Ashenvale Military map

Blackfathom Camp – a small encampment on the shoreline of the Zoram Strand. It overlooks the beach and the Sentinels stationed here patrol the road leading towards Orendil’s Retreat and keep an eye on any potential threat coming in from the sea, such as Naga. They also keep a watchful eye on the ruins of the Temple of Lathar’Lazal, as it has been known to draw all manner of unsavory creatures towards it in the past.

Maestra’s Post – A small outpost situated along the road at the midpoint from the Darkshore border and Astranaar. It is led by Priestess Maestra and Druid Orendil Broadleaf. The Maestra’s Post Sentinels are the permanent force stationed here and their area of operations stretch in a triangle from the post itself, to the Shrine of Aessina and then to Orendil’s Retreat along the road to Darkshore.

Astranaar – the main settlement and the largest town in Ashenvale. It is primarily a civilian town, but has been fortified and rebuilt since the Horde invasion during the War of the Thorns. The leader of Astranaar is Sentinel Thenysil, and she is also the Commander of Ashenvale, a title she inherited after the death of Captain Delaryn Summermoon. The Commander of Ashenvale is in charge of all the Sentinel forces stationed in Ashenvale. The Astranaar Sentinels is the Sentinel force stationed here and their area of responsibility is the area surrounding Astranaar itself.

Stardust Spire – guards the entrance into Stonetalon. The leader of the Stardust Sentinels is Huntress Jalin, and their main area of operations is the lands surrounding the tower and the road to Stonetalon. They are also involved in the efforts of retaking Silverwind Refuge from the Horde.

Raynewood Tower – a guard outpost, overlooking the roads leading towards Darkshore, Azshara and Felwood. The Raynewood Sentinels are stationed here.

Silverwing Outpost and Silverwing Grove – home of the Silverwing Sentinels, the largest Sentinel force in Ashenvale. Their leader is Su’ura Swiftarrow, a former Commander of Ashenvale. The Sentinels at Silverwing Outpost guard the road and have also joined in the effort to retake Silverwind Refuge. They are also launching attacks on Splintertree Post and Warsong Lumber Camp. Silverwing Grove is the entrance to the Warsong Gulch valley and Silverwing Hold, a proper Sentinel stronghold on the border between Ashenvale and the Barrens.

Mor’shan Ramparts – once built by the Horde, they were taken over by the Sentinels during the Fourth War. Guards the entrance into Ashenvale from the Barrens.

Talrendis Point – a sentinel outpost situated just across the border to Azshara. The Talrendis Point Sentinels are stationed here and they guard the entrance into Ashenvale from this point.