Moonstone Communicator

⸰☽ Moonstone Communicator ☾⸰

As of the new year, the Moonstone Communicators have stopped working. They still glow with the Goddess’ blessing, but the mind-to-mind connection they once allowed is no more. No one knows why this is and if it will change in the future.

Every member of the guild will have to go through a small quest to obtain an Elune blessed runestone upon joining. It has several properties that will make communication between cadre members easier and they are as follows:

  • The runestones will allow the Nightblades to communicate mind to mind over longer distances. This will be especially useful if the cadre needs to move quietly but still have a need for communication.
  • There are limits to the range of the communicator. A Sentinel cannot be in Ashenvale and communicate with another Sentinel in Tanaris for example. The range of the stone is about half a zone.
  • The stone requires skin contact and focus to function. A Nightblade needs to focus very clearly on what they want to send across to the others, or else the message will not go through. This is to prevent a Sentinel from accidentally broadcasting whatever she is thinking of at any given moment.
  • The runestones can also be used to relay short runic commands. The officers will be able to change the runes on their own stones and the runes on everyone else’s stones will change accordingly. The commands can be seen both on the stones themselves, but also as a mental image within the mind of the cadre members.
  • All members can change the rune on their stones to the Serpent rune. This allows the stone to send out a distress signal to all the others and it also makes the stone act as a homing beacon of sorts, so that the rest of the cadre can find their missing Sentinel a bit easier.
  • Each stone is unique to the Sentinel that it has been bonded to. This means that no one can use another Sentinel’s stone to communicate, or spy on the cadre’s communication. For anyone but the Sentinel the stone is bonded to, the stone will be near useless.
  • Because the stones are bonded to individual Sentinels, Priestesses of the cadre can tell which stone belongs to which Sentinel: either by feel, if they are skilled enough, or by performing a short ritual.

The runes and commands are as follows:

Bear: Defensive. Defend this position.
Claws: Offensive. Attack, pursue, hunt.
Bow: Reserved attack. Ambush, hit and run. Do not take chances.
Blades: Stand by. Await attack command.
Crane: Be careful. Danger has been sighted.
Leaf: Regroup.
Wings: Retreat.
Owl: Observe. Watch and report what you see. Sentry.
Shadow: Follow. This is not an attack command.
Serpent: Aid. A signal of distress.

This communication link should NOT be used for META-gaming. It is supposed to be a tool and a different flavour that will help enhance the RP. Enjoy the IC guild chat!