Cadet Initiative

⸰☽ The Nightblade Cadet Initiative ☾⸰


The Kaldorei are in a time of great crisis, and the Nightblades have received directives to take on trainees younger than usual in order to both make up for the great losses the Sentinels have faced, and give direction and purpose to those young Kaldorei who have been left with nothing by the war that has ravaged Kalimdor.


This system is meant to allow younger characters to join the guild without compromising on the existing idea that 300 is the age of adulthood. It should add some more potential RP by bringing in younger trainee type characters, and expand the pool we can recruit from. Above all it should be fun, both for the existing Nightblades and the cadets. Cadets shouldn’t feel like second class citizens, but they should have a fun and slightly different path through the guild to RP with, opening up new stories and interactions.

Who can become a Cadet?

A Nightblade Cadet can be any Kaldorei aged 18 – 300 wishing to begin training to become part of the Sentinel Army. (The usual restrictions apply: No mages, no demon hunters or death knights, men may come under more scrutiny than women.)

Experience or pre-existing talent is not strictly necessary, but they must have shown good potential and be ready to devote themselves to their position and learning the ropes.

A Cadet must have a member of Outrunner rank or higher willing to sponsor them and oversee their progress as a Nightblade Cadet. A Nightblade may only sponsor one cadet at a time. The number of cadets may be limited by the officers, to make sure the balance of the unit doesn’t swing too far.

What is the difference between a Cadet and a Recruit?
  • As mentioned, a Cadet must have a Nightblade of Outrunner rank or higher willing to sponsor them and oversee their progress. This member will have the IC responsibility for overseeing the development of their training.
  • A Cadet character will have the same uniform and tabard, and access to a moonstone. They will be a true member of the cadre.
  • IC, a Cadet character will have duties more focused on training and development than active patrols etc. These can be both off-screen and on-screen!
  • A Cadet may take part in missions, though senior members reserve the right to restrict them from especially dangerous or horrific situations. (This will be used very sparingly and only where it makes sense IC)
  • Cadet characters will have a different rank progression than Recruits, but will still be able to get the same roll bonuses, etc.!
Rank Progression for Cadet characters

A Cadet will go through a different progression path than a Recruit. They will not be able to reach the ranks of Sentinel or Shal’serrar, but can eventually reach the rank of Outrunner, once they have proven themselves to show the discipline, faith and valor that befits a Sentinel. It will likely take a lot longer for a Cadet to become an Outrunner than it would for a Recruit.

Cadet characters will enter the guild as Trainee rank, and go through the same tasks as the Path of the Recruit, eventually having an initiation ceremony, as with Recruits.

Once they have proven themselves in combat to the satisfaction of the officers, they will have the opportunity to progress to Cadet rank. This will involve a presentation to the cadre to show off their development since joining the Nightblades.

Finally, when a Cadet has distinguished themselves through their service and shown themselves to be ready, they may undergo a special trial, the Fledgling Trial. This is similar to the Trial of the Night Warrior. They will lead the cadre on a task, either seeking out a relic or defeating a dangerous foe in the forest. It will (at least in theory) be less dangerous than a Night Warrior Trial would be, and feel more like an adventure with a direct goal than a mini war campaign. On the Fledgling Trial, the second in command should always be the sponsor character, if available.

Completing the Fledgling Trial will prove the Cadet ready to take on the duties of a true Sentinel, and earn them the rank of Outrunner. Their training may still continue (They likely have a few more centuries to go), but the cadre recognises them as a proven sister or brother. IC, this rank bears the same responsibilities and position as a standard Outrunner.