but do no harm. This can either be done in a campaign event with the permission from the organiser, or in a combat event you organise and invite your fellow guildies to. The lessons learned from such are to be presented and discussed in character.

Organised RP + Presentation

Aiding Allies

In ancient times the Kaldorei called upon allies from the forests around them. In the times since then we have called upon these friends only sparingly. The time has come to tie these bonds anew.

Task: Lead the cadre in a short series of events with the aim of rekindling an old alliance of your choice (it could be furbolgs, moonkin, mountain giants, chimaeras, dryads etc). Aid them with whatever they need and earn their trust and friendship. Write a report of the outcome.

Organized RP Event(s) + IC Report

Ritual of Serenity

By walking the path you have gained new knowledge and new skills, skills and knowledge that will aid you going forward. It is through our patience, our words and our understanding that we might stand as a paragon of serenity – an inspiration and a herald for a better world to come.

Task: For your final, and examining task of the branch, it falls to you to organise a short series of events based around a plotline that will showcase what you have learned by walking the path. The events should involve all of the Nightblades, and in a good way showcase and apply the knowledge you have gained through walking your path. Do note that this is also a test of leadership and inspiration – you might have to accept that not all your cadre members seek to walk your path, nor share your values. Diplomacy might have to be used both internal and external for you to succeed in your mission.

Organized RP + Campaign Reports